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Thinking of earning money online?

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of curiosity around earning online. The result is that now there are numerous options that you can use to make significant money online. However, there have been many services that have cashed on the opportunity to do nothing more than dupe its users. With so many options, people are looking for a genuine and effective way to make money online- and this is where the TEC Mastermind comes in.

TEC Mastermind is not some ad-clicking or affiliate platform that gives you money based on clicks or something like that. It is a more sophisticated product that, as per the beta test results, can help you make a lot of money. Let’s go ahead and see what Tec Mastermind is, and if it really is the product that you have been waiting for.

Before we go ahead

Before we move on, it is important to remember a few things. Tec Mastermind is not some sort of ‘easy money making scheme’. If you think that you will be earning thousands of dollars in just an hour, then this is not the place for you. Further, Tec Mastermind is not some sort of MLM or Multi Level Marketing Scheme.

What makes Tec Mastermind look like a trustable platform is that they clearly state these things. As you sign up, or watch the intro videos, you will be told that it will take efforts and action to make it all work for you. They will be straightforward right from the beginning, which is something that anyone looking to work online wants.

History of Tec Mastermind and 4 Percent Group

Tec Mastermind is the brainchild of Vick Strizheus, who is an entrepreneur, speaker and the founder of numerous ventures, with Global Success Cub and High Traffic Academy being the most prominent of them. He is popularly called as ‘The King of Online Traffic’, owing to his specialty of generating large amount of traffic online. 

The 4 Percent Group is also a venture of Vick Strizheus, which is a ‘money generation system’. It helps users create marketing campaigns that they can use to earn a significant amount of money. Looking at the history of Vick Strizheus and his past ventures, it is easy to deduce that he does know a lot about making huge sums of money online. What sets him apart from the usual crowd is that you will be able to learn a lot from him without paying anything else. There are so many valuable coaching and products by him for free that  you can literally change your life with it.

First impressions

As you log on to the Four Percent Website, you will see a short video that tells you everything to know about Tec Mastermind. You will learn quite a lot from this vide- including what Tec Mastermind is, what they are offering, how have other people liked it during the beta testing stage and what you can gain with this. What makes Tec Mastermind and the 4 Percent Group work for people is the fact that there are multiple streams of revenue- you are not bound to a single stream, which gives you all the more confidence that you will get profit from this.

Subscriptions and Price

In the pre-launch period, Tec Mastermind was available for just $49. This means that it will take you just 2 sales to get back the money that you have made- that is how easy it is. That is just the beginning however. Depending on your promotion strategies, you may need help of other tools such as auto-responder and funnel software to go ahead. If you are serious about your business, then these will be essential.

There will be additional costs related to the advertising- but only if you chose paid advertising. Anything above the $49 fee is your own choice, and you can pay only for the things you need. There are no hidden features or extras required. In fact, you can sign up and explore the dashboard and various features of Tec Mastermind without paying anything.

The User Interface

If you are new to the world of online marketing and sales, then this may be a bit overwhelming for you. However, Tec Mastermind has taken care of that with its user-friendly interface. Further, even with the free account, you get access to the complete interface so that you can browse around to get a feel of the tool. The TecAdemics dashboard has several free trainings that you can utilize in order to learn more about how it all works.

What adds to the value of the product is that you can actually see what the founder, Vick, is doing to drive more traffic in what is popularly known as ‘Operation 100k’. The community on Tec Mastermind is wonderful, and you can even be a part of their Facebook group to talk to other users, get your queries answered and even help others as you learn more.

As a user signs up, he gets free access to a 30 minutes coaching session, and many advanced users are even giving one-on-one sessions. The support community on any product or platform has never been stronger. With a dedicated team of professionals behind it and an equally supportive user group, people from any skill level or expertise can join Tec Mastermind and make the most of it.

How does it all work?

As Tec Mastermind drives high quality traffic towards its platform, you will be paid for the sales that you generate. You do not have to be an expert at anything to get started with the Tec Mastermind platform. You get a 50% recurring commission, which helps you to earn back the subscription cost in the same day.

The hardest part of any sales network is developing the funnel. Vick personally develops a Done-for-you-Funnel, which means that the tricky aspect of it is taken care of. Apart from exploring and learning, you will have access to many other items- including webinars and trainings for all types of users. These will help you to be more efficient and earn more as you spend time on the Tec Mastermind Platform.

However- as we mentioned earlier, Tec Mastermind is not some magical platform. There are many great features about it, including the readymade funnel, multiple streams of income and a tested system with a great support community. This does not mean that you will not have any work to do. The Tec Mastermind community has been very clear on the fact that while there system does work, a user will have to put in significant hard work to derive value from it.

User reviews and testimonials

As you visit the 4 Percent Group or Tec Mastermind website for the 1st time, you will see a very detailed intro video. There are numerous testimonials by the genuine beta testers of Tec Mastermind, who have proved that the system is indeed capable of generating a lot of income provided the requisite amount of work is put in. Many users have praised the fact that it is very affordable to begin with.

The advice, tips and tricks that help users to get on the right path in earning online is amongst the highlights of all the reviews. There are many people who were new to the world of online and digital marketing, but have been able to successfully learn & implement Tec Mastermind as a powerful income stream. Once setup, it can be used to earn even when you are not working, at a holiday or in your office.



Numerous people not only spend a lot of time, but also a lot of money in trying find some work online. You will never come across an easy way to make money online. Tec Mastermind is not some service that you can use to make a few dollars. As has been proven by many customers, Tec Mastermind is the thing that you need to transform your life and make as much as you want to. When you put in the requisite effort in Tec Mastermind, you are sure to make a lot of money.

The fact that an experienced marketer and entrepreneur like Vic is behind the product gives it a lot of credibility. But what actually sets this apart from the other ways is that every person has a personalized funnel designed from him/her. Not only does this make the task easy, but with all that Vic has to teach, it is even more effective. Further, to help people be sure of where there money is going, they can even ask for a refund any time.

Thus, we can conclude by saying that Tec Mastermind is a product that works- and is one of the most trustable of products out there. Backed by one of the most experienced and knowledgeable people on the platform, you have a lot to gain with Tec Mastermind- and nothing to lose. In just a few hours, you will be able to feel the difference that it can make. 


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