Udimi Solo Ads Review

Udimi is an email ads service manager. The platform helps you find sellers with a large subscription list which will help you send emails to the list which would just cost you per click. You need to find sellers with a subscription list that would match your niche. You need to pay him or her for clicks in advance. They will ensure that your emails are delivered to the members in the subscription list on a date that has been chosen by you. 

What is Udimi?

Udimi is a solo ad service that permits you to easily locate online marketers that fall under your niche. You can send email offers to huge email-lists with much ease with Udimi. This can prove to be a wonderful tool which will benefit the users with large email lists. This platform can be of great help to people who wishes to start off as an online marketer. This tool is not something that you would not want to use over a long duration of time. It would be a great idea if you can use these solo ads for creating your own email list gradually. Your success is dependent on how well you will make use of the individual services.    

How much does the service cost?

Several times individuals end up paying $500 in clicks just to check whether subscribers are interested in their offers or not. Udimi is more or less a hit or miss situation. You need to register as a member by paying $14.95 per month if you wish to be able to purchase solo ads on the platform. You would then be able to browse through the list of ad providers and pick the service you think would be most suitable for you. Each solo ad provider has his or her own predetermined fee. While few solo ad providers just charge $0.30 cents per click there are several ad providers that charge $0.70 cents per click. You need to understand that just because an ad provider is charging more it does not imply that it would be better for you. The responsiveness and trustworthiness of the email list plays a crucial role in determining your success. However, the use of solo ads is quite unpredictable. You cannot judge the benefits being offered because of the price.     

How does Udimi work?

Udimi is more of an online manager that handles email solo ads. It acts as a traffic reseller from several suppliers. The buyers have the option to pick the supplier themselves through Udimi unlike other advertising agencies. The portal purchases traffic from suppliers through its unique in-house click filtering engine. It then sells the traffic to the buyer. The suppliers of Udimi are not registered sellers. Few are verified and few are not. You need to pay the seller who is willing to send you an email list to your email id on cost per click basis. A service fee is earned by Udimi by the buyer and seller. A specific filter can be chosen by a buyer. You would be paying Udimi for utilizing their filter technology. 


How to purchase solo email ad click with Udimi?

Step 1: Look for solo deals or find sellers

Once you have logged-in to the account, you would be able to find two links at the top of the menu bar where you can locate the sellers. The find sellers’ option permits you to filter the seller based on your criteria. There are several options for filtering the sellers based on click, price, ratings, niche, name and by score. The solo deals option helps you find sellers who offer discount.   

Step 2: Sellers stats, profile and reviews

You next need to consider the seller statistics and also need to take a look at their reviews. The sellers have four symbols next to their names: Crown, Checkmark, Thunder bolt and star which signifies whether they are a prime member or verified by Udimi or not. You can as well find out whether a seller has earned positive or negative ratings or not. You can contact the seller and share more info about your products with them.

Step 3: Enter your preferences

You next to choose your preference for email swipe. You have the option to pick the date where the email has been sent. You can set the number of clicks that you desire while entering your email swipe details. 

Step 4: Payment

You need to then make payment with your credit card or PayPal. 

What are the features offered through Prime account?

A member registered on Udimi can avail the benefits of prime account over which numerous additional features are offered. Members having prime account get access to priority support, get prime mark on their account, receive advanced filtering of the traffic, unlimited click statistics storage, free 12 months access to solocalendar.com, click attention heat maps, videos, time spent on site, sales tracking and unlimited optin. For upgrading to prime membership, one needs to pay $14.95 per month. However, this is an optional feature. You do not have to be a prime member however for selling solo email ad clicks. It is better to check the terms and service page carefully before opting into any program. Most of the people miss out checking this section which is located on the right bottom of the home page and is written in small print. Make sure to check the terms and conditions carefully before opting for any service to remain on the safer side. This will help you to remain safe while planning to sell or purchase solo email ad clicks. Do not forget to click the section which offers information on “high risk and not allowed business types on Udimi” section.    

Is Udimi a scam?

Udimi is another targeted traffic alternative however it is quite legitimate. The sellers on the platform are vetted carefully by the team. The sellers are as well rated by the buyers so that a trust can be established between a buyer and a seller. There is a need to establish transparency in the service fee charged by Udimi. This can make the entire process much more convenient. However, Udimi is not a scam. It is a legitimate tool that can be put to great advantage by the buyers and sellers if they know how to use the platform well.      

Is it worth opting for services by Udimi?

Udimi is an ideal platform for purchasers and sellers of solo email ads. Several sellers and purchasers who have utilized the platform have offered positive reviews and testimonials about this platform. Few sellers are quite generous and over deliver clicks by up to 30 per cent by more than what was actually happened. You need to ensure that the communication is prompt with the seller if you are purchaser. You need to be clear while informing about your product and whether you have promoted your product earlier or not. If you are not clear in conveying information then the sellers may reject your order. Few sellers may not patient in dealing and may end up rejecting your order. It is entirely up to you to take of the dealings in an appropriate manner.

The rejections may result if

1) The seller has emailed the same offer numerous times and would not be able to produce a quality outcome for you.

2) The seller has oversold and overbooked at the current moment.

3) The seller is facing some technical issues and would not be able to mail the offer

4) The swipe has not been written well

5) Your site has critical flaws, mistakes or bugs

Contact the help section through your membership account for knowing more details about the processes that take place on Udimi site. 



Udimi is quite an easy tool which helps individuals track traffic; incoming clicks as well as conversion from every solo ad ordered by one. One can browser several lists displayed by solo ad providers as well as rate and obtain results from other customers who have availed the services. This will help in making the services better and pick the best possible service. All the reviews furnished on the site are real and legit. The control panel offered by Udimi makes it convenient for the users to utilize this platform. You can get a glance of your account by accessing the “My Page” feature. You can see your orders accessing the control panel by accessing “Solos” page. You can access the “Money” page for checking your latest transactions. For establishing communication with the sellers and the buyers, Udimi offers a “Messages” page. You can create and edit swipes by accessing the Swipes page. You can alter the settings by clicking on the Setting page. If you are in need for quick traffic, then Udimi will help you get decent traffic for a great deal. Carry out your own research well before trying solo ads as there are dozens of sellers on Udimi. There are provisions to pick the best sellers based on ratings and reviews.


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