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We’ve been getting queries from many people asking us about the effectiveness of Youngevity. Hence, I purchased all the products and realized quite a few things about them. Youngevity turned out to be just another company hyped by their marketing strategies. Their products don’t offer you the health benefits that they claim through their website, product description, and other marketing advertisements.

What is Youngevity?

For those who do not know what Youngevity is, here is a glimpse of it. Youngevity is technically an advanced nutritional firm which is dedicated to improving the lifestyle of people. The company gives them recipes and tips which may help in improving health. Youngevity was established in the year 1997. They are providing their customers innovative healthcare products. They have a mission to provide thorough and accurate health information to their customers which in turn might help in improving the customers’ health. They claim that they have been successful in attaining positive and best results over the years.

What makes Youngevity Different?

Youngevity was established by Dr. Wallach who is passionate about providing customers an access to many health benefits through his Youngevity program. Dr. Wallach has claimed that he has dedicated his entire life to Health Sciences. But his dedication is not seen in the Youngevity products. The products of Youngevity are hyped by the advertisements but do not possess the qualities claimed by the company.

About Tangy Tangerine

The first product that Youngevity offers to their customers is Tangy Tangerine. It is a drink that weighs 32 ounces and is priced at $40. It is claimed that it contains high amounts of vital vitamins and minerals. It comes with supplies which should be sufficient for 30 days. If you calculate, it would cost you around $1.25 for each serving. If you ask me, $1.25 a day is highly expensive when it comes to taking such supplements. There are many other products that can cost you just $9 a month with the same quantity that Tangy Tangerine provides. Thus, you can save more than 75% on those products.

Another issue with Tangy Tangerine is the specifications mentioned on the bottle. The bottle says that the drink contains 115 fruits and vegetables. But when you check out the ingredients per 500mg, there is no mention of anything related to those fruits and vegetables. The first thing you can do is take the bottle to your nearest medical professional or a doctor for analyzing its ingredients. The answer that he/she will probably give would be that it doesn’t have any sign of those 115 fruits and vegetables mentioned on the bottle.

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About EPA Plus

The next product in the list is EPA Plus. This is a mixture of different oils, such as flaxseed which look like fish oil. It contains 90 capsules which are priced at $30. That will cost 30 cents per serving. Again, it is a burden on your wallet. There are many other supplements available in the market which cost less than $30 and contain number of capsules than EPA plus. You can save some money by going for those products instead of EPA plus. You can actually save up to 1/5th of the price if you select other products.

About Osteo Plus

Youngevity offers their customers another product known as Osteo Plus. Osteo Plus is claimed to be high in calcium and vitamin D. But if you got to a local chemist and ask for a chemical analysis, you will find a report with very low content of calcium and vitamin D. Youngevity’s Osteo Plus contains supplies for 32 days and is priced at $41. If you drop the idea of buying Youngevity’s Osteo Plus and prefer other products, you might actually save half of your money.

Youngevity Healthy Start package

Youngevity not only offers their customers some random products but also offers certain packages. These packages contain some Youngevity products which are aimed at enhancing health. For instance, Osteo Plus is also a part of a package offered by Youngevity known as Youngevity Healthy Start package. This package is priced at $112 and contains supplies of 3 Youngevity products for 30 days. Honestly speaking, you can just drop the idea of getting this package and cook healthy food at home for yourself. Cooking healthy food can really save a lot of money than investing in this package which does not offer the benefits as promised. I would advise spending some time in researching about the products before actually buying them. This way, you can save your time as well as money in the long run.

Are the Youngevity products trustworthy?

Here is the mandatory point to consider. All the Youngevity products have the USP certification mark on them. This means that all the vitamins and minerals of Youngevity products are absorbed by the body and safe for it. Frankly speaking, you will not find any studies or analysis on the effectiveness of the Youngevity products. Hence, it is advisable that before purchasing Youngevity products, make a list of all the ingredients and benefits they provide and validate them. You can use the internet or take help from your local chemist to ensure if the benefits are genuine or not. This is mandatory because if there is any misuse of any vitamins or minerals, they can cause the opposite effects. Instead of enhancing your health, they can degrade your health condition. Hence, proper validation is mandatory irrespective of what the company claims.

Does Youngevity work?

To be frank, from the experience of a lot of users, Youngevity does not work. Youngevity joins the list of products that are hyped to a higher extent through the marketing process. Youngevity joins the list of companies that gained popularity due to the Multi-Level Marketing strategy. If you do not trust me, you can just Google about Youngevity. You will definitely find reviews given by a lot of people who have already used the products of Youngevity but got no positive results.

No Positive Results as claimed

If you check out some reviews done by those who have already used the products of Youngevity, you will learn that Youngevity falls in the list of those products which kill cancer cells in a test tube but have no such effect on humans. This means that they have high success rates in laboratories but have no such success when used on real humans. The brochure of Youngevity itself has a statement which gives a literal meaning that you need to understand. It tells us that the results of the products are claimed based on the statistical data but not on the real data. This statement is self-explanatory- there is no real-time result showing that the products of Youngevity actually work.

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About Dr. Joel Wallach

Before purchasing any product, you must definitely look at the credentials of the person behind it. As stated earlier, Youngevity was started by Dr. Wallach. Dr. Wallach is a naturopath and veterinarian. If you check out the information and results of different researches available online, you will see that naturopathy cannot be trusted to cure cancer or any other disease. There are many reputed sources claiming that naturopathy is not supported by any scientific methods and proven facts. There are also not many naturopathic institutions that are accredited by reputed universities. Hence, there is a trust issue with naturopaths. Unfortunately, you cannot trust a healthcare product that is supplied by a naturopath. I’m not making up all these information, whatever I’m saying is the information published by cancer societies. When your health is at stake, you cannot trust something or someone that doesn’t have any proven scientific facts.

Marketing does it all

You may have this question, “if Youngevity is not trustworthy then why is it so famous?” Here is the answer. It is famous because it is hyped by MLM. MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing. There is a hierarchy in which Multi-Level Marketing works. Companies which use Multi-Level Marketing can hype their products through various levels. You can find further information on Multi-Level Marketing online.

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In the end, the suggestion I can give you is not to buy the Youngevity products. There are many reasons I can demonstrate to support my suggestion. The prices of Youngevity are very high. The products do not have the necessary values they are supposed to possess. They also do not work as claimed. There are no evidence or proven facts which support the positive results claimed by Youngevity. There is no positive opinion about Dr. Wallach among the healthcare society. To help you further, I will suggest you use the health products of Digital Altitude. The products of Digital Altitude come at lower prices when compared to those of Youngevity. Also, there are many proven facts and studies that Digital Altitude employs in their products. Hence, it is recommended that you purchase the products of Digital Altitude instead of Youngevity. Good luck.

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