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Now Lifestyle is a program recently launched by Joel Therien a renowned marketer. Now lifestyle is a wellness and health based MLM Company which is in pre-launch stage. The product line sold by this company includes weight loss, home workout, and different exercise videos that can help to build a healthy body and lifestyle.

Who is Joel Therien?

Joel Therien is in the marketing industry for a very long time. He has created and launched successful programs under Global Virtual Opportunities which was founded by him. These programs include 7 Minute Workout, Got Backup, Host Then Profit and Pure Leverage. He is the president and CEO of Now Lifestyle. He has a good reputation and name in the industry.

What is Now Lifestyle?

Now Lifestyle is a new product that is designed to give its users access to a whole library of video guides and tutorials about how to lose weight and achieve fitness. These videos are designed and executed to facilitate different kinds of people with different physiques so that they might be able to go through with the workout that is the most appropriate one according to their physique. In addition to the workout videos, the program also offers a large variety of different kinds of nutritional supplement products that might be used in collaboration with the workout sessions to obtain better results. The program hasn’t been officially launched yet but you can visit their official website in order to learn all about what the program has to offer its buyers. The program is created by Joel Therein who is known as a very credible figure in the industry and holds great pride in being a fitness expert as well. He also has been the brains behind many of the most prominent business opportunities of the past years including Got Backup, 7 Minute Workout, Pure Leverage and Host then Profit.

What does it offer?

As discussed above, Now Lifestyle is a program that offers a wide variety of video content on how to lose weight and achieve fitness. The program is not officially launched yet but people are showing a lot of interest in it. If you try to analyze what it has to offer, you will find out that everything looks pretty legitimate.

How does it work?

1) Work out videos

When you want to access the amazing library of thousands of videos on weight loss and fitness, first of all you would be asked to setup your membership. You would require to fill out the ‘Fit Profile’. After you are done, you would be provided access to all the work out fitness videos that are tailored to take care of your personal level of fitness. There are different kinds of videos that are designed while keeping different kinds of people in mind. So you do not have to worry about whether it offers appropriate videos that are supposed to be well suited for your body or not.

2) Nutritional supplement products

In addition to offering workout videos, Now Lifestyle also offers a variety of different kinds of nutritional supplement products that are available for sale. There is a lot of diversity in the available range of supplements but since the program has not been officially launched yet, no prices are mentioned with the products.

Products by Now Lifestyle

  • Product 1

Health and wellness package for you and 5 family members: Exercise and nutrition package customized completely to suit you and 5 of your family members.

  • Product 2

Our body boss home workout system: This exercise system will provide everybody great workout resistance right from their home.

  • Product 3

Professional Auto Responder system

Professional email marketing system will enable to save money and time on lead generation and sales.

  • Product 4

Massive traffic co-op: This product helps to earn commission on all lead co-ops and traffic.

Besides these there are other products which are one time high tickets products. They are referred to as Now Lifestyle University or NLSU. Some of the NLSU products are mentioned below:

  • Email marketing Mastery These include all fundamentals related to marketing
  • Now lifestyle Seminar Retreat – It is another program that enables you to sell 15000 products as an affiliate.
  • Now Body certificationThis program will make you an expert in Nutrition and Exercise. This certification program can certify you as the trainer. On completion of the course you have to undergo training under Joel for a week in their headquarters at Texas. Now Body certification includes 3 modules:
  1. The Training Module
  2. The Nutrition Module
  3. Training Myth Module

These three modules covers varied topics including training schedules, balancing diets, supplements, spot check, why diet fails, what are micronutrients, fat loss, positive momentary muscular failure, will exercise help my loose skin etc.

What is the compensation earned through Now lifestyle?

  • Direct commissions: You can earn 50% commission when you bring in a new member for Now Lifestyle i.e. on front line sales.
  • Matching bonus: You earn 50% matching bonus on Now lifestyle members you personally sponsored i.e. on down line sales.
  • Residual commission: This is paid through a structure plan based on binary compensation. Here the commission is $20 for every cycle.


Keeping in view the overall theme of the program, Now Lifestyle appears to be pretty legitimate as it offers a number of advantages. Some of the most prominent ones in this regard are listed below.

  • Offers a wide array of videos on fitness and weight loss
  • Offers different types of membership programs
  • Offers a massive range of different kinds of nutritional supplement products
  • Offers a highly rewarding affiliate program


In addition to the above mentioned advantages, there also are a few cons that are associated with the Now Lifestyle program. A few of them are listed below.

  • The program has not been launched yet
  • The prices are not clearly mentioned on every one of the nutritional supplement products


Since the program has not been officially launched yet, there is a good chance that you might have heard a lot of rumors about the legitimacy of the Now Lifestyle Program. If that’s the case, you have come to the right place as we are here to bust all the rumors in this regard. If you carry out a detailed analysis of the program, you will come to conclude that it appears to be completely legitimate. There is a massive library of different kinds of workout videos that are designed to entertain different types of users with different kinds of physiques. In addition to this, there is a whole new range of different kinds of nutritional supplement products that may be bought in order to aid the process of weight loss and facilitate your workouts.

If you take some time to research about the author of the program, you will come to learn the fact that Joel Therein is a man of his words. He delivers what he promises to deliver and since he is the creator of this program, its credibility should not be questioned. So if you are looking for an answer on whether it is a legitimate program or yet another scam to rip up clients for their money, the answer is that it is totally legitimate.

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