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There has been a buzz about OnLegacy Network and hence it was decided to investigate what the buzz is all about. Have you been spammed on Facebook or did someone approach you with a business opportunity? This review highlights the details of the company, products and the compensation plan that will help you make the right move. This will help you know whether this website is actually a scam or not.

The Company

OnLegacy is run by three people as per the website. The company claims that the president is Rogelio Ortiz. The company claims that the president is a successful business person. He has over 35 years of experience in business management as per the website. Francisco Figueroa is the Master Global representative who has 15 years of experience in Real Estate Industry as per the website. Daniel Cruz is the Vice President of sales and is known for his unique talents. He is a software engineer and he possesses team development skills. This information was not furnished on the website earlier. This was disclosed recently and seems fishy. The site lacks an “About Us’’ page which further strengthens the doubts of people that this company could be a scam. Nobody trusts websites which lacks an About Us page.


The retail services offered by the company includes phone activations, phone top-ups, PINless recharge, merchant services, printing products, solar panels, national and international bill payment. A license needs to be purchased for selling tops-ups and activations in the United States. Over $1000 needs to be paid to the carriers for the purpose. OnLegacy offers an all-inclusive plan which seems hard to digest. The products have been categorized into four groups.

  • Telecommunications

  • Merchant services

  • Green Energy

  • Employer Benefits

Product Description

Telecommunication: OnLegacy has introduced a “Get Paid to Pay” program in the market which seems nothing less than a scam. Each time for a period of two months, you pay a bill; you get a gift certificate of $100 towards After two months, reward points can be received which can be redeemed over services and products. The phone bill can be subsidized with this plan.

Green Energy: The Company offers Green Energy Services with free consultation. The trained experts determine the solar program for your house. Roof and sun exposure is done by the engineering team. Custom site plan is developed by the engineers who can help in maximizing the savings. The solar installers are passionate about what they do and accomplish the installation task within a day.

Contract-Free Merchant Services

Free Retail POS System is offered for small retail businesses. This is marketed as easy and affordable by the company. Recurring and subscription billing, appointment management and scheduling, table management reservations, inventory and supply chain management, automatic generation of email marketing campaigns are offered for $50 per month for each service. Most of these services can be availed by using free services from the web. It is pointless paying for services that are already being offered for free of cost. No information pertaining to employer benefits feature has been furnished on the website.

que es legacy network

Compensation Plans

There are several companies that claim that they offer aggressive compensation plans. The company claims that the representative make money from sales of the products offered in two ways: Network marketing and through direct sales. The company offers 70% commission with residuals each month.

Direct Sales Bonus: This scheme permits the representatives to make money daily through direct sales. Selling mobile application helps the active members to retain 100% of sale. There lies the catch. The active members need to pay a membership fee of $29. It is more like you are paying money in order to make money.

Fast Start Bonus

Each time when a representative sponsors a new representative, 25% of bonus value is offered for promotion. This is again applicable to active members to pay a membership fee.

Production Team Bonus

$25 is earned by the representation for every 390 bonus value collected by a member. Residual binary can be earned from active phone lines. This is applicable on solar purchases. This is again applicable only to an active member.

Team Coded Bonus

With advancement in rank based on the bonus point earned, the representatives earn a fixed percentage of bonus value per each client acquisition and bonus enrolment. The percentage varies from 5% to 13% of the bonus value. This again is governed by the rule. Only active members get to reap benefits of this bonus. A membership of minimum $ 29 has to be paid to become an active member.

Code Matching Bonus

A percentage of coded commissions are paid to the members. The percentage is offered in terms of 10%, 5%, 3%, 2% and 1%. The term is that this bonus is offered to an active member only. A minimum amount of $29 has to be paid for becoming an active member and to avail the benefits.

How does the one make money?

As per the team, the company encourages people to sell services to the retail customers. The company encourages the creation of team of distributors. There needs to be 10 to 20 customers who should not be from the same network. People get a chance to make money by referring leads to the sales team. Your chances of earning are dependent on the sales closure and not the lead. The more a lead gets converted into sale, the more a member earns commissions.

It is not easy for anybody to generate a lead these days considering the stiff competition that persists in the market. People with sales background find it tough to cope up with the competition. Without proper training it is not possible for any member to make enough money with this platform. The company claims that it manages 1,000 leads per day.

Dissatisfied Customers

When the business reviews are looked into, the customers have complained a lot about the quality of products. It is pointless offering products to consumers who do not know how to make efficient use of them. Although, the company is offering products, it is not striving enough to educate the masses on how to use the tools being offered. Half- knowledge cannot help one achieve anything. This is where the company is not scoring. Moreover, the lack of actual details on the website about the real location and website owner is quite dissatisfying.

Is OnLegacy a scam?

There have been several complaints about the company being scam by users who registered for the program. People claim that the members never received SIM cards which were mentioned in the activation kit. This is more or less a voucher program which the company indulges in for selling to the customers. People have to spend a lot of money to activate the program. Several customers have lodged a complaint against the company. If you check the reviews of this company over the web, you will barely find any good review about this company. There isn’t much detailed description of the services available. It is hard to figure out what services the company offers and what exactly it does to make money. No company can survive without making money.

Hidden Location Details And Identity

Another point to be noted is that there have been several reports pertaining to hidden identity of the owner of the website. The life of the website is relatively short. This implies that the company has developed the website to test one of its gimmicks. It may probably extend the services if it is successfully in fooling the people. The real location of the company is hidden from the website. Anonymous service was being employed by the website which prevents one from knowing who the real owner of the site actually is. This method is utilized by several scam sites for hiding their real identity. It is better to confirm the actual details about the location of the company before opting for any kind of services from this website. All these point that OnLegacy may be a scam! You need to be careful before making a move with this website. Even if you reap benefits from the services, you need to be aware of the tactics of sales and also be an active member by depositing a membership fee. Your efforts will be nullified if you are not an active member on the website.

que es legacy network review

Alternative Reliable Option

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que es legacy network reviews

OnLegacy Network Review

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