Patriot Funnel System Review

Patriot Funnel System review

The internet is full of so many marketing products nowadays to an extent that it’s difficult to actually know which one to trust. And with my experience with these so called internet marketing products, about 80 to 90% of them are simply scam or just do nothing at all as the guys behind them claim.

Now the most recent to hit the headlines is Patriot Funnel System. You are reading this review because you probably heard or came across it online and decided to first checkout some reviews about it before committing to it like you probably did with other similar products that only turned out to be scam.

Today, we look at this new program known as Patriot Funnel System that has hit the internet with lots of hype. I will review it from a personal experience perspective and you’ll finally find out for sure if it is fit and does what the team behind it claims or not. Let get started right away!

What is Patriot Funnel System?

There’s been quite a number of sites popping up lately and Patriot Funnel System isn’t quite as bad as some few we already know about. However, it is still promoting just the same thing. The main purpose behind Patriot Funnel System is promoting My Online Business Education (MOBE), which is simply nothing but a recruiting scheme with nothing to offer online entrepreneurs.

You first need to know that the program abbreviated as PFS isn’t a system by itself, it’s rather a sales page to market and sell My Top Tier Business (MTTB, another product of MOBE) in just a different package. MTTB is product with 21 steps designed to recruit or funnel innocent entrepreneurs into the MOBE.

The domain name of PFS is registered to the name of the owner of MOBE, Matt Lloyd, but apparently, the people running PFS are a couple, Jason and his wife, Erika. The highlighted story on the site is that the couple were at a time in the US military till they discovered the ‘great opportunity’ that gave them the financial freedom they always desired.

A Marketer’s Perspective

From the marketing perspective, the concept of ‘patriot’ is quite witty. It simply clears out all the level of doubt and risk in the minds of prospects since this pitch is coming from the same people that are responsible for a strong nation we have, trusted and respected by its citizens and the world all over. May be the military part is real, who knows!

PFS sells at only $49, which raises a few questions. If the couple really made all the money they claim to have made through the system and are willing to let you do the same by just giving out $49, is it possible in a real world scenario? Unfortunately, it does not happen that way in a real world, and the people joining the program don’t get a sensible profit at all.

Let me give an explanation to that…

What’s Up With The MOBE Thing?

Once you are convinced to purchase the PFS at $49, which seems like no loss to so many, you’ll then be convinced to buy MOBE’s re-seller license at $2,497. Now the thing with this MOBE license is that it will allow you to earn some commission when you manage to recruit new members into the system to just do the same thing as you.

Apart from the $2,497 MOBE package, there are several other upsells ranging into $10,000. For you to earn much higher commission they claim, you MUST buy the higher priced packages or membership positions. No, the cycle of recruiting more people into the system with nothing actually going on will continue that way. You recruit more people, who also recruit many more and the cycle goes on and on. Nothing like internet marketing training that takes place.

patriot funnel system scam

Here Are The Different Packages or Membership Positions of MOBE:

Take note of the trap!

Just the name of the PFS is attracting tons of innocent entrepreneurs into the game with their $49 plan which seems like nothing to lose on your side even if it does not work out. But once you get into their trap, the system takes you a step further into ditching $2,497 from your pocket and it continues that way.

As long as you have made the upsell purchases, you will earn commission only when they earn. And if you need to earn more, you have to purchase the higher priced tickets.

The Reality of The PFS

If you happen to visit their site and read the tons of text there, they reveal to you that it is going to be so simple to start earning lots of cash and even go ahead to give you some fake testimonials. They claim that you don’t need any type of experience and you earn as much as they promise by working for 1 hour a day.

There’s no such thing in the real entrepreneurial world and what they feed you with is very inappropriate and misleading.

As a matter of fact, about 4% of all the affiliates of MOBE earn more commission than the price of the license in average. That simply means that if it was so simple and easy as they claim, this number would so different. I’m sure you would agree with me.

What You Have to Do to Earn

Another false claim they give you is that you simply need to generate traffic to your link so as to earn money. To some extent, that may be true, but again, generating or driving traffic isn’t an easy task! There’s a lot more that goes into driving massive traffic and they are aware of that!

In Driving Traffic, There Are Simply Two Ways You Can Use & Successfully Earn Money:

1st Method – spending lots of money on driving traffic, and I mean lots of it. In that case, if you don’t know exactly what you are up to, it could result to a lot of money going down the drain. As such, you must have proper training and an effective way of driving traffic.

2nd Method – learn how you can drive lots of traffic for free to your links. This usually takes a lot of effort and hard work but in my opinion it’s an effort worth trying as long as the product you are promoting is genuine.

Is PFS Worth it?

It is possible to earn lots of money with such systems but not as suggested by PFS’s sales page. Anyone who claims that making tons of cash online is super simple and easy is NOT just straight with you. This is regardless of who tells you that. It takes a lot of effort, investment into the right channel and time. So all you got have is patience.

That being said, I can say that PFS didn’t have much hype as some of the previous landing pages of MOBE I’ve seen on the web, like the Money Academy. Money Academy actually hired paid actors who presented fake testimonials to convince people into it. If you get to analyze more products from the guy Matt Lloyd, you’ll see how much hype is directed into misleading people to promote his products.

Can’t I Give it a Try?

Making lots of money with this PFS thing is really going to take you a lot of time and massive recruiting into something that has no direction. And as time goes by, more and more people will learn about their tricks, just as you’ve already done and that means less people will be willing to be recruited into the system.

So, if you are still not convinced about the hype and trickery behind PFS and you are thinking about giving it a try, you better do it quick and fast before the recruiting starts to slow down.

How Much Can You Earn?

PFS plays its game so smartly that it won’t be easy for a newbie or someone not so keen to recognize them. For instance, they do not have so much hype as the previous products of MOBE and furthermore, they don’t have links to the income disclosure of MOBE. This is quite witty and unless you do some research about it, you probably won’t realize their scam.

Do note that only 1% of their affiliates earn more money than the cost of their first upsell. For those that have already worked with them, you’ll realize that their main focus is into recruiting alone and nothing much or less than that. If you are already into their mix and probably haven’t figured out what this system is all about, you will wait for something bigger to come but will never see it.

How Popular is MOBE?

But before going ahead with that move, it seems as if MOBE systems are not quite as popular as they once were. I’m sure this is a concern that you should have before investing your money in it. According to the recent data from Google Trends, MOBE has been experiencing downward trends in its popularity since the year 2014, and this explains these over-hyped pages popping up lately.

I would rather promote products that have a direction, really help people and can explain clearly what they are selling.

patriot funnel system scam

The Bottom Line

Patriot Funnel System isn’t something that I would recommend to anyone because they do not explain exactly what it is that they do to help an average online entrepreneur succeed. In essence, whatever the 1% are earning is coming directly what the 99% don’t earn, which has never been a good sign with any MLM company.


For some years, I have spent time listening to the online entrepreneur gurus willing to share their knowledge without any success, and I was left frustrated, broke and confused totally. There is only a single program that has helped me so far to create a stable, legit online income. Digital Altitude offers small entrepreneurs start up a lucrative online business by offering internet marketing training. They have a true bearing, you will know exactly what you are treading with from the first step of the way.

patriot funnel system reviews

Patriot Funnel System Review

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