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Anyone who has ever browsed the internet knows how powerful online advertising is. You are broadcasting your company/product to the entire world on a marketplace that is online 24×7 365 days a year. There is no medium as powerful as the internet when it comes to advertising. Not only has advertising made it possible for brands to reach a wider target audience, but they have opened up a new income stream for people as well.

Now, sitting in the comfort of your home, you can actually try to earn by doing nothing more than clicking on ads. Many services are cashing in on the needs of the people who want to earn easy money, and brands that are looking for more customers in an easy way. One such service that has come up is PaidVerts. As you read ahead, you will learn what PaidVerts is, what they do and if they are worth your time & trust or not.

What is PaidVerts?

As the name suggests, PaidVerts is an online advertising community/service that works both ways. You can advertise your company or product on PaidVerts, and as a user, you can click on other ads to earn money. In their own words, PaidVerts is paying you for interacting with its advertisers. You can advertise as well as make some income while spending your time on PaidVerts.

For advertisers, you have to purchase a certain adpack, which then decides the users who will get your ads. They claim to deliver ‘high quality’ users to your ads, but the fact that they are simply paying a user to click on the ad gives you an idea as to why would he or she be clicking on the ad.

As a user, you will get a few paid ads sent to your account. Earlier, PaidVerts required you to copy the text liens (around 3) for the ad, and then visit the website for maximum 30 seconds. Doing that would unlock the cash payment for that particular advertisement. They have something known as ‘Bonus Ad Points’, which you can use to earn more.

First Impressions of PaidVerts:

As you log on to the PaidVerts website, you will not be told what the website or the service is all about. The homepage is overpowered by a list of the top earners in the last 48 hours. They also have a link that leads to you a list of all the 24,619 users that have had some earnings in the past 48 hours. Apart from that, the website has a clean design, though there is no information about how PaidVerts came about, who are the people behind it or anything else of the sort.

PaidVerts History:

PaidVerts came into being on 31st March, 2014, founded by Jo Cook. Anyone who has been a little involved in the world of PTC may have heard of Jo Cook, who had many other companies on the same model- such as Basebucks and numerous HYIP or High-Yielding Investment Programs. However, all these websites and programs have shut down, and the only operating website of them all is My Traffic Value, which functions as a sister website to PaidVerts.

A warning sign here is the fact that all the other sites/platforms by the PaidVerts founder Jo Cook were shut down suddenly- which is why there is a lack of trust in the community for PaidVerts as well.


PaidVerts for Advertisers & Users:

As an informed advertiser, there is little reason for you to trust PaidVerts. If you think about it- what will be the quality of users that you will get if the only reason for them to click your links is the payment that they are getting for the same? The biggest requirement for any advertising platform is a large user base, and PaidVerts is certainly lacking that.

Earlier, PaidVerts required users to copy the text from the ads and then visit the website for up to 30 seconds. However, there were some changes made and now as a user, you are not required to copy the text- you just have to visit the website and stay on it for 30 seconds. Signing up for PaidVerts does not take more than a minute, and you should have your account setup soon. However, the fact that they do not undertake any fraud checks, perform checks for legitimate accounts and have any other security measures is a warning sign for advertisers and users.

The PaidVerts Models:

As an advertiser, you purchase the ad packs to send your ad to users. Though PaidVerts is free to create an account on, you will have to pay/make an investment to actually do anything on the platform. The Bulk Ad Packs promise to deliver a host of benefits to you as an advertisers, including 50x paid visits to the website (maximum 30 seconds each); 100x banner (125*125 px) impressions and 25x banner impressions on top of page.

For users, PaidVerts states that no investment is required. However, without actually investing, you cannot purchase the BAP or Bonus Ad Points. This BAP is what you need in order get ads that actually pay you money, with 1 BAP being equivalent to $0.0005. In case there are no cash ads available for you, then it will indicate that you have 0 BAP. You can either purchase these ad points, or view BAP ads that pay you a certain amount of points per ad. That however, is also limited.

The bottom line of their model is that no matter how ‘valuable’ you may be, there is no way to make use of PaidVerts without paying them. In addition to that, PaidVerts also charges $0.001 from every server per day from the cash balance that you have. While $0.001 may not seem that big an amount, it still adds up over a time period- and there is no other service/website that has a similar charge.

The members are categorized on the number of BAP points that they own. A higher BAP will put a user in the higher level, who is also bound to receive ads of higher value.

Does PaidVerts work?

Regardless of all the income proofs and claims that they make, PaidVerts is nothing more than a revenue sharing website. Such a website pays people who invest only when the website makes some revenue. This revenue comes from sale of products, adclicks and advertisers. The biggest risk that comes with using a Revenue Sharing website is that there are no guarantees. You cannot be sure of when you will get the payment, how long the site will actually be active and if their service is as genuine as they claim.

Further, as mentioned earlier, there is no way to make a significant amount of money or traffic from PaidVerts without actually paying them. This is almost like the old scams where they are using money from the new members to pay the older ones. In most cases, these type of websites shut down in 3-4 years due to the amount of debt that they accumulate.

How Has PaidVerts Been Doing Until Now?

The history of PaidVerts is shady, and they had a new CEO in June 2015. One of the biggest complaints that users have had with PaidVerts is that they convert their earned money into BAP, which simply means that they are keeping it in the system without paying the user. Thus, you use BAP to click on ads and earn, and then the money earned is again converted to BAP. All of this seems to point towards the fact that they are trying to avoid payouts.

Fruther, PaidVerts has had issues with PayPal, who had withdrawn from them earlier. At present, PayPal is not present on PaidVerts as a payment method, though there are numerous other service including Bitcoin, Advcash, Netellear and Payza among many others. They also had debt issues earlier, and had been offline for a while before resuming functions in May this year. However, with that, the value of ads that are there on PaidVerts has significantly decreased. This point out that PaidVerts had been running with poor management earlier, and there is still not a lot to add to its credit.

PaidVerts may also be unsuitable for minors. There have been a lot of adult advertisements and porn websites that have been advertising themselves on PaidVerts, and the admins seem to be doing little about that. This has been going on for over a month now, and little is being done to change that.



With no guarantee of any results, a shady history and nothing much to recommend it, you should avoid using PaidVerts. Instead of wasting your time on such a PTC platform, both advertisers and those looking to earn would benefit from Digital Altitude. Digital Altitude is not a platform where you have to perform any tasks or click on ads- but a platform on which you can learn how to setup your own digital business and make it a successful enterprise. With Digital Altitude, you will be able to free yourself from wasting your time in meaningless tasks and get on the path to becoming a digital entrepreneur.



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