Total Life Changes Review

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Total Life Changes was founded by Jack Fallon in the year 1999. It is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells nutritional supplements. Before 2012, it was still a company that used to be privately owned and was named “SeAcai.” The company’s nutritional supplement product range consists of various products for skin care, liquid concoctions, oils and teas. The Total Life Changes website states that the company provides these products under the banner of high natural contents to promote a healthy lifestyle. The company also aims to help people by giving them the opportunity of a profitable business. A compensation plan which is based on the binary scheme is used by the website. This program framework enables its members to earn by commissions. It was founded in Chester, Michigan and opened a new head office in Fontana, California in 2014. The multi-level marketing business is now transacting in over 140 different countries all over the globe. The company now has over 5000 employees to keep their operations and productions running.

Flagship Product

The flagship product of this natural health and nutritional wellness company is the Iaso Tea. The Iaso Tea contains 9 distinct natural plants and herbs as potent ingredients. It is made of persimmon leaves, holy thistle, marshmallow, papaya, chamomile, myrrh, malva leaves, ginger and blessed thistle. The claimed health benefits of this mix of natural ingredients include:

  • Cures and relief for indigestion and other gastro-intestinal problems

  • Helps in losing weight

  • Reduces and prevents inflammation of cells

  • Improves skin conditions and the overall health

  • Detoxifies organs, such as the liver, lungs and the gallbladder

The Packaging

The packaging of the Iaso tea has an icon stating “Certified Organic Authentic.” It is placed at the front of the pack so that it gets easy to be noticed and read. The packaging only mentions the ingredients listed. These ingredients are sourced from organic farms, according to the company’s advertisements. However, neither dietary information nor nutritional facts are included in the packaging. It is only stated that the weight loss feature of the tea is maximized with regular and constant exercise as well as a healthy diet.

Skin Care Line

The company also offers a product that is aimed to promote skin and health. Among many benefits of this skin care line are the delaying and the elimination of aging effects, removal and treatment of dark circles, and the general well-being of the skin. The company guarantees a noticeable radiance and younger look of the skin of their customers in only 30 days of continuous usage. Moreover, they sell a nutritional supplement that they claim to be complete with all the necessary ingredients necessary for living a healthy lifestyle. These products are available for purchase either individually or as packages in kits. They also issue a refund of 100% of the products you have purchased within a span of 30 days.


Total Life Changes gives out 50 percent commissions to their Independent Business Owners on each product sale. The commissions granted to their members are paid in a weekly scheme. The payment scheme uses what they call the hybrid binary compensation plan. There are other bonuses that can be received and enjoyed by the Independent Business Owners. Among these are the Monthly Lifestyle Bonuses, Fast Start Bonuses and Downline Commissions. These bonuses can range from 10 to 35 percent. However, these bonuses can only be granted if the Individual Business Owner is eligible under certain criteria and requirements. There is also a $20,000 binary limit for bonuses and earnings. Although there are those who claim they have tried this, it is difficult to move and produce the necessary products and recruitment in order for you to gain a commission of $20,000. There are some additional bonuses and incentives that the company offers to their members. These are Check Match Bonuses, Car Bonuses and other financial incentives. These are also subject to conditions and eligibility for the members.

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Lifestyle Bonus Assistance

A $1,500 Lifestyle Bonus is awarded to New Distributors in case their businesses and organizations grow. New Distributors also receive a personal website which they can use to promote and grow their businesses. The Lifestyle bonus assistance is only rewarded when a Distributor gets the National Marketing Director rank. There are also other requirements to become eligible for this rank. In fact, this rank is difficult to achieve. Those Independent Business Owners who can recruit 3 people during their first month in the company will receive a $60 commission. However, this commission will be paid to you in the form of a discount on your next autoship purchases, which is a requirement for you to be eligible for commissions. You need to enroll for a regular autoship purchase so that you can receive commissions through all the available methods. You are not required to recruit a minimum number of people into the business so that you can receive commissions, but majority of the commissions will come from actual recruiting rather than product purchases.

Monthly Autoship Requirement

All Independent Business Owners are required to enroll and maintain a monthly autoship subscription so that they can receive their commissions. The minimum autoship purchase amount is $40 and this must be maintained in a monthly basis, unless your commissions for the succeeding month are forfeited. The company claims that there is no membership fee for joining, but you must buy a minimum amount of $40 of products every month for you to earn commissions. However, the opportunities available are not clearly defined and explained when you decide to join. Even the products are not clearly explained and listed. The ingredients used for the manufacturing of different products are also not listed and defined. All they say is that the products are made with natural and organic ingredients. It will help in justifying the requirement of the monthly auto ship enrolment if the company explains the products in detail.

Iaso Tea’s Expensiveness

Consumers rarely can afford the high price of Iaso Tea. This product is certainly expensive for most common folks who would want to gain the claimed benefits of the product. The tea has a $40 price tag which excludes the $5 shipping and handling fees. The package is good for a single person’s consumption for 30 days. There are so many things that can be bought with this amount of money which serves as a letdown for most prospective buyers, even for those who are in need of the product.

Corporate Expense Account

The company gives corporate expense accounts as well as car bonuses to their members. The Independent Business Owners would have to meet certain criteria and requirements in order for them to become eligible for receiving such incentives. The Corporate Expense Account enables the members to receive up to $1,000. The members can spend this amount in any way they desire. However, it is not stated clearly how to achieve this account. The $1,500 Car Bonus can also be spent in any way. But the details are not stated clearly in the website. The website only mentions these bonuses and does not explain them in any understandable way.

Recommended Alternative

Because of the disappointment of joining a multi-level marketing company which is basically the same as the others, I searched for a better alternative. I wanted a company that would guide me through the basics of this business and will gently but firmly show me the ropes. Digital Altitude is a company you can trust. The money I invested in this company was well spent because of the value-added services I received along with the guidance of my dedicated coaches who were patient during the early stages of my membership. The products and services are also carefully thought-out and explained to you even before you become a member. With Digital Altitude, you can say that you and your future are in safe and capable guiding hands.

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Total Life Changes is a marketing company which utilizes the need of people for nutritional supplements that promote and prolong life. Along with the proposition of making money, the whole opportunity seems very viable. However, the need to maintain an autoship order of $40 certainly poses an issue. This is especially true because the products are not clearly defined and explained both in the website and in the packaging of the products. Although there is no recruitment and sponsoring requirement to receive commissions, majority of the actual income stream is generated in these methods. You can receive larger commissions from recruitment than selling products. The company also offers little to no help in orienting and explaining the opportunity to the prospective members and also to the new members. The members are left on their own after the enrolment to the company. Without proper guidance and orientation, most members quit because they have difficulty in getting back their investment. The company also provides little description and explanation regarding the products they offer. They focus solely on the recruitment side of the business rather than on promoting their actual products. Even their flagship product costs more than its competitors in the market, making it harder to earn even for product sellers.

total life changes atlanta

Total Life Changes Review

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