Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box Review

Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box Review – 3 Simple Questions of Seduction

pandora's box system free review

Do you have that hot chick in the neighborhood whom you always fantasize about but don’t know how to get her since it seems like climbing the Everest? Or does it appear to you that other guys always get the chicks they want while none of them ever give you the slightest look? You are not alone as I was once in your shoes and a lot more men out there still can’t figure out how to melt the heart of the girls they dream of.

Pandora’s Box System designed by Vin Dicarlo takes you through a walk on how you can get beautiful women obsessed with you. It’s quite sad to see that some men get laid only if they pay for it. It shouldn’t happen that way since the other guys don’t use cash to get the girls they want, so shouldn’t you. You don’t need to be stinking rich, have an athlete’s body or charming looks. The system makes use of 3 simple and innocent questions that no single woman won’t be able to give it a second thought on you.

What’s Pandora’s Box System?   

Pandora’s Box System is a program designed by Vin Dicarlo to teach guys on how to employ science in bypassing the decision making process of a woman, making it easier to implant whatever you want in her subconscious.

A first, it sounds so complicated and almost difficult for the first time users. Naturally, women are driven by feelings and are experts at detecting and sharing other people’s feelings. So, the 3 questions in Dicarlo’s program gives you access to a woman’s subconscious and implant feelings that she won’t be able to get rid of and resist you.

In the logic of winning any woman, if you take the first hit, about 90% of all the time she’ll think that you are desperate and therefore reject you. On the other hand, if she takes the first hit, 90% of all the time, you’ll simply need to play cool, give her the runway to chase herself to you. The second approach seems much better and will always get you what you want, but quite difficult for some guys to achieve.

The 3 questions in the program are very innocent and reveal no ill intention at all. When used correctly in the stated order, they will extract the precise information you need from any girl so you can easily get laid. And since you will be reading her mind, you’ll always say the things that are right for her and know what not to say and turn her off.  This seems like a difficult task to achieve, but you need to worry not as the questions will do the job for you.

Once through with your questions, you sit back and wait… within no time, expect a suggestion from her to go someplace private. What follows next will be between you two!

The basis of the system

Humans are sensitive to sound frequencies between 2 and 5 kHz. It’s the sound frequency range that comes from a scream, talk, gibbering sounds, etc. Back in the days of caveman, humans used this frequency to interpret whether someone was in danger or needed assistance. But sounding or screaming like a baby can’t get you laid, but it’s very important in this system.

It’s important as it has a direct relation to SURVIVAL. So, what does survival has to do with attracting a woman? Consider this for instance, if this were the days of the caveman, what would be human’s top priority? An expert scientist would claim that it is survival and reproduction. Period.

Now, men can survive on their own but they can’t reproduce by themselves. Women on the other hand can’t survive on their own MOSTLY. But they can bear children. So, on a biological and subconscious level, a woman basically seeks the ability to survive from a man. But both men and women employ very different strategies for survival.

A woman basically values SOCIAL ASSOCIATION for her survival. And since it is hardwired in her brain, she is an expert at picking FEELINGS from other people. They are able to feel what other people feel. This fact is VERY important when it comes to creating an attraction and connecting with any woman.

More on that is available on Pandora’s Box System. Once you get hold of the theory behind women’s psychology, no man without the same knowledge can match your league. 

pandora's box program review

How does the system work?

Pandora’s Box simply works around determining the personality type of a girl. In the program, Vin Dicarlo categorizes all women into eight personality types. Just to flip through the personalities, they include

  • Cinderella (NJI)
  • Your Private Dancer (TDR)
  • The Connoisseur (NDR)
  • The Hopefully Romantic (NDI)
  • The Modern Woman (NJR)
  • The Seductress (TJR)
  • The Playette (TDI)
  • The Social Butterfly (TJI)

I’ll explain briefly about the random letters after the personality types. In order for you to categorize any girl into one of the 8 personality types, you must be able to identify her 3 personality traits. And to achieve that, you must find out these things about her, which are also referred to as her “conflicts”:

  • Time Line
  • Sex Line
  • Relationship Line

So, let’s have a glance at each of her “conflicts” briefly.

Time Line

Is she an iNvestor (N) or a Tester (T)?  Remember the random letters above? When all the 3 conflicts of a woman are combined together, the three letters are generated which will help in determining her personality. Much is explained in the program.

A Tester can date several guys at the same time, while iNvestor only dedicates her time only on a single person at a go. This is simply what her time line really is.

Sex Line

Is she a Denier (D) or a Justifier (J)? Here, you’ll find out whether she deny having sex or wants to have sex. You’ll also find out if she is free with sex but must justify her reasons. Once you are done here, off you go to the next move.

Relationship Line

Is she an Idealist (I), or a Realist (R)? This simply reflects on how she views her life with you in future. For example, she desires to be a good mother with a family of her own. Similarly, she desires pursuing the actress career. Hope you see how the “conflict” is generated. Once you are through with this, you then determine her personality.

Personality Type

When all the letters are combined into threes, 8 possible personality types are formed. Once you identify her personality, then you proceed to the next step of Pandora’s Box System; Ultimate Strategy Guide.

Here, you’ll learn how to make the first approach to the girl of your dream, what to tell her and how to make physical escalations. This is the part that I love the most as things get even more interesting!

This is simply a review of Vin Dicarlo’s Pandora’s Box System, so you are yet to experience the real stuff. The strategy guide as well as the 3 female “conflicts” have been researched on heavily. All you have to do is read through.

What’s included in the package?

When you buy Pandora’s Box System, you get access to the following:

  • 10 core strategy videos.
  • Extensive research on women’s psychology and interview from experts.
  • 11 PDFs which also include the 3 magic questions.
  • Ultimate Strategy Guide to easily attract your ideal woman.
  • Mind Reading any woman’s personality type and “Pop Quiz”
  • Access to video interviews on the 8 different types of women.

The bonuses

Additionally, you’ll get bonuses including:

  • Speed Mindreading
  • Touch Her S-Spot
  • Text Message Teleportation.
  • Facebook Famous
  • Bon Appetite
  • Movie Magic
  • F**k Buddy Formula


1) You’ll get access to tons of information and impressive research on the psychology of women.

2) Access to more interviews from both experts and women.

3) Exhaustive explanations and strategies to be used on different personality types of women.

4) Uniquely approach pick up.

5) Get laid in the shortest time possible with any beautiful woman.


1) The system may not suit the very beginners.

2) Some of the sections may sound confusing especially for the newbies.

pandora's box download


Pandora’s Box System is very interesting and fun. You will be amazed on the revelations made about how to handle any woman. It presents a completely different approach of establishing links with any woman. Moreover, the materials contained in the program are fascinating. It is almost resembling a scientific breakthrough on women can be turned on. 

The program digs deep into the psychology of women and the main differences between women and men in general.  Therefore, if you are a starter in the matters relating to female attraction, it might not be suitable for you. However, you’ll still find tons of information on women from the program which if you manage to understand will help you kick start your game on a high knot.

Simply download Pandora’s Box System and jump start your journey to getting laid with any girl. Just be careful on who you use it on!


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