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For any business or website owner, the internet is amongst the most powerful of advertising mediums. As a global marketplace that is online 24/7, the potential to drive customers to your brand from the internet is huge- and the awareness of this is only exponentially increasing with each day. The revolution started with Google Adwords, but apart from PPC, there are several advertising services and platforms available to user now.

Cashing in on the same, numerous services have come up, claiming to be the ideal advertising model for every business. One such advertising service that promises quality visitors to your website is TrafficAdPays. Let’s go ahead and see what they offer, and how good they really are.

What is TrafficAdPays?

As the name suggests, TrafficAdPays is a traffic generation service. This basically means that if you have a website that you would like to generate traffic for, then a service like TrafficAdPays will do the needful for you. TrafficAdPays characterizes itself as an HYIP or High Yielding Internet Program. With over a few thousand advertising programs based on the revenue sharing model, there is a little caution that you must exercise before going with any of these.

The basic principle of TrafficAdPays is simple- you pay them to purchase ad packs, and then just wait. They claim to give you around 10% of what you invest with hourly payments. As more traffic gets through these ads, your payment is supposed to rise.

Notice how we have not definitely stated what TrafficAdPays does- but we are only stating what they claim to be doing. Let’s go ahead and break down TrafficAdPays to understand what they offer.

First Impressions:

In this digital era, if you really want to take advantage of this global marketplace and get customers/users, you need an impressive and user-friendly website. When there’s money involved, you also need it to look very professional. It seems as if TrafficAdPays did not know that while they were designing their website.

As you open the TrafficAdPays, you will see bags of money- literally, there is a bag with$ on it, along with claims of this being “The Revolutionary Advertising Mode”. It’s mentioned that TrafficAdPays was launched on 12th September, 2015- and has 12,863 members. However, this number is rarely updated- and it’s likely that they have written the same thing ever since the launch.

TrafficAdPays claims to offer you ‘the best lead generating service’, which more than 10,000,000 impressions having been served by them over a year ago. However- for the numbers that they state, there is a lack of professionalism and expertise in the first impressions.

What does TrafficAdPays offer?

TrafficAdPays offers 4 major types of advertisements, as are explained ahead.

  • Social Media Banner: Every Adpack that you purchase on TrafficAdPays includes Credits for Social Media Banners. You can use these credits for ads on OnlineSocialHub, which they claim is the #1 Social Media Marketing Network used by Marketers. Oh, and it is their partner- which probably explains why this is the only one they use.
  • Paid to Click or PTC Credits: Every adpack also includes credits for PTC ads. As the name suggests, payment is made for every click that you make. There is nothing new or revolutionary in that, and PTC is just PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising being referred to by a different name.
  • Business Directory Credit: This is also included in all the adpacks. Credits are given for clicks in their own business directory, which TrafficAdPays claims can be used to improve the signups, rankings etc. for a particular website.

Thus, it is obvious that there is nothing revolutionary in the products/services that TrafficAdPays, and they are nothing more than the things that have been present since long.

TrafficAdPays offers a cashback on every active adpack as well- which means that when you purchase their advertising, you will get a certain cashback bonus on it while it is active. With every adpack costing around $49.99, there is little to suggest as to how this cashback system works, how much ROI you can expect and the terms of the offer.


How does it work?

In simple words, TrafficAdPays does nothing more than offering to generate users for you in return for certain purchases. You have to buy their AdPacks that contain the credits that you need. You then put your Ads in their system, and these are shown to the 3rd party websites that have subscribed to TrafficAdPays. TrafficAdPays offers you several options to make payments, including Visa and MasterCard, Payza, Paypal, Dwolla, Stripe and Bitcoin among others.

Further, TrafficAdPays also offers the opportunity to earn as described earlier. As you buy an Adpack, you can earn 110% on that by viewing 10 websites each day. This is a part of their revenue share program. There is an earning opportunity from referrals as well. You get 9.5% commission from all your Tier 1 referrals, which are your direct referrals. Tier 2 referrals means the direct referrals of your referrals, and this is fixed at 2.0%. You are paid 2% or 9.5% of the amount of Adpack purchases that they make.

While all of this sounds simple enough, it probably is not- especially when you browse the TrafficAdPays website further.

The Reality:

First, let’s discuss the 110% ROI claim- which is one of the biggest reason for the publicity that TrafficAdPays has gained. TrafficAdPays clearly states that the earnings on their service is not guaranteed, and one should avoid from basing any income on their platform. Something that should have been there in the information section is clearly hidden in the Earning Disclaimer- each AdPack can potentially receive a return up to 110%, but this is not guaranteed.

A website that has not even been designed professionally is rather off-putting. It takes away half the trust – since any service that cannot invest to make a good website for itself is obviously not as serious about its customers either. There are numerous bugs in their working model as well. For instance, when you visit a website via an advertisement, you only have to stay at it for 5 seconds. One can easily click on an ad and do other stuff while these 5 seconds go by- or not do anything else including looking at the website. This clearly shows the type of traffic that TrafficAdPays is trying to generate.

TrafficAdPays states that they have subscriptions for many 3rd-party advertising websites to bring new visitors each day. However, there is no clarity to what these websites are, or even any hint of the same. In addition to that, there are numerous ads where the websites do not appear even post the 5-second countdown. Now it’s hard to ascertain whether anyone was charged for the same or not, but this clearly shows what you can expect while advertising with TrafficAdPays.

For anyone who is new to online advertising, TrafficAdPays is a bad place to start. Even the more experienced ones will find it hard to make use of what TrafficAdPays offers, since there is little help or detail about the various functions/packages.

User Reviews and Testimonials

With the way TrafficAdPays, they seem to be extremely unfocused at providing a great user experience. A buggy and shady website without any information as to how everything works is the worst thing that any advertising service can offer. For instance, there is a page in the member’s area that talks about Cashouts after each Tier, but there is no information about what this is and what it does.

The website of TrafficAdPays does not have any testimonials/reviews section either. Further, it lists a Gmail ID as the primary email ID that you can reach out to. A website that claims to be revolutionary could at least get an email ID with its domain! Many users have complained on 3rd party websites that there is no way to seek support or any answers from TrafficAdPays, and the lack of ‘Contact us’ on their option apart from the Gmail ID is proof of that.

If you were to actually Google TrafficAdPays reviews, you will mostly find paid reviews and those that seem to be sponsored by them. Several independent trusted sources have discredited TrafficAdPays and advised users to stay away from them.



It is hard to trust anything blindly- and you should thoroughly research before putting your money anywhere. Right from the 1st impression to the complete models, TrafficAdPays seems to be the wrong place to put your money in. You can rather go for a more effective and trusted way to get more customers for your business- and this is where Digital Altitude comes in.

Digital Altitude is not some revenge sharing service, but is the one place where an entrepreneur can learn how to grow an online business into a profitable venture. With actual experts from the industry giving you tested strategies, there is a lot to gain with a credible product like Digital Altitude. Thus, if you too are looking to grow your business and succeed, then avoiding wasting your time with services like TrafficAdPays and choosing Digital Altitude is the way to go.



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