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Today when the monetary situation is uncertain, everybody is looking for some alternate ways to earn. So when an opportunity as easy as App Coiner presents itself, one is bound to think twice. However, there’s a cost involved with it. Here comes the question – is App Coiner a safe investment? I understand the importance of this question, especially because there are so many scams out there claiming to make you quick bucks.

Here, we have to first understand what App Coiner is all about. The introductory video on the AppCoiner web page lets you know that there are thousands of apps that are made every day, but most of them are lost as no one is there to review them or find them. This much sounds pretty logical. But that is not enough to take a purchase decision, right? So I decided to find out more. Read through my entire App Coiner review before you decide.

What is App Coiner?

App Coiner is basically a platform where you can test newly built mobile apps and review them and get paid for it. Ok fine; so you understand that you have to review apps, then why pay for it? Why not just go ahead and test the apps? This is a very valid question which I asked myself and found out the answer to. Let me explain.

There is a small charge to start using the App Coiner Program because you will be taken to a special members area wherefrom you can choose the types of apps you want to test. Also, since the App Coiner program is basically an affiliate of the different apps, they will provide you with a special link to the apps which you have to test. Meaning, you cannot just download any app from the PlayStore, as you will be provided special links to test every app and those links will be provided by App Coiner itself.

An important thing to notice is that it does not charge extra for you once you start writing your reviews. With $27 you are getting access to simply sit at your home and test apps on your tablet and smartphone and make money – this is a great opportunity for those who are looking to make some extra income on the side. You could also make it a full-time income and test hundreds of apps during the day since there is no upper limit.

What do I have to Test with App Coiner?

You will be provided apps based on your interest which can be anything from health, fashion, cooking, health, sports and music. Any of the aforementioned categories of apps can be chosen and from there you will be given specific apps which you have to test and rate them according to their consistency, interface, performance, speed, etc. So you will have to be really critical about these apps that you are testing.

I know what you’re thinking – But I don’t have any experience in app-testing, so how can I do it? Well, you don’t need to have the high technical knowledge to do this job; if you are often using such apps, you will have an idea what a good app looks like and you can easily base your decision on those parameters.

So up to this, it sounds totally fair. However, one thing to note is – App Coiner tells you that you will be paid for “testing” apps and not be reviewing them. While testing the apps you will have to be robust about pointing out the faults and the difficulties which you faced while using the apps. This feedback is then looked into by the developers who make the necessary changes to make the app more user-friendly.

When I figured this out, it made sense about why anyone would pay me to test an app. Every system requires a Beta Tester, and here you are actually being paid to be a beta tester yourself.


Here are some aspects of App Coiner:

  • You will get paid weekly via cheque, Payoneer or direct bank transfer
  • Hundreds of apps to choose from and new apps are added every week
  • App coiner ensures that your reviews are up to the mark so that you get paid easily. They have videos and eBooks to support you. They will also give you tips on how to manage your website and promote the reviews which you have written.
  • You don’t need to have a very strong eloquence – just Basic English writing skills are enough to get started.

3 Step Process to Generate Income from App Coiner

1. Select an App to test: As already mentioned there are hundreds of apps actually to test from. You merely have to choose one from that huge list and get started.

2. Write Your Honest Review About the App: Once you have downloaded the app on your iPhone or Android you will be taken to test it. The testing may take anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes depending on your own satisfaction. Once you have tested the app, you will have to log in to your App Coiner member’s area with your login and password and write your own review.

3. Get Paid: You will have to just sit back and let App Coiner monetize all your reviews for you automatically. You can check your earnings from the dashboard. Meanwhile, you can keep testing more apps and write more reviews about them to keep earning.


  • There is no limit to the number of apps you can use and therefore no limit on how much you can earn
  • Comes with a 60-day money back guarantee
  • You don’t have to advertise apps – you simply get paid for testing them and writing about your experience.
  • Usage is pretty straightforward
  • Instant access provided along with a user ID and log in so that you can start earning right from the word go
  • Easily accessible via smartphone or tablet devices


  • You cannot access it without an internet connection



App coiner is not a scam. If you do not see a good amount of earnings you can always request your money back. That being said, the cost of joining the crew is just $27. It is merely a onetime charge to give you the necessary access to the tester’s slot. Once you are on board you get ample support from the members and customer service.

One of the major advantages of this is that the more time you spend testing apps, the more experience you gain and more invaluable you become as an app tester. This way your credit can raise its peaks. It is a good option to consider since the opportunity is very real and developers are seeking out a huge number of app testers worldwide.


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