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With the internet, it has become increasingly easy and cost effective for any business or brand to reach its target audience globally. There are numerous options- right from an advertising service to in-house teams, Freelancers and many other mediums that you can leverage to digitally market your service/product. The number of options available can often be confusing as well- for finding the one that works best for your business is nothing less than a challenge.

One such name among the thousands that has cropped up just recently is Traffic Powerline. In fact-they came around on 4th July, 2016. Traffic Powerline is one of those services that you can use to promote a website to other members of their community.

What is The Traffic Powerline?

As you log on to the Traffic Powerline website, you will be introduced to a video that plays itself, talking about all the great things that Traffic Powerline can do for you. It gives you a way to earn a lot and get significant traffic to your website- just like every other service out there. It’s rather hard to get too much information from the Traffic Powerline website- the uncluttered design, though works well, does not even have a bit of detail about the service itself.

Traffic Powerline claims to be ‘an online marketplace’ that gives you services that can cost just $4.50. While there is not a lot of information available regarding their products, Traffic Powerline functions more on an Affiliate Member basis. In fact, even those who join Traffic Powerline are known as ‘TPL Affiliated Members’.

What does Traffic Powerline offer?

As stated earlier, you can use Traffic Powerline to promote/advertise a website to other affiliated members. As per the information on their website, there are 3 types of users of the platform.

1) Customer: This is the user that buys services from their freelancer network, which can cost anywhere between $4.50 to $500. The membership for this service is free.

2) Affiliated Member/Service Provider: These are the freelancers that offer services to customers as well as affiliated members within the $4.50 to $500 range. There is a $54 fee for this.

3) Affiliate Reseller Provider: This is the member who promotes other Traffic Powerline packages but does not provide any other services.

85% of the revenue that any member earns by providing a service goes to them, while the rest (15%) goes Traffic Powerline as a commission. In addition to that, they also offer a 10% commission from all services sold through direct referrals. There are also ways to earn via the ‘Community Reward System’, which claims to help you benefit from the sales of all providers on their platform.

It is interesting to note that there are no retail products or services being sold by them. When you sign up on the Traffic Powerline platform, you are an affiliate in the basic sense. As an affiliate you can invest in their different packages, which let you advertise websites to other members on the network.

While the account structure may give you an idea that TPL is free, you will have to invest a minimum of $54 with the additional fee for earning in any of the compensation plan. Their July presentation clearly states that you have to put in $54 for getting ‘active’. This simply translates to don’t pay the $54, and don’t expect anything.


Payments and Compensations That They Offer:

There is not a lot of clarity on the compensation plan that TPL offers. However, basically, an affiliate buys their adpack and a certain fraction of it is paid with time. As mentioned earlier, a sponsor will earn on refereeing others in their scheme. You can buy their traffic packs, which start from $18, and many of those ‘promise’ 100 day ROI. In addition to that, a bonus of $6 is offered for every investment of $18 that is made, within 1 day to 24 hours.

While all this sounds great, there is a catch to this structure. 33% of the earnings that you make (‘commissions’) have to be invested into buying Traffic Packs. Thus, it is almost like keeping money inside the system- as long as you are making use or gaining something out of what TPL has, your money will be of use.

Every time you refer a person to TPL, you will be given $1.80 for their investment in the pack. There are also certain booster packs that can help you to have an ROI of $3000 each month. You can purchase up to 3 such packs, and there must be at least 2 members recruited by you. The packs and their details are as follows:

  • Booster Pack 1, $360: Minimum of 20 Traffic Packs to be purchased
  • Booster Pack 2, $720: Minimum of 40 Traffic Packs to be purchased
  • Booster Pack 3, $1440: Minimum of 80 Traffic Packs to be purchased

You must note something here. TPL refers to these as ‘investments’, and not purchases. However, considering the limits of how much you can withdraw and a certain percentage that has to used for buying packs, it really is not the most sound of investments.

The Bonuses

That is not the end of it all- TPL offers various bonuses as well. There is a Powerline Bonus that makes you capable of earning around $296.10 each day. This comes from a certain fraction of the money that TPL members invest downline. There is a leader pool bonus, which is made from 5% of the invested funds. The leader pool is divided into 4 pools, with 25%=5% for each of these. However, to be eligible for this, there are certain criteria that you have to meet:

  • Diamond: 2 affiliates to be recruited- Gives you 1 share in the 25% Leader Pool
  • Double Diamond: 4 affiliates to be recruited who have further recruited 2 each: Gives you 1 share in the 25% Leader Pool

And this goes on to Triple and Blue Diamond, wherein you need 6/12 affiliates each of whom have 2 affiliates further. Thus- it is obvious to see that the effort you are putting it will not be worth it all. At the end, you are stuck in a cycle of recruiting more members- who are further required to recruit more people and so on. In addition to that, there is a requirement of spending a certain amount as well.

Customer Support and Reviews:

A shocking aspect of TPL is that there is no customer support or any section to ask questions. At the bottom of the website, there is a small ‘Contact Us’, but that does not lead to anything. Without any information about who is running the show, the people behind it or anything else –you are left with nothing except a website that claims to help you earn thousands of dollars and get several visitors each day.

While TPL says that it is free to join them, you will not get anything without paying the $54 as discussed earlier. Further, their withdraw system is a hassle in itself. They do weekly payouts, which is a great thing- but they also claim that all payouts are processed manually due to certain ‘security reasons’. If they are as big as they say, manual payment processing will be a big hassle and rather erroneous.

How Reliable is it?

TPL claims that an affiliate on their platform can potentially earn $33,984 in just a hundred days. One of the biggest warning signs, apart from the age of the company, is that there is no information about their real owners or the people behind them. TPL and its Traffic Packs do generate some amount of traffic, but this only comes from their existing free/paid members.

In fact, unlike other advertisers, they do not even claim to have any good quality 3rd party advertisers. Without any real service or product, TPL is just trying to trick customers into thinking that there is something in store. In fact, what they are doing is taking the money from their new affiliates and paying it to the new ones. This simply makes TPL nothing better than a Ponzi Scheme.

TPL does offer a refund, though this is not as fair. All the ‘new members’ have a money back guarantee of 14-days on the initial transactions, excluding the transaction charges and cost for the commissions and product used. Since there is no clear definition of new members, we will assume that it means it is for your 1st transaction.

Traffic Powerline

Final Thoughts:

Thus, it can be clearly inferred that they are nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme- using money from the new members to pay old ones, without generating any revenue or useful traffic. If you are looking to generate more visitors for your business, then you will probably benefit much more from a product like Digital Altitude. Digital Altitude is something that can empower you to succeed and build a successful online business. With industry experts and leading entrepreneurs sharing their insights through Digital Altitude, it is what you need to make your business big!

Traffic Powerline

Traffic Powerline

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