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Are you interested in watching TV shows, program, movies, games, sports, apps, fighting matches or anything you want? Are you worried to miss your favourite program or show while you were attending an urgent meeting with your clients or were busy with friends? Don’t worry Super Awesome Gadgets introduces The Ultimate TV Box that contains almost 4,000 + channels with free 7- Day trial to help you know the advantage of using this device for your comfort.

What is The Ultimate TV Box?

The Ultimate TV Box is created using the revolutionary technology that uses the concept of a Smart TV to help you reach the peak with a new level. It includes an extensive collection of apps and a list of 4,000+ channels to let you watch your favourite shows or program or movies anytime with your family, friends, children or alone. It overrides the expensive cable charges and satellite companies, so you have a chance to access it directly on your television. This box offers an instruction manual to let you know how to use this device with the new level of technology and a stylish remote to experience better results in a short time.

How Does The Ultimate TV Box Work For Us?

  • The Ultimate TV Box has 16GB RAM and 2 GB DDR3 feature components.
  • It uses Android 6.0 version with Amlogic S912 processor.
  • It also includes Wifi and Bluetooth with more advanced version.
  • It offers 4000+ channels and advanced Apps to watch your favourite shows, movies and other programs all the time.
  • It requires an internet connection to access this device.
  • It has 1,200 adult channels with parental control as well as password protect.
  • You can control the music and videos on TV by using Bluetooth.
  • It has 4k Ultra High Definition with precise clarity.
  • You can experience playing mobile games, Apps on Tv at a different level.

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What Will You Get From The Ultimate TV Box?

  • The Ultimate TV Box offers you to use your favourite apps on TV for the user’s convenience.
  • You can install it by following easy steps and no need to use any tools; it just takes a few minutes to complete the setup.
  • Here Airplay and Miracast are compatible.
  • You can access it with new level remote by clicking a button.
  • You can send content from your tablet/ phone to your TV.


  • The Ultimate TV Box is an excellent device with user-friendly steps.
  • It is risk-free to use and affordable.
  • You can enjoy the movies, games, series, shows anytime.
  • It provides a lot of tips and techniques that you can use to view all the details.
  • It has more than 1000 HD movies.


  • No offline availability.
    The Ultimate Box Price


The Ultimate TV Box is the best device that you will find online, and many people will suggest taking advantage of using this technology at your home. By using this box, you will feel happy because you will be able to watch all the shows, movies, programs, play games with your family or friends, etc. I’m one of the users who benefited using this product, and it feels comfortable to access this device for watching my desired shows and movies with my family. It will be an excellent opportunity to enjoy or spend some time with your loved ones by watching your favourite movies, concerts and much more.

So don’t lose this chance. Grab it before the offer ends.

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