5G Male Plus Review

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5G Male Supplement is a male sexual performance enhancing product that lets you have sex for hours after hours. It is the first ever product in the market that is up to the recommended standards, therefore it is very pure and safe to use. This product is an amazing solution to one of the most common problems that men are ashamed to discuss about i.e. sex performance! 

The product solves erectile problems in men. With 5G Male Supplement, your penis can stay hard for hours and you can easily satisfy the sexual needs of your partner. It is a suitable product for just any man regardless of his age, body size, weight, and social background.

This review covers all that you need to know about 5G Male Supplement. So read on to know more about this product.

What is 5G Male Supplement?

The product is produced by ‘Supernatural Man’, a US-based company that specializes in solving the common sexual problems in men. The company’s head researcher, Ryan Masters, worked closely with the porn-star legendary Dave Cummings (regarded as one of the oldest stars in the porn industry) to devise a perfect formula based on natural ingredients Dave discovered in Vietnam War while serving as a soldier.

Who is Dave Cummings?

Dave Cummings is a name you should absolutely be familiar with if you are into porn. He is a 76 years old porn star who has participated in more than 500 porn films and has a reputation of ‘superhuman’ sexual stamina. Performing so good at this age seems impossible, but he still gets paid to have sex with some of the hottest women in the world. Guess what the secret is, 5G Male Supplement!

Ingredients used to make the supplement

If you are wondering what connections the ingredients have with the product, you are about to find it out. Cummings preferred his food during the Vietnam War all natural, meaning while others fed on other things, he particularly enjoyed a traditional Vietnamese dish that consisted Vietnamese ginger, garlic, ginkgo, and ginseng. Surprisingly, he found himself having an unexpectedly powerful erection. He tried finding out the reasons of that and then his thoughts directed him to his favorite dish!

Later, comprehensive studies and researches on these ingredients and how their combinations could result into great sexual experience were done. And this is how this product came into existence. It resolves why many men struggle to have erections – poor blood circulation!

Following are the ingredients used in making the product and their benefits to the body;

  • Vietnamese Garlic – helps improve blood flow, aids in reducing fatigue and enhancing performance, and helps the body digest heavy metals.
  • Ginger – helps prevent cancer, improves blood circulation and enhances brain functions.
  • Ginseng – helps in treating erectile dysfunction and improves sperm production and sexual performance. It is also beneficial to cancer prevention and protects against the symptoms of heart diseases aside from helping in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels
  • Ginkgo – helps treat ED, improves mental clarity and memory, and also enhances the vascular functions.
  • Green Tea – beneficial in treating ED, lowers the risks of heart diseases, and reduces risks of various cancer threats, including skin, breast, colon, and bladder.

As mentioned above, a lot of researches and experiments were conducted to ensure this supplement not only performs its key intentions but is also perfectly safe to use and does not have any side effects or pose threats to the human body.

Mistakes people often do

The most common mistake people do is that they try to go for readily available solutions that do not work at all, thus posing threats to their health conditions. Most of the similar products available online have not been approved by medical practitioners and what is even scarier is the fact that their manufacturers are not known. Some of these products could result in permanent failure of your penis or worse effects. Moreover, certain methods like the injections pose risks of cancer to your body.

It is, therefore, recommended to stay off some of the products on the internet, such as unapproved pills, injections, Viagra and so on. And you can stay safe with 5G Male Supplement.


  • Highest quality natural ingredients that are very beneficial for your health.
  • Reports on the success rate after using the product: various users who have considered using the product have given praising remarks and testimonies on how the product has solved their problems.
  • Very pure and safe: 5G Male Supplement does not pose any threats to your body. It comes with the pure form of natural ingredients that have been tested and proved to have no side effects at all.
  • Reliable Manufacturer: The SuperNatural Man is a company that is well-known and managed by prominent people, thus making it a reliable maker of the product. For any queries and concerns, you can reach out to the company through their contact information.
  • Additional benefits: Each ingredient has its own health benefits to offer. Apart from just solving your erectile dysfunction and enhancing your sexual performances, 5G Male Supplement has other health benefits to your body.
  • With 5G Male Supplement, you do not have to deal with doctors which may put you in many awkward situations and thus make you embarrassed.


  • I have tried hard to find out any disadvantages of the product but could not find any. However, you need to be patient while using the product and follow the instructions given for effective results.


5G Male Supplement is an all-natural solution that enhances your sexual performance and offers additional health benefits to your body. Dave Cummings is a proof that you can have optimum sexual performance effortlessly, regardless of your age or body size. It maintains the health standards, thus it is perfectly pure and safe to use. With a long list of benefits, you should give it a try and it will surely not fail you.

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