Clickfunnels Review 2017

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With the ability to build complete sales funnels and a strong intuitive editor, ClickFunnels offers some of the most dominant landing page builders such as LeadPages a clear challenge.  From the comparison of its performance with other platforms, ClickFunnels is a formidable tool that commands the industry.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a new innovative product built by Russell Brunson’s team of developers. It uses a completely different approach from other competitors. While similar landing page builders allow users to build only single standalone pages, it allows you to build various types of marketing funnels.

Basically, a funnel refers to a series of landing pages that visitors pass through so as to reach certain goals. ClickFunnels allows you to create a simple Lead Capture Funnel which can be made up of 2 pages that collect the email addresses of your visitors, and then redirects them to the Thank You page during sign up. Alternatively, you get the chance to build sophisticated and complex sales funnels consisting of multiple pages that direct visitors through every step of your funnel.

ClickFunnels gives you the chance to easily build:

  • Sales Page Funnelsthis enables users to sell their products and services, plus the capability of adding upsells and downsells to every sales process.
  • Lead Capture/Optin Funnels you can use this to capture your visitors’ email addresses and help you grow the size of your mailing lists.
  • Webinar Funnels this comes in very handy especially if you hold webinars. It simply makes the process of registering for webinars on your website much easier.
  • Membership websites this is an effective way for you to generate recurring revenue by building a fully functional membership site.

The power of attractive templates and editor

In addition, ClickFunnels has its own set of unique templates for every type of funnel you can build.  If you do not want the set of templates provided, you are also given the freedom to build your own custom pages. Yes, you can start building your pages from scratch using the intuitive editor.

At the editor part is where ClickFunnels really earns the points. The editor is built to allow users to easily combine and put together various pages in their funnel through the simply point and click user interface. The best part of it is that you don’t have to be a programming guru to do it. No coding expertise is needed, so anyone one without any idea about coding can use it to create something nice. The advantage of this, even if you know about coding, is that it saves you great deal of time. Unlike coding where you write and test to see results, ClickFunnels produces the changes made in real time. Everything is made live, and design changes are effected immediately so you can see what you have done when you do it.

Unsurpassed flexibility

This is where ClickFunnels knocks out other competitors. It gives you a lot of flexibility when building your pages. For instance, you can simply move elements about with ease and position them in the exact location you want them to be. It is a sort of drag and drop feature. It is something that you won’t find in the editors of landing page builders such as LeadPages.

Here’s the ClickFunnels Inside the Members Area Video:

How to get started

Getting started with ClickFunnels is pretty simple and straightforward. Their on-boarding process is also quite impressive. When it first entered the markets, it could award users with a free T-shirt for just watching their training videos.

The videos are pretty short, taking an average of 10 minutes and gives you a comprehensive overview on how ClickFunnels actually works. Now, when it comes to creating your funnel for the first time, the process is very simple. You simply need to click on the Add Funnels button then you will be navigated to another screen that shows all types of funnels available.

ClickFunnels makes the process of choosing your funnel much easier, just in case you are not sure about what the funnels do. There is a video embedded which explains the different funnels and how they work. If not sure, just watch the video first then proceed to selecting the right funnel. Once you’ve selected the funnel, click on the Create Funnel button. You will then be prompted to enter the name of your Funnel.

Based on the Funnel you selected, ClickFunnels will generate several pages for you. For example, if you choose the Sales Funnel, you will be given a Squeeze Page, Sales Page, Order Confirmation and Download Page.

You can remove the pages from a funnel by simply hovering the mouse to the big “X” located adjacent to the page.

Building your pages

For every single page available in the funnel, you are given a set of templates from which you can make your selection. Every template has been designed professionally and several options are available from where you can pick a suitable choice. Additionally, ClickFunnels keeps adding more templates so you can never miss one that meets your preferences.

If there isn’t a template that meets your current preferences and vision, it is as well simple to start from the beginning and custom design your own. You can achieve this by simply choosing any of the templates and deleting the sections found in the page. ClickFunnels uses a section as a building block for its pages. A typical page has header section, content section and the footer section.

A long sales page can also have sections used to highlight certain features or a testimonials section. It is very flexible and can support different design types. Each section is further subdivided into columns.  You are allowed to pick one to 6 columns. It is through the columns that you can insert the elements of ClickFunnels. Common widgets that can be inserted include image, video, text, headline, button and input forms.

Advanced customizations

Apart from the basic elements, there are also advanced types included. These are SMS Signup, Pricing Table, Survey, Video Unlocker, FAQ Blocks, Facebook Comments, Countdown Timers and Custom HTML. When you hover over any of the sections, columns or elements, it gets highlighted and a clicking slide with appear in the contextual editor from right hand side to allow you alter its properties.

You can as well change the background colors, fonts, margins and alignments. Specific properties of elements such as image URL for an image element can also be changed. Once you have played around with all these features, using ClickFunnels becomes even much easier and intuitive. The editor particularly is impressive as it strikes a perfect balance between ease of use and flexibility. If selling a product, then you’d want to integrate ClickFunnels with payment processors. Some of the supported payment processors include CRM InfusionSoft, Clickbank and Backpack CRM.

If you are not conversant or do not use these services, we’d recommend that you have a look at Stripe. Stripe is very easy to use, and is offered for free. It offers a good performance particularly with ClickFunnels as it allows you to receive credit card payments with ease. During signup process, it guides you through the process of linking it with a ClickFunnels account, then you are good to go. When your clients navigates to the Order Page of your funnel, Stripe will collect the payments made automatically.

Page tracking supported

Apart from a simple and intuitive process of creating your pages, ClickFunnels also makes it easier for you to track the performance of every page of your funnel. At the top part of each page, there is a real time total visitors number who have visited that particular page. You can also see the number of visitors that clicked on a button of a page. The conversion rate figure is also displayed.

As if that’s not enough, ClickFunnels also displays a graph that shows all the stats over a certain period of time. In addition, Split testing has also been included to help you optimize conversion rates of your Funnel. By clicking the Split Test, you will view the stats of all the existing split tests. Plus, a button for creating New Split Test is also available. You can create a new split test by cloning an existing page then tweaking it from that point.

What is the pricing plan?

First, you are given a trial period of 2 weeks before subscribing to a plan. ClickFunnels has three pricing plans; Personal, Starter and the Enterprise plan. The basic plan, which is the Personal one, costs $37 per month but has limited features. This plan allows you to create the Optin funnel only.  The most recommendable plan is the Starter costing $97 per month. It delivers a lot of functionalities including ability to create up to 20 funnels, up to 100 pages and receive up to 20,000 visitors. The Enterprise plan basically offers all the features of Starter plan plus template requests, priority support and higher number of funnels at 70, 300 pages and visitors at 100,000 costing you $297 per month.


  • Creating Funnel workflow is pretty straightforward.
  • The editor offers a perfect balance between flexibility and ease of use.
  • Can be integrated with major payment processors and email providers.
  • Provides unique templates that can also be customized.
  • New features are consistently added.
  • Offers good training and support materials plus ongoing webinars on weekly basis.
  • Trial period of 2 weeks provided.
  • 2 tier affiliate programs included.


  • The only con of ClickFunnels is that its Split Test feature is little bit basic, but is good enough to perform the most common split testing functionalities.

Final verdict

To sum it up, ClickFunnels outshines most of other landing page builders out there. Its support for payment processor integration is quite amazing and straightforward. Additionally, its editor allows you to create your pages with ease, without the need for programming skills. If you simply need ready templates, you also have a wider choice of unique templates to choose from. ClickFunnels also provides support videos throughout to guide you through. This coupled with the weekly webinars and a reliable support makes it a great landing page builder in the market. The 2 weeks trial period also gives a good opportunity to analyze its performance before deciding to subscribe.

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