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Impaired mobility is a huge cause for concern for those who are physically disabled. It prevents people from leading life on their terms and makes them dependable on others. However, with the advent of an electrical or motorized wheelchair, a user can always feel pleasant and comfortable. With several exciting features, the device is just excellent. Therefore, kdsmartchair.com, a leading online store has brought innovative lightweight, foldable motorized wheelchairs keeping in mind of the comfort and convenience of the users.

It will help them to regain manoeuvrability with safety. Unlike the conventional wheelchairs, these electrical equipment are more compact and straightforward to use. Here is the complete review of KD Smart Chair which will help you to understand more about the product and its pros and cons. Keep on reading it.

What is KD Smart Chair?

KD Smart Chair is an innovative portable electrical mobility device that is ideal for those who are physically handicapped or disabled. It can be taken to grocery stores, shopping malls, parks, outdoor events and others and will help you to solve mobility issues impeccably.

It aims to make all physically disabled people easy and smooth. You can choose from standard models to that of heavy duty ones.

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Features of KD SmartChair:

  • Maneuverability Features: The wheelchair is portable and comprises of the several manoeuvrability features that make it a useful proposition.
  1. The maximum turning radius of the device is 31.5 inches, which will make it easy for you to rotate it at any angle.
  2. The maximum range of the device is 15 miles which means you can cover a considerable distance by riding on it.
  3. The top speed of the equipment is 5mph.
  4. The climbing angle is 12 degrees.
  • Comfort and Design Features: The comfort and design features make a user feel excellent and cosy by using it. There are several features of the equipment that will make say wow.Seat Belt: The presence of seat belt in the electric wheelchair ensure complete safety and prevention of severe accidents due to collision with another.
  • Padding: The cushions on the seat provides excellent comfort to the users. The pillow and padding are resistant to compression. Quality materials have been used while doing the stuffing.
  • Foldable Nature: The best thing about it is that you can fold it down to store it at your home or rear side of your car.

What can you get from KD SmartChair?

  • Light in weight: The KD SmartChair is exceptionally light and weighs only 58 pounds. Therefore you will not encounter any issue while moving it from one place to another or even disassembling it.
  • Independence: You don’t need any assistance from others to push the wheelchair as it is automated and run by battery.
  • Astounding Adaptability: The motorized heavy duty wheelchairs can deal with the severest disability. Equipped with individual controls, it can quickly provide adaptability.
  • Warranty Periods: The fantastic motorized wheelchairs come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years including the frame on the chair. In addition to this, all the electronic components have a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty periods will help you to exchange or replace the frames and other parts by a new one if they are found to be defective.
  • Money Back Warranty: There is a 60-day full money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with the product after using it.
  • Long-lasting: The KD motorized wheelchair is exceptionally durable and can last for a long time.
  • No Maintenance Costs: Requires no maintenance and less servicing.
  • User Manual: Along with the device, you will get guidelines on the methods to use it safely and tips to take care of it in the user manual. Everything is mentioned lucidly for your benefit. Right from specifications to functionalities, features, to interests everything is explained.

KD Smart Chair reviews

Drawbacks of Using KD Smart Chair:

If the battery packs are not appropriately recharged, it can cause significant inconvenience to you.
There is no live chat facility on the website.


So what are you thinking about? You will never get a better product than KD Smart Chair. Sounds fantastic, isn’t it? With this life-changing device, you can not only improve your mobility but also get plenty of comforts. I would recommend it to everyone who is suffering from a physical disability.

So grab it now by placing your order. Remember it’s now or never.

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