ROK7 VR Review

ROK7 VR Review

Product Name: ROK7 VR

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Everybody wants to escape into our tiny world with the virtual reality glasses. Are you ever dreamed of what it could be like to visit any valuable place from the comfort of your home? Do you want to experience the VR with your phone? If you are want to see the world in the entirely new way, Here is the virtual reality glasses are made to transport you to the places that you have not even imagined ever.

ROK7 VR is the best virtual reality glasses that step forward in the VR technology with the Bluetooth remote and simpler loading. It is created without any limits and used to improve movie and gaming experiences. This product can transform the future of business and medicine because these are the place in which has no entertainment. This product is the marvelous new VR technology and also mind bending. You will actually forget that you are watching a video. By using this product, you will be open doors and enter into another new world.

What is the ROK7 VR?

ROK7 VR is the 3D virtual reality glasses that fools your senses and make you experience the visual surround like IMAX effect. When you can quickly immerse yourself in the 3D world, it will look something like actual life on the steroids. Right now you can safely go hang-gliding or directly play 3-D games as for whether this program had absorbed you. With this product, you can stroll the city streets of the Barcelona from the comfort of your home and also become a character in the animated film. This product is the one-size-fits-every headband adjusts to fit any size head safely and comfortably. It is more comfortable with the phone holder features an access panel and also the open space for your smartphone’s camera. You can see the real world without having to spoil the immersion experience. So that you can explore the incredible world of the virtual reality for a long time as you want.

How to Use This ROK7 VR?

ROK7 VR is the innovative breakthrough technology that provides you an experience like to way more expensive glasses. It will work by just implementing dual-optics as well as side-by-side imaging option, combining them together to produce the 3D video or any image. This product is specially developed resin lens to make sure you never have to feel dizzy or sick, even whether you wear the headset for the extended period. This product will be easily placed in any of your smartphones into the VR BOX. Then, you can immediately enter into the virtual world and enjoy. Here you will be provided with three steps to use this virtual reality box.

  • Step 1: The first thing is that you have to insert your smartphone into the phone holder.
  • Step 2: And then, you need to adjust the head strap to fit your head conveniently.
  • Step 3: Here you should adjust the focus distance which you want for your eyesight.
  • Step 4: Finally, you can operate the unit via the Bluetooth remote controller.

What Are The Features Of ROK7 VR?

  • ROK7 VR contains the phone slot that can be easily adjusted for any Android or iOS smartphone.
  • This product will fit the phone sizes ranges from 3.5 inches to 6 inches.
  • This product is versatile for game and movie lovers.
  • It has the top quality screen to ensure whatever you are viewing is life like so amazing.
  • This VR Box is compatible with the dozens of apps including movie viewing, action games, and also Google Cardboard apps.
  • It will bring the world of the virtual reality with you whenever you wish to go. So that you can comfortably relax in the another world wherever you want.


  • ROK7 VR is highly compactable and lightweight. So that anyone can easily wear it.
  • This is easy to use VR glasses and turn the way you relax after the long day.
  • This VR Glasses will allow you go into the world or any game your smartphone.
  • You will never have to spend excess money useless products for your phone.
  • This VR Glasses is also used in the surgical education for in-depth knowledge.
  • This product comes with the remote control and comfortable padding.
  • You can also use this product in School and workplaces.
  • This product is available at affordable price.


  • ROK7 VR is available for Online Sales only. You may not able to purchase this kind of high-quality VR Glasses at any store.
  • This VR Glasses is for the people who wish to see everything new. It is Not for people who may think boredem.


I recommend this ROK7 VR, this VR Glasses will help you to experience virtual reality and also join the new way to watch the movies, play games, and YouTube. This product comes with Virtual Reality Glasses, Bluetooth Remote Control, and User Manual to make. So don’t waste your money on a worthless product. Grab this opportunity to experience great emerging technology for your and your family members. It has the high demand fueled by enhancing media coverage. So you have to act fast to save your 80% Off today itself. It is available for the limited period with free shipping within 15 minutes.

ROK7 VR Review

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