OptionRobot.com Review


Name: Option Robot
Average Winning Rate: 83%
Free Demo Account: Yes
Payment Methods: VISA, Master Card, Neteller
Customer Support: Yes, through live chat, e-mail, and phone.
Acceptance: Worldwide
Official Website: Click Here

What is Option Robot?

Option Robot is a web-based binary options trading software that has the ability to do trades on its users’ behalf. It is a 100% automated trading system because of its well written and effective algorithm. The algorithm also enables the software to produce very accurate and highly reliable binary options signals. It is currently every trader’s favorite despite being launched not so long ago.

How does Option Robot work?

Option Robot system is made from intelligent algorithms that are able to analyze and identify market trends. Upon spotting a profitable trading opportunity, it sends notifications to you to decide if you should utilize the signal or not; and that’s if you have set your Robot to a manual mode. However, in case you have set your Robot to auto trade or autopilot mode, it will make the decision for you and place trades on your behalf. No matter what the option is, you still have a high chance of making profits because the software has a winning accuracy of 83% and is capable of earning you at least $1000 dollars per day.
On top of that, Option Robot provides its traders with 6 technical indicators i.e. RSI, Williams, MACD, STOCH, CCI and Trend indicator to choose from. This can be done in the settings page for the purpose of optimizing profitability. It also provides its users with 3 major money management systems i.e. Classic, Martingale and Fibonacci Systems, that they can utilize in order to optimize profitability.

How to get started with Option Robot?

Option Robot comes with a simple and easy way to start with. It provides three easy steps to join and start trading:

1) Sign Up – before doing anything, you need to visit the Option Robot’s official website and click on Open an Account. Fill in the form provided and submit your registration. The process takes less than three minutes and it is totally free. Then the recommended brokers will be provided to you. Choose wisely according to your preferences.

2) Deposit initial fund – after choosing a broker, you will have to deposit a sum of $250 to use in your trading. This money will be available to you during your whole trading period, hence you will have full control over it. Your account will then be activated for trading.

3) Start auto trading – you can now customize your setting in terms of risk levels and the amount you want to trade with.

How to withdraw money from Option Robot?

Withdrawal of any profits earned from Option Robot fully depends on the broker you have chosen. Almost all the brokers on Option Robot prefer “wire transfer” where they transfer the money you have made to your official bank account. However, some brokers use the online Neteller prepaid card to send your money directly to your Neteller Account. This is a more lucrative payment method since its instant and tax-free. You can also consult your broker on how you want your money to be wired to you.


  • Option Robot provides you with trustworthy brokers, hence reducing the chances of being scammed.
  • Most of the brokers on Option Robot are regulated, hence they work following a certain set of standards to assure maximum profits.
  • Option Robot has a winning accuracy rate of over 83%, making it the most realistic and profitable trading system in the binary options trading market.
  • From users’ testimonials, it is proved that Option Robot’s customer support system is very prompt and excellent. Hence, it ensures you with unlimited support whenever you have a burning issue or need assistance. Support is provided via email, live chat, and phone. It is also provided in multiple languages i.e. English, French, German, Arabic and much more.
  • Starting up with Option Robot is free although you are only allowed to do trade with an official Open Robot account.
  • From the customers’ feedbacks, it is proven that Option Robot is very accurate, highly profitable and provides satisfactory results.
  • Option Robot is able to help you earn at least 1000 dollars per day, making it not only a reliable but also an authentic profit generating trading system.
  • There is no need for downloading and installing the system for you to use it. The system is also compatible with the several operating systems, such as iOS, Windows Phone, Windows Desktop, Mac, and Android. Hence you can trade on the go by just adjusting your account and settings.
  • Its developers have also ensured that Option Robot is user friendly by making it easy to understand and use even by those new to binary options trading. So, you don’t have to be a binary options trading guru to use the software.


  • There is no free demo account where one is expected to do demo trading before depositing any amount in his/her account. But due to its reliability and effectiveness, the issue of the free demo is not a big one as you are assured of a winning accuracy of 83%.

Final Verdict:

Due to the fact that most of the users are providing only positive reviews, Option Robot stands out among all the binary trading systems out there to be the most reliable and trustworthy trading system. It also provides traders with over 70 tradable assets that they can choose from. The developers provide fast and reliable customer service, so you won’t be left stranded on your own. It’s also free to sign up and use. The fact that the customers and current traders of Option Robot are satisfied with the results, there is no need to be scared. Trust your gut, sign up today and start trading with this software.

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