WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution Review

Do you want to know what is WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution Settings? IsWallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution myfxbook a profitable expert advisor? Read a full detailed review and live forward results of WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution.

Product Name: WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution
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Automated Forex Trading uses a computer program or algorithm to make trading decisions. These robots or expert advisors (EAs) are built around the Metatrader platform. The robot is ‘taught’ to make decisions based on instructions that have been fed in, after analysis of historic data and charting tools. The instructions create a buy or sell decision when they meet the required criteria. Every EA is different and uses different strategies to arrive at a decision. Robots are popular nowadays to generate profits in forex trading with little or no manual effort.

There are many Metatrader EAs in the market. Most of these are scams and the sellers have been caught faking results. With cheap marketing gimmicks, such EAs will say pretty much anything to dupe customers of their money. They may not be even programmed well which makes them trade against the trend or trade without a stop loss.

Thankfully, WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution is not one of them. It is an exception in the vast minefield of opportunistic scammers. Read on to find out more about this robot trader.

What is it?

The WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution is a scalper for trading forex in currency pairs. It runs round the clock (24 hrs/5 days) and includes Asian trading sessions. It is designed for a variety of currency pairs even those that have the narrowest spreads. The currency pairs covered are EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD and AUDUSD. 10-15 pips are the average amount of winning transactions. The robot runs on the M15 timeframe. It is built on good trading principles.


Using the indicators shipped with the metatrader, the robot intuitively determines the entry signals. Multiple currency pairs can be run on multiple EA threads. After a successful authentication, the robot updates its settings from the server. The preset values for each currency pair are configured automatically. The creative logic of the robotrader makes it close trades before they hit the Stop Loss value and also take profit early before the trades hit the Take Profit target based on the number of pips that the market gives.

The preset Stop Loss range for EURUSD and GBPUSD is 120 pips while for USDCHF it is 160 pips. The Take Profit range for EURUSD and USDCHF is around 25 pips while for GBPUSD and USDCAD it is 50 and 14 pips respectively. Since the robotrader runs throughout the day, there is no GMT setting.

The WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution averages 5-7 trades per day across the currency pairs. It opens only 1 trade per instrument traded. The robot is compliant with the NFA rules. When you are trading any currency pair with the WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution make sure you don’t trade on the same pair using a different EA as either one of the EAs will not be able to open trades due to NFA restrictions.

The EA is available for Metatrader version 5. If you have bought the metatrader 4 version, you can access the MT5 version in the members’ section on the site.


It is recommended not to set the Stop Loss and Take Profit values manually in the robot, although one can do so. This is because the settings are automatically updated from the server. You can change the SL and TP triggers for each pair if you want to optimize them based on your calculations. As such only the AutoMM parameter needs to be set. AutoMM value indicates the risk value with which the EA should trade. If this is not configured, the robot will trade at constant 0.1 lot size by default. The AutoMM value is generally between 3 and 5 for forward tests but can be set to any desired lot size.

The robot also provides a RecoveryMode parameter. If enabled, it can provide higher gains. The downside is that it can also result in increasing the drawdown drastically. Thus, enable this parameter only after due diligence.

The WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution comes with a StealthMode parameter. Basically, if you have reason to believe that your broker is delaying your order execution or cheating you with high spreads or indulging in other unethical behavior, you can enable the StealthMode parameter. This allows you to monitor the trades every minute.

You can also limit the maximum risk per trade. The default value is 20 and is ideal for safety. You can also enable Close Only On Profit and disable Recovery Mode parameters for additional safety.

The robot also features a chart display which shows the lots being traded, the current spread, trade status etc. Backtesting

The robot provides history center data to run backtests. It is essential that your account has lower spreads to get positive performance from the robot. Typically ECN broker accounts have lower spreads as compared fixed spread broker accounts that have a higher spread. The WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution gives the good average win to lose ratio for all supported currency pairs. The robot comes with unlimited demo accounts to perform backtests and forward tests and verifies the accuracy of the results. You can run backtests using Dukascopy data or even a Monte Carlo projection to view the performance. A 17-year backtest showed 92% win trades with 9.85% max drawdown. You can view full backtest reports for EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF and USD/CAD from the website.


Forward testing:

The Wall Street Forex Robot 2.0 gives one real account to conduct LIVE forward tests. Forward tests have been found to give more or less the same results as backtests. This can be verified using unlimited demo accounts first. Trades can be as low as $100 depending on the broker but recommended capital is $1000-$5000.


The Wall Street Forex Robot 2.0 comes with a host of advantages. These are not provided by a traditional broker. The advantages eliminate most loss-making reasons such as piling money in a losing position, trading without a defensive stop, inexperience in trading in volatile market situations, emotional bias or transient dispositions during a trade, poor trading discipline or trading tactics and much more.

  • The robot has intelligent protection systems built into it
  • Current drawdowns are compensated by risk management algorithms
  • The EA runs 24/5 trades without limits
  • It is verified by automated tracker Myfxbook.com
  • Automatically adapts to current market position
  • The bot opens positions in periods with the lowest spreads for maximum profit
  • It offers low-risk trading
  • Major currency pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD and AUDUSD supported
  • Offers non-aggressive scalping
  • The robot comes with 60-day money back guarantee
  • The EA comes with 24/7 support
  • It comes with great broker advice
  • The robot provides a money management tracker
  • The currency pair spreads are steady even with floating spread brokers and hence provides consistent profits
  • StealthMode parameter protects against fraudulent brokers
  • New settings are updated in real time
  • Pending stop orders can be used
  • Operates with 4 and 5 decimal place basis
  • As the EA is a software product, it closes deals based on logic and unbiased by emotions
  • Defensive Stop Loss orders protect loss of accounts
  • Has High-Slippage protection system to defend against high volatility market conditions
  • Easy installation procedure
  • Has detailed user guide with easy to follow chapters on setup, activation, configuration, backtesting and LIVE testing
  • The EA monitor the trades, opens and closes positions automatically which means you don’t have to monitor your trades
  • It is compatible with all popular brokers
  • Multiple EAs can be run from single account
  • In case of power loss, open trades will remain open and normal trading will resume once power is restored
  • With the main purchase of WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution 2.0 (launch price is $247), get 2 FREE bonus robots (Wall Street Asia and Wall Street Recovery Pro) worth $297 each. Wall Street Recovery PRO closes a trade only on achieving profit while Wall Street Asia is adapted to trade only in the Asian session but with a better strategy.



The Wall Street Forex Robot 2.0 is a great scalper. It is designed for the most liquid currency pairs that offer the narrowest spreads for higher profit margins. While it can be used with any broker on the Metatrader 4 version, the advantage is that WSFR already has a Metatrader 5 version.

The robot opens positions around the clock and is one of the only few scalpers that is profitable. Other robots scalp the markets only during the Asian session when the spreads are higher which makes it almost impossible to get a profit. WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution is not restricted or limited to only that session and opens and closes trades 24 hrs * 5 days a week thereby increasing the profit.

The EA is built by a team of developers who are professional traders themselves, hence the logic and algorithms are based on the vast cumulative experience of 30yrs. Even if you are a beginner with insufficient experience, WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution can help trade as it is inbuilt with great trading tactics and risk management principles. The robot makes money in positive trends and in choppy markets as well. With prompt and great support, this robot is worth investing on and gives excellent value for money.


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