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If you keep a tab on internet marketing opportunities, it is likely that you have heard of the scheme offered by Power Lead System. Also known by its acronym PLS, this is one of the many multi-level marketing opportunities that are being promoted vociferously. So if you are curious about what the Power Lead System offers to its affiliates, let us take a look, and see whether it is worth investing in this scheme. Moreover, many such schemes turn out to be a big sham in the end, so it is always critical to gather all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Power Lead System sells itself as a “business in a box,” but it is essentially an online lead generating platform. It is said that Rob Fore, one of the big names in internet marketing is at the helm of this company. However, he is only a promoter of Power Lead System. The actual names behind this program are Michael Price and Neil Guess. Talking about Michael Price, he earlier worked as a trainer at Tony Robbins’ company, the post which he founded PricelessPossibilities.com. Meanwhile, Neil Guess is an internet marketer, who is based out of Tacoma in Washington. Power Lead System was launched in 2013 and is an MLM scheme wherein affiliates get access to some key marketing tools, as well as the right to resell these tools to others for a fee of course. Also, it has some membership plans to choose from, besides a 7-day trial pack for those who would like to try it out before investing.

What to expect from the Power Lead System?

Once you become a member of the Power Lead System program, you have access to a suite of marketing tools. However, these tools haven’t been created by the company. Instead, they packaged it in such a manner that these can easily be accessed at one place, rather than visiting different sources. The monthly membership fee for this program is $30, which would only give you access to the training tools. However, if you would want to promote Power Lead System’s products as an affiliate and earn commissions, you would need to shell out $24 for that right.

It is an MLM scheme:

Though Power Lead System would like us to believe otherwise, it is, in reality, a multilevel marketing program. A lot of emphases is laid on the recruitment side of things. In fact, a majority of the earnings made by affiliates comes from recruitment itself. So the main objective of all affiliates is to get as many people they can to join this program and make sure that these referrals keep recruiting additional people. The reason behind this is that you get a 100% commission for every second referral, while your sponsor pockets the commission for those in between. Sounds great right? However, the issue is that not many would hang around that long to ensure that you keep earning from those referrals. At the same time, you would still need to keep paying the monthly membership and affiliate fee.

The Training Material Fails to Impress:

The training materials have been packaged smartly so that the members can access all of these at one place. However, you wouldn’t find anything ground breaking. You can even access this information on other websites for a lower cost or even for free. So if you were just planning to be a member and enhance your knowledge with the tools provided, you might not be too impressed with the content. Also, the quality and nature of the training materials will differ based on the membership plan you have opted for. By the way, you will also come across some upsells, which most of us are not looking for.


Earning Commissions Isn’t That Easy:

The Power Lead System program offers a 100% commission for every second sale as noted earlier. However, the catch is that it is always difficult to convince people to part with their hard earned money when it comes to such schemes. So if the product you are trying to sell is not that great, it would add more to the burden. This is what most of the Power Lead System affiliates would face while trying to sell its products. You should also not forget that you are paying a $24 fee every month for the right to promote Power Lead System and its products. This means you would need to make at least a couple of sales every month to make a profit.

No Refunds:

Power Lead System does give you a 7-day trial pack for free, but it doesn’t offer any refunds after that. This is odd because other such programs do offer refunds, in case you would like to cancel your membership. So do keep this fact in mind in case you are planning to join the program.

Power Lead System Support:

Power Lead System does have a support system, but you would need to wait for at least 24 hours to get a response. The way things work is that you will have to submit a ticket first before your grievance is addressed. So if you were looking for real time support, you wouldn’t get that, though they do respond to queries.

Unrealistic Claims:

Who wouldn’t want to earn those huge sums of money as claimed by the Power Lead System program? However, these claims are too far-fetched and are mainly used for luring people to sign up for the program. There is no guarantee that you will earn that outrageous amount of money, though we aren’t saying that it is impossible. However, you do need to remember that like all such schemes, only a few end up getting rich, while the rest earn very little or even lose money.

Not For Newbies:

If you are just getting started with online marketing, Power Lead System would not be the perfect answer for you. You might be expecting to learn a lot of things related to online marketing, which can help you come up to speed on many counts. Unfortunately, the training material isn’t equipped to help beginners. The information you can glean from the training suite offered by Power Lead System is quite commonplace and can be accessed elsewhere too. In other words, this product will surely help an already established online marketer in growing his or her business. But if you are thinking about leveraging these materials as you set up your shop, it wouldn’t be of much help.

Requires Credit Card Details:

One thing that is sure to put off many is that you would need to provide your credit card details to avail the 7-day free trial offer. This can be called a smart strategy because there are people who might forget to cancel the subscription before the trial period ends, so they will end up getting charged.

Final Thought:

If we are to look at this program in its totality, it has its share of pros and cons. Unfortunately, the number of flaws far outweigh the benefits. So we think that Power Lead System is not worth the investment. The very fact that it is almost entirely focused on recruitment doesn’t make it sound genuine. Additionally, the fact that you are paying the company to market their products doesn’t find favor with us, as well as the upsells that come with it. You also need to remember that half the money you make from the sales goes to your sponsor, which means you wouldn’t be left with much in case your referrals don’t work. So we feel it would be best to skip Power Lead System and look for something better.

There are many similar money making options out there, but if you ask us to recommend one program for you, try checking out Digital Altitude. The reason why we say so is that this program has been designed very well and comes with a structured set of products to choose from. Regarding background information, the brain behind Digital Altitude is Michael Force, who is a well-known internet marketing guru. The products and services sold by Digital Altitude are related to multiple domains like social media marketing, generating traffic and running online businesses among others. Affiliates who are connected to this program are expected to help the company in selling various training courses on internet marketing strategies and earn from that. There are some affiliate levels available, thus offering a variety of choice for those interested in trying out the program. Some people have benefited from the scheme offered by Digital Altitude, and it has proven to be a good business opportunity for those looking to explore new avenues to earn money. So you might also want to try out the program offered by Digital Altitude, and see some great results for yourself!

Power Lead System

Power Lead System

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