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Cassidey Lyon’s Stroke Of Genius Book Review – Does Stroke Of Genius eBook really work or Scam? Read my honest Stroke Of Genius Review before you buy it.

Product Name: Stroke Of Genius

Author Name: Cassidey Lyon

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Stroke of Genius is the ultimate hand job handbook. It is an e-book in the Pdf format written by Cassidy Lyon. It teaches women how to give the best hand job to their partners making them feel intense pleasure, and strengthening their partner’s love and romantic lives even without requiring the women to take off their clothes.

Who is ‘Stroke of Genius’ For?

The e-book is for women who want to improve their romantic lives with their partners, women whose love life is being jeopardized due to not knowing how to give good hand jobs, and women whose partners complain about how much bad and unsatisfying their hand jobs are. Even those women who think they know it all when it comes to handjobs will still learn a great deal from the book. You’ll be amazed after knowing a lot of things upon reading this e-book.

Though Stroke of Genius is mainly for women, it is also for men whose girlfriends or wives don’t give good hand jobs and want to help them improve their skills. Also, those who find it difficult to tell their girlfriends or wives about the sorry state of their hand jobs can get Stroke of Genius for their partners.

How Does ‘Stroke of Genius’ Work?

In the book, Cassidy Lyon teaches women different methods to make their partners believe in their ability to give good hand jobs. It also teaches what to do to make their partners stop pretending that they are having a good time while receiving hand jobs when actually they are not making it a much pleasurable experience for their partners.From Tantra to erotic films and old methods used by Egyptians and Greeks, women will learn exciting ways to improve their hand job skills upon getting full details and illustrations on how to do it.

Why Should You Use ‘Stroke of Genius’?

Ever wondered why your partner still is an addict to masturbation when you are there to fulfill whatever wishes and fantasies he has? Maybe the problem is in your handjob skill. Perhaps all you need is the Stroke of Genius to help you improve.

A recent research has found that close to 90% of men would rather masturbate themselves than getting hand jobs from their wives or girlfriends, though they may want to please the women by pretending to enjoy their hand jobs. This is another reason why women should get Stroke of Genius

Another reason why you should use the Stroke of Genius is the price of the e-book. Stroke of Genius is so affordable it’ll blow your mind. So, there is absolutely no reason why a woman who always wants to improve this skill shouldn’t get Stroke of Genius.

What Does ‘Stroke of Genius’ Entail?

Stroke of Genius contains different exciting methods of giving hand jobs to attain maximum satisfaction of both the woman and her partner. Here are some things that the e-book comprises of:

  • How to make a man addicted to using nothing but your hands.
  • If your man is a porn and masturbation addict, ‘The masturbation escape plan method’ will help him give up on masturbating and get the greatest pleasure from you which he cannot drive by himself.
  • ‘The hands off handjob agreement method’ will compel your man to give you control over the whole experience instead of just pawing at your clothes as soon as you two are ready and alone.
  • ‘The kiss of the fingernails method’ will allow your man to have an erection with little touches from you and make him imagine what you will be able to do to him with your full physical contact.
  • ‘The tip swirl method’ will teach you how accurately to touch his glands for building up a powerful and toe-curling orgasm which will be felt throughout his whole body in the process.
  • ‘The rub-a-tug method’ will teach you why your partner’s testicles are as important as his penis and how to touch your man’s testicles to make him scream out loud in pleasure.
  • ‘The full body hand job’ is the method you’ll use when your man wants you to touch more than just his penis. You will also learn how to convince him that his whole body is an extension of his penis and which other parts of your man’s body you should touch to make him satisfied and love you even the more.
  • Stroke of Genius makes you know that it is not only women who can have multiple orgasms, but a man can also have multiple orgasms if you know how to do it. Using ‘the accordion technique,’ you’ll see that fascinating and rare multiple non-ejaculatory mini orgasms from your partner.
  • ‘The scaling the mountain’ method will teach you how to delay your partner’s orgasm, how to make him stay hard for a long time and how you can have a fun-filled and fulfilled time with him.

Why Should You Trust Stroke of Genius?

Cassidy Lyon herself has tested all the tips and methods given in the Stroke of Genius on her partner to ensure their effectiveness. Stroke of Genius is also the result of recruiting friends and women aged from eighteen to eighty for trying out the well-studied methods with their partners and give their reviews. Cassidy even interviewed some men to know more about their views about the fact.

With all these experiments, she finally came up with the ultimate hand jobs handbook, Stroke of Genius. So why should you not trust the e-book? If you still don’t trust the book with all said, what about the tons of users who believe the e-book and have given good reviews so far? You can trust them, can’t you?


  • No negative effect: There will be no adverse effect on the woman using the e-book and her partner. Both will experience improvements in their love and sex lives.
  • Affordable price range: Despite the loads of benefits that Stroke of Genius offers, it comes at a reasonable price.
  • Money back guarantee: Cassidy Lyon provides the 60-day money back guarantee on this e-book and you don’t even have to explain why you have not liked the book to get a refund. If you go through the content and make use of the techniques but you still feel not satisfied with it, you simply have to contact Cassidy’s customer service for a refund, and you will be promptly refunded.
  • Choice of words
    Cassidy Lyon wrote the e-book in an easy-to-understand way. No complicated or sophisticated words or grammars are there. Thus, you will be able to read from the beginning to the end without getting bored.
  • Free $290 worth of bonuses
    Upon purchasing Stroke of Genius, you will get three other books from the same author worth over $290. Isn’t that just amazing? The books are:

50 Intimacy Ideas: This will teach you 50 tested methods to make your partner open up to you like never before. Your man will be able to connect with you emotionally and share all his secrets with you.

Naughty Girl’s Toy Chest: This will introduce a new world of pleasure to women using different varieties of sex toys which may look frightening to try out without this book.

The Handjob Interviews: For preparing this raw and unedited book, Cassidy gathered six men in a room and convinced them to tell the whole truth about their likes and dislikes, including sexual techniques that they will always want to try repeatedly.

  • Reviews
    There are lots of users who have testified how Stroke of Genius works after using the techniques correctly. They have helped themselves in their lives, starting from their love lives to their romance lives and finally to their sex lives.


  • Result: Since all humans are not the same, different results are obtained by the users of Stroke of Genius; but most are positive.
  • Requires some time to learn: For you to enjoy the book and use it to your partner’s maximum satisfaction, you have to go through the whole book which may require some time.
  • Adherence: You need to adhere to the techniques and steps properly in order to get the results you are expecting from your partner. This may seem difficult to some women.
  • One-sided: The book is focused mainly on women. I bet a little bit of tips for men could make the book much better than other books of the same type.
  • Online: Stroke of Genius is strictly an online resource. I believe that if the book was produced in hard copies, it could attract loads of buyers both online and offline.

Without being biased, we will see that the pros of Stroke of Genius visibly outweigh the cons.


A recently conducted survey has shown that men who are satisfied with their partners are faithful to them. Cassidy Lyon has taken her time to help millions of women throughout the world. It is now up to you to either take her help or not. If you buy and use the methods of Stroke of Genius, I guarantee your sex life will never be the same again.

Stroke Of Genius

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