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Do you know anything about commercify? Have you been struggling for years to make a few dollars online? If you try to launch your store, T-shirts or physical products, some FB ads, but you do not get the sales or results you see around you. So stay connected with this review here. It will show you everything you need to know to finally have the success and freedom you have been working so hard for! Slingly is the latest e-commerce solution you’ll need. This platform will disappear all your frustration to cut the slow drip and finally can break with e-commerce automation. In just a few clicks, you can make a massive income online. With a very simple marketing system and the most solid advertising platform, you can see every day with 6 and seven digit success stories.

What is the Slingly?

Slingly is an automated every tedious aspect of e-commerce business system. It comes with a complete product line where you can sell both of both physical and POD. You can start selling in a few clicks with the thousands of designs it offers. It includes shirts, hoodies, tote bags leggings, tank tops and much more. Slingly add sparkle to the e-commerce competition where you will not only be able to set up and sell and create high quality super fast product lines in as many shops you like! This system is a full-time team of developers and designers. This platform has been in development for more than two years, with 150K already spent on its growth. This system adds more designs, more products, more platform integrations and more time-saving features. Slingly is the super-automation system created to break the challenge of winning 15k in 11 days with a new store and a new ad account simply by clicking on some buttons.

Slingly Features:

  • Slingly is the best platform to sell your products in Shopify.
  • Trex WP for excellent customization opportunities.
  • ClickFunnels with automatic compliance.
  • WooCommerce another incredible vendors platform for WP.
  • GearBubble integration to sell our made for your designs.
  • You click on one button and have your product ready to sell in a matter of seconds.
  • You can manage multiple stores and products linked to them.


How Does Slingly Works?

  • Done For You Print On Demand- With the click of a few buttons, you can create your complete POD product lines, or you can use the thousands of designs we provide you already.
  • Automated Physical Catalog- This is the truly automatic physical production that never has to touch a single product just start selling! It had settled the deal with a company that would not only provide you large hot physical items to sell with just one click.
  • Run an Ecommerce Agency- It gives you access to the same administrators our team uses to manage print-on-demand inventories and physical products, along with the ability to create product lines for your store. With the features of the agency, you can now do this for customers who open up massive revenue opportunities.
  • Product Sourcing and Arbitrage Module – Provides sales metrics, vendor ratings, and more. This will put you light years ahead of the competition that is stocked manually.
  • Auto Generated Store & Facebook Ads – Creates all models and stores images for you, giving you the same power of deployment that saves us countless hours of implementation. With Facebook Approved and High Convert Facebook Ads pictures, you can use in your campaigns that we have tested and tweaked over thousands of dollars spent!
  • Multistore Manager- With Slingly you can connect as many stores as you want to manage. Generate product lists and CSV data so you can always be in the know and provide this to customers or your compliance team if you wish.
  • Full Targeting Library – It had spent more than $ 200K on test audiences and demographics in many HOT niches. You will deliver this to copy n paste in your campaigns.

What Makes Slingly is the Last Ecommerce Solution?

Slingly combines with a full team of developers and designers full time. This platform has been in development for more than two years, with 150K already spent on its growth. It gives you a permanent advantage where you show the ins and out of 6 and 7 figure Shopify business. In a few days, you will receive a personal invitation and a short window opportunity for you to join in this community and use the platform that had spent over 150K on development. This system will give you the best time management of e-commerce, store configuration and automatic compliance tool with the multi-platform integration that exists in the market. It is an automated hands-free physical fulfillment where you can even use Slingly as a business model of the agency and manage the customers’ hands-free shops while you do the work and get paid.


  • Slingly is the amazing software with the deepest feature and generous platform.
  • With this system, anyone can make a massive amount of profit.
  • Give secret Shopify topic conversions that cost more than 8K in development.
  • You can make more than 1 million in less than one year.
  • It is multiple options of platform sale.
  • This platform has an automatic compliance tool with the integration of multiple platforms.
  • This system includes thousands of designs done professionally.


  • All you need is a stable Internet connection to use this system. You do not need a huge budget to get started, but you need something.
  • It’s incredibly easy to create sites that are customized for conversions. All you need is a little patience to get started with this program.


In conclusion, Slingly is highly recommended! This software will provide incredible support, and the equipment has been dedicated and is using this platform for more than two years. This system is happy to assist you in any aspect, from the configuration of the store to the software settings, how to make and design requests and much more! This is the best time to be online, and with social networks becoming more and more viscous, you need a competitive advantage, something that has gone through the trenches and will provide results as long as your willingness to work the system. I am so sure that you will enjoy the ease and use of Slingly and the quality of our training is barred none of the best that exist online. It comes with a 32-day money back guarantee where you have absolutely nothing to risk here. Start with this platform and see the direct result of years of hard work and over 150K put on Slingly!

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