CB Passive Income License Program 4.0 Review

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The Internet is truly a wonderful place to make money, provided you know what you’re doing and follow the right kind of people. It’s as important to know which online money making opportunities don’t work as it is to know which ones do. Part of my job is to personally scrounge the internet marketing world to look for affiliate marketing systems and distinguish the scam ones from the really genuine ones out there. In my research, I’ve found plenty of details of CB Passive Income License Program 4.0 that I’m writing to share with you guys.

But before we delve into the details of CB Passive Income, let me tell you I am not here to criticize or promote the product. I will only share with you what my personal experience is about the program, and you can decide for yourself after that. In this review, I will offer you with all the in-depth details that the program is offering and whether you should opt for it or not.

What is CB Passive Income System 4.0?

The CB Passive Income Program is a revolutionary business-in-a-box program designed to generate Passive Income for you in very easy steps and also meant to sustain it without much efforts. There are three steps that will help you start generating money from the CB Passive Income. Once you sign up and get registered, you will be provided a lot of helpful training videos that will enable you with valuable information about earning money online through affiliate marketing. The videos will show you that how you can optimize CB Passive Income to make more money online.

This is a form of email marketing system where you are promoting a webpage that you have been given. Once you have the list, Patrick will take care of the selling, and you will earn as much Passive Income out of it as the sales takes place. So basically this is a great option of earning without making too much effort. At least I personally didn’t find it troublesome to work along CB Passive Income generator. The CB here stands for ClickBank, since Mr. Chan promotes only ClickBank-verified products in the list that you create.

Patrick Chan – The Founder of CB Passive Income Program

CB Passive Income was started by Patrick Chan, an Internet Marketing guru with vast experience. With this business, Patrick has also helped thousands of students with internet courses, books, and live training to teach affiliate marketing and earning a good amount of money online. He is also the best-selling author of books that include Wake Up Millionaire, Clicking Cash, and much more, where he talks about several successful methodologies about making money online.

How does the CB Passive Income System Work?

Firstly, you have to sign up for the CB Passive Income. Once done, you will be provided with a squeeze page and it is your job to get people into your mailing list. Believe me, the money making process from this affiliate marketing is genuine. So some of your friends or relatives might not believe you initially, but even if you can make one of them sign up for it, I can assure you that they will start making profit and this will help YOU to earn more and more profits per month.

When you have a good number of people on your list, Patrick Chan will send them emails with other valuable reports. It will also offer other ClickBank products with the affiliate link. When someone buys a product, you start making money. It is as easy as that. You just have to get the list ready to be able to operate in auto-pilot mode. Chan uses only ClickBank products, because they are legitimate and good products; and also the commission for those products is 50%. I have never seen a poor quality ClickBank product yet.

The Different Versions of CB Passive Income

There are different versions of CB Passive Income Programs. First there was the CB 2.0 that came up with an entire internet marketing training program for the subscribers. At this stage, there was the introduction of a software called the Offer Finder App. Then the version was upgraded to CB Passive Income 3.0, and finally this year, Patric and his team upgraded the software to CB Passive Income 4.0. With the latest upgrades, you will get a lot more from CB Passive Income than those signed up with the earlier versions. Let me break it down to evaluate the various versions of the program–

CB Version 2.0:

  • You will have option to give away the free report or software and build up your list
  • You will have additional training to get the traffic
  • A lot of new promotional tools are added into the software
  • The tracking system became much better

CB Version 3.0

  • Exclusive access to clone Patric’s best performing secret webpages, which means it will generate affiliate commissions for you on Autopilot
  • You will have multiple secret pages to promote
  • A valuable free gift to give away
  • A lifetime of commission and a solid internet business system
  • A huge number of video training resource and eBooks on promoting your new-found internet business so that you can have a continued success in business.

The training is given step by step, and it was really easy to follow for me. So if a newbie like me can make profits, then I am sure it will be easier for those who are more experienced in the industry.

CB Version 4.0

  • The latest version of the software is now completely easy to be used on mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets. So you can earn on the go! With the mobile version, CB Passive Income introduced the “Facebook Click to Optin Feature”. Now my mobile traffic visitors are able to subscribe without even typing their email address. They will be automatically logged into their account through their Facebook email address when they are clicking on the “Optin Button”.
  • This also means that you will now be able to buy traffic at much lower costs because mobile traffic is inexpensive
  • It also means you are now getting more subscribers and more sales because 30% of your traffic will not at all be wasted
  • So basically, I am simply investing in a business where my only work is to offer valuable internet marketing products and I can collect a lifetime of commission on whatever the articles that I sell.

What are the Products You Will Get with CB Passive Income?

  • You will get a complete access to the clone of Patrick’s profitable lists that build the “Secret Webpages”. You will just have to enter the profitable information and click on “Create”. It will take less than a minute for getting started and you are in business.
  • A complete backend software system for tracking your commissions and also the leads generated. And don’t fret, because it will handle everything for you.
  • Also, you will have the internet marketing courses that include Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing and many others.

These powerful training material will also show you how you can promote CB Passive Income business. So as you can see here, you will always have help at hand. Even I was a little scared for the first time. But after I started doing it, gradually it was a piece of cake to make profits.


  • The Program will come with a 60-days no questions asked, money back guarantee. Now this is one of the best aspects of CB Passive Income. If the software, the affiliate marketing videos, tutorials and the bonus offers does not seem to be useful for you and you are not able to make profits, Patric will return your entire money within 60 days.  So you can rest assured that your investment is secured.
  • In case you are worried whether this is a legalized process of earning money or not, I can personally vouch that there is nothing illegal in the online ways of earning. I am in this industry for quite some time and from my personal experience, CB Passive Income is a completely legitimate company offering genuine modes of earning through ClickBank certified products.
  • You will get a ready-made squeeze page and free hosting services. So there is nothing that you have to do for selling. All the sales will be handled by Patric himself.


There are obviously a few cons and they are as follows:

  • There is no control over the squeeze page
  • There is no control of what offers are sent to the list that you have created, but you can always rest assured that the offers and products are verified by ClickBank and are genuine at all times

Exclusive New Launch Bonuses

#1 – CB Passive Income Accelerator Training

The first new launch bonus is CB Passive Income Accelerator Training worth $197 for free. It comes with 3 modules which offer step by step training. You can register for this training immediately after you have secured your copy.

#2 – Insider Training Tools & Membership

This is the second bonus that offers 6 months of training along with the tools and membership worth $282 for completely free.

                          I have been making this income using the system for last few months.

Final Verdict

Considering the overall factors and my own personal experience, I can definitely say that CB Passive Income is one of the most influential and genuine passive income generating systems that I have come across. I have been using the system for quite some time and this has proved to be really useful and profitable for me. The program is so easy that even a layman can learn the basics and start using it. CB Passive Income is designed to work on autopilot and the process of earning money is completely legitimate. With the option of 60-day money back guarantee, just try it for once and know it yourself!

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