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The different fragrances offered by Olfactif Perfume is startling but breathtaking at the same time. If you are a perfume freak just like me, blindly opt for a set from them. I have been using products from Olfactif Perfume for almost a year now and hence wanted to share my amazing experience with you. Trust me, this is what I have been hooked up to, for the past six months and I do not see myself opting for another store in the near future.

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A niche from Olfactif Perfume:

Olfactif Perfume is one of its kind because it derives its new range of perfumes from the customer feedback coupled with their research about the science of smells. It offers a set of three bottles of perfume with different aromas every month, once you have subscribed to it. They inculcate different fragrances into your perfume sets every month depending on the seasonal transformations and vibes.

Benefits of opting for Olfactif Perfume:

You can opt for a quarter, half or a complete year on your subscription plan. Once subscribed you will receive an extravagant pack of three niche aromas in deluxe sized samples. You can choose from a vast range for men, women and unisex. Another vital fact being, an eighteen dollars credit is a rebate you get on each of the monthly featured scents; a 54 dollars discount on three bottles. Sounds astonishingly aromatic?

Olfactif perfume free trial

Features and Specifications:

You have subscriptions available for different time duration and at different prices:

  • You can get a monthly subscription for $18 and get a year’s subscription for $15.
  • A different set of samples every month according to your subscription plan.
  • Sign up with Olfactif Perfume and get a discount of 15% on your first sample.
  • The sample bottle is 2.25ml which gives you around 15-20 sprays.


  • Being a perfume freak, I have used products from other aroma sections as well. So if I give it a basic comparison; the sample I received from other places was just 0.1 ml while Olfactif Perfume gave an astounding 2.25 ml.
  • No monthly subscriptions can be availed from other stores, which again is a plus point about Olfactif Perfume.
  • Other perfumeries offered certain discounts on various occasions but still is a point behind Olfactif Perfume.
  • You can avail known now-own own fragrances from other stores, but olfactif perfume has the customized ones with newer and heady aromas every month.
  • Find more details about their subscription plans and customized fragrances here: Olfactif Perfume

Customer reviews & scores:

Olfactif Perfume is an astonishingly mind thronging product. There were about a 60 reviews written about this product when I decided to share my inference with you. So if you are really into this product, you will definitely appreciate it. It has an average of 4.5 star which is excellent. I came across a review that said: ” I ordered a full bottle 11 days ago and had not received it yet”. However, no body else has faced a similar situation, so it is not that prevalent.

Olfactif free trial

Read more about the reviews here: Olfactif Perfume


To write a synopsis about the above product; you can blindly take up the subscription. It comes in an extravagant packaging and several offers. Give your valuable feed back and let them customize your next sample pack. A well made and your scent keeps lingering even after you leave a place. Hence I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to fall in love with amazing aromas all over again.

Olfactif free trial

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