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Everyone should have a kind of health consciousness. But in this busy world, we don’t have the time to take care of ourselves. Our body naturally gets more energy with the exposure of the sunlight and keeps our body in a clock rhythm. The latest discoveries have been proven that there are photosensitive receptors in the human brain such as they found in the retinal eye part. The Photosensitive receptors can be easily accessed by light flowing inside your ear structure and canal. If you are looking for the best product to maintain your health, then HumanCharger is the best choice for you.

HumanCharger is the best market disruptor. This new device is for your good being and channels bright light straightly to the light-sensitive regions of our brains whenever it requires the most. This product will help you improve your energy levels, mental alertness, mood, eliminates the effects of winter blues and jet lag at any bay.

What is HumanCharger?

HumanCharger is the most effective and best way to get your important daily dose of sunlight: By using this product, you will be able to get the good energy levels, enhance your mood, improve mental alertness and faster recovery from jet lag effects. This product will help you to go the brain’s photosensitive receptors. This product is a defense tool against any jet lag and winter blues. You will be able to reduce the low-power and low productivity throughout the whole day. This device does not limit the customer from everyday activities like talking, walking, usual daily tasks. With this product, you will be able to bring the sunshine back in your life. You will feel better with this device.

HumanCharger review

How Does HumanCharger Work?

HumanCharger provides the simple three steps to use it and lets you have great benefits. Here are the instructions:

  • Step One: Put Your HumanCharger On: The first thing is that you have to put this HumanCharger LEDSet earbuds into your ears in a well-protected manner. This new device is specially developed to comfort your mind.
  • Step Two: Start Your Bright Light Therapy: Here you can easily push the power button and the Calibrated white light, UV-free will begin flow into your ear canals to the light-sensitive regions of the brain.
  • Step Three: Get Charged: You have to wear your HumanCharger for 12 minutes to feel the amazing effects. This device will give you the unique amount of light therapy to reap the best advantages. This product will reduce your jet lag symptoms, and whenever transitioning from shift work patterns. Then, you need to use this HumanCharger more than four times per day to gain the feel of the good recovery.

What Are The Essential Features Of HumanCharger?

  • Charging Via Computer: HumanCharger will require maximum of three hours of charging through computer or laptop.
  • Battery Life: Here, you will get twelve complete treatments with the charged battery.
  • Light Output: This product will provide you 3.5 lumens of the light output.
  • Convenient: This product is the best bright light therapy device that you can easily carry wherever you go. You can simply keep it in your pocket.
  • Well Built: This device is made up of the frame built with one piece of aluminum. This product is highly durable and non-destructible.
  • Comfortable: It can be exactly fit in different types of ear shapes. This product is used for just twelve minutes and you get energized.
  • Stylish And Efficient: This product has unique features, the little award-winning design, sleek with single-button operationally. This device has the rechargeable battery life for 12 entire treatments.
  • Safe And Effective: This product uses patented technology. This product gives you the light therapy which is 100% protective than the sun.

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  • HumanCharger is safe and easy to use in everyday life.
  • This product provides you the additional energy levels, mental alertness and enhances your mood.
  • It just requires 12 times to feel charged throughout the day.
  • This device will alleviate the winter blues symptoms and jet lag.
  • You will be able to lift your body with good sunlight every day.
  • This product is available at a reasonable price.
  • This device is user-friendly and highly reliable.


  • HumanCharger is available for Online purchase only. You may not be able to shop this device in any store.
  • This product is offered at the discounted price for a short time.

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I’m so happy to recommend this HumanCharger since this product is the only travel oriented development to take care of your well-begin. The great benefit of this product is the more comfortable and efficient. This product helps you to get more energy levels than any normal bright light devices. This product will never cause any eye irritation or any side effects. This HumanCharger bright light therapy device, it allows decreasing the time required to recover from any jet lag symptoms. This product is highly recommended by more than 87% of the customers. So don’t waste your time and money. Act now and grab this HumanCharger for great benefits.

HumanCharge Jet Lag Headset

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