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Have you heard about the firm Richmond Berks? If yes, then we guess you must have heard different things about it from various people. There is a lot of hype being generated about Richmond Berks. A huge number of people are pitching about the opportunities of Richmond Berks, especially on social media. And in this article today, we are going to offer you the complete details about Richmond Berks and why you should be investing with them. In case you have any queries about how it works and how will you be benefitted from Richmond Berks, check out this in-depth review!

What is Richmond Berks exactly?

Those who know about Richmond Berks may already have invested in their program; but for those who have not heard about Richmond Berks, this is a company that thrives on Auction of Real Estate business. The company was established in the year 2008 by John Richmond and Klint Berks, which means they do have a history of being in the market and makes it legit. The advanced technology of working with the investments will help you to make money on the real estate auctions with further profit making. The clients will be able to earn money depending on the investments they make. The company will get a certain percentage of it, and it depends on the estate transaction costs.

How does Richmond Berks work?

Richmond Berks positions itself as a company that attracts investments in the real estate auction markets. The company has a major presence in the US as well as many other world markets. You just can’t deny that in the real estate market, auctions are probably the best tools to bring in even more profits. The brokers of the company purchase such real estate properties deemed profitable and then re-sell them on the secondary real estate market. This is what generates a pure profit of about 70%!! Well, the company feels proud of its achievements. It makes use of Blockchain technologies, RichShare and AI. You can complete the money transfers through different payment methods including Bitcoin.

What is RichShare?

RichShare is a successful program through which anyone can be a shareholder in the auctions concerning real estate, with just a minimum entry fee. The Blockchain technologies make the transactions secured. The company believes that the best way in which you can stay ahead of the competitors is if you just stop trying too hard to be ahead. Owing to its methodologies and functioning, Richmond Berks has managed to conjure up a “Blue Ocean” within the conservative real estate auctions market that allows it to get ahead of other competitors.

Stages of Development of Richmond Berks

Now, we have included this in our review of Richmond Berks because the stages of a company’s development show how honestly a company wants to progress in future and how precise the services and responses are for its clients. The development stages include –

  • Designing of AI
  • Creating the website
  • Testing the website, RichShare, and AI
  • Website Audit
  • Closed Beta testing
  • Starting work in online environment
  • Bonus program for active users
  • Modification of mobile app
  • Localization
  • Launching the customer loyalty program and trading platform
  • Designing the client Windows for Mac and Windows
  • Entering the IPO

So these are the factors that the company is looking to incorporate in the coming times. So it can be said that Richmond Berks is focused on its customers and have a proper plan to take the company forward for a long period of time.

Alternative Currency of Richmond Berks

The primary currency of this company is Richmond Berks Dollar (RBD), but you will also get the Richmond Berks Bonus. This will bring you bonus into your account just like the main currency. You can earn the currency in several ways. While some are offered by the company itself and easy to attain, few others will need a bit of effort. For instance, you receive 10 RBD when the person you refer makes any investment. Since the major reward for your referral’s investment is the real RBD, the growing rate is 1% per day. The deposit rate is fixed, and the conditions are:

Floating interest rate starts from 1% per day and goes higher (presently it is 1.4%). The rate of interest will solely depend on the company’s capitalization level. There is no expiration date, and this assures that your income is guaranteed for life –one of the best aspects of Richmond Berks. Not a lot of companies can offer such beneficial facilities.

Advantages of Richmond Berks

There are a lot of advantages that you can have by investing with Richmond Berks some of which are:

  • You will get the option of termless investments
  • They accept crypto currency
  • Your transactions are completely secured
  • The partner program is fully reliable and profitable

The Mobile App of Richmond Berks

This is yet another advantageous feature of Richmond Berks. With the mobile app of Richmond Berks available in Android, you can perform all the activities. You can buy 100 RBD with the app, make a payment and get 1.4% daily profit. You can also withdraw your money at any time. However you can withdraw only the free RBD from Richmond Berks, and in case you withdraw active RBD, Richmond Berks keeps 50% of the money because you are withdrawing the funds directly from the working capital of the company. This is the only backdrop of Richmond Berks.

The daily active bonus is made into your free RBD account. You can use any payment method to withdraw the free RBD. The funds get transferred directly into your account within 24 hours. There is a secure SSL connection that is encrypted and authenticated with a strong protocol, a strong key exchange, and a strong cipher. All the resources are served securely.

Richmond Berks – Conclusion

Considering the overall functionality, the program’s structure and features of Richmond Berks, it can be said that the organization is definitely a trustworthy one. Your investments are secured, and profits are ensured. The only backdrop is if you withdraw from active RBD. But apart from that, Richmond Berks works just perfectly. So in case you are looking to make some investments to earn a profit and also be an affiliate for them, Richmond Berks is the one for you.

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