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I’m very certain that the word “wealth” elicits excitement in many of us. Nobody wants to lack anything in their life. In fact, most of us crave for the finer things in life. The only problem is that we do not always have enough cash to get what we want. This is why there are many courses on how to create wealth offered everywhere. There are also many jobs offered, especially in marketing that can get you a lot of cash. Marketing itself is not bad at all. The only thing that makes marketing a pain is when you have to give an arm and leg to get the money you need. One such type of marketing is multi-level marketing or MLM.

There are some companies that have products, but these products do not tend to reach fast enough to the masses or these are not worth the money paid for them. These companies often adopt the multi-level marketing strategy in order to sell their products. One such example of a MLM company is the National Wealth Center, located in New York.

About National Wealth Center

The National Wealth Center was founded by Peter Wolfing who is also the company’s CEO. Peter discovered his fondness for the network marketing in 1990 and succeeded in most MLM undertakings due to his military training in leadership and delegation. From this success, he founded a company by the name Multiplex Systems which deals with software creation for MLM companies.

From this brief history, we can see that the National Wealth Center is indeed an MLM company.

National Wealth Center Products

MLM companies do not operate without products. I was rather surprised when I visited the National Wealth Center’s website. The glaring fact that the company follows the MLM scheme did not escape my notice, as you are asked to join and gain 100% commission. Well, I wondered, what is the catch for this 100% commission? Let’s see what the company has to offer.

  • Self-Development

The self-development course is offered through an audio. You can access this audio from their library spending $25 per month. Self-development is very important, but do you really need to spend 25 dollars each month for this audio?

  • Business Development

Business development here is all about creating partnerships that can help you leverage your business in areas like revenue, distribution or brand recognition. The course is touted to help you learn more about branding and how you can make your brand communicate to the world, hence generating some revenue. You will need $50 per month to access this library.

  • Wealth Development

You will be given tips on how to make money, how to save it as well as how to manage the earned money. It is touted as the icing on the cake of the other two products. To access this library, you will have to pay $100 per month.

These are three basic products that the National Wealth Center offers. There are also some other products provided by the company. They are touted as educational products that make sense. These are available 24/7 and their charge is paid on a onetime basis.

  • Fitness Advantage

The fitness advantage program will help you gain access to lifestyle and fitness programs. You will receive plans on healthy meals, motivation, fitness empowerment as well as workout plans. All these are available for $250. There is also an additional $5 charge for accessing the Push Button Program, a software program that lets you access many fitness workouts on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

  • Wealth Advantage Elite

For $1000, you will know how to invest in Forex, real estate and the stock exchange. You will receive training through the resources available in the library.

  • Network Marketing Elite

If you are interested in network marketing, you can sign up for this program which is charged at $3,500.

  • The Vault

The vault offers you all the programs mentioned above. You will gain access to thousands of tutorials, e-books as well as software. You have to pay a onetime fee of $7,500.

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Verdict on the Products

All the above-mentioned products are very useful, in my opinion. They cover areas that most of us would love to improve on. Everyone wants not only to be fit, but wealthy as well. However, the problem is with the pricing. To pay $25 per month for an audio program is way too expensive. Plus, It is hard to tell whether the quality of the product is good or the content will be enough to cover your needs. In my opinion, what you will be getting might be some general knowledge on the said topics. Otherwise, if the quality was very good, why do they need the controversial MLM scheme to market their products. I strongly believe that a great product will sell itself significantly at all times. If people were truly benefiting from this program then the MLM part would not be there at all.

What About the MLM Part?

To benefit from the MLM program, you must recruit people to join National Wealth Advantage. I stated earlier that you are offered a 100% commission on it. This means that when you recruit one person, who will join the basic program for $25, you will be paid $25 as commission. The catch? You have to buy the product first before you will be able to recruit someone else. However, you are not limited to this program. There is an affiliate program where you have to pay $9.95 monthly for administration.

Is National Wealth Center a Pyramid Scheme?

I could not avoid asking this question. The fact that you cannot join or even sign up for the programs without being referred by someone else makes it look like a pyramid scheme. I have seen many such pyramid schemes that come in the form of multi-level marketing. One person has to be a member before he can recruit others to join. This person then gets paid commission according to the number of people he recruits. This type of program focuses more on recruiting new people and less on what the courses/services have to offer. So, when you join, you join with the aim of making some profits.

Should You Join National Wealth Center

If you do not mind being in a pyramid scheme, you can join. If you also have the cash that needs to be paid every month for the programs, you can join. However, I don’t think that this is a great way of making money, if that is your goal. Pyramid schemes always enrich those who are at the top of the pyramid. The people at the bottom are the ones who have to work really hard in order to make something.

According to National Wealth Center’s compensation plan, you will have to recruit 64 people into the program to make at least $1,600 from the $25 program. Such hard work is ahead of you! What if you wish to leave the program? well, I haven’t seen any refund policies there, so I cannot tell whether you will be refunded your money. Plus, just think about it- who would be willing to pay $25 every month for a personal development audio? Maybe you have some friends or know some people who have some cash to burn. One thing that will disappoint you is that you will not be paid the commission for the first two people that you will recruit to join any of the three programs. This compensation will go straight to your sponsor.

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I personally would not recommend a pyramid scheme to anyone. I definitely will not recommend that you join National Wealth Center to make money. Although you will find some people who are experts at working with pyramid schemes, I highly suggest that you look for other ways of making money. There are indeed many better ways of making money both online and offline.

Digital Altitude is one such way. This is a marketing program that is unlike National Wealth Center. It does not require you to recruit anyone for you to join. Therefore, it does not pay any commissions. So how do you make money here? You will make money by investing in your business. With digital Altitude, the effort that you will put forth to sell a product will serve to enrich only you and not someone else. You will learn valuable lessons on how to start an online business, how to set it up and how to start selling your own products. You can start the program for just $1.

In the current age we live in, everyone is looking for new ways to make money. Making some quick cash is often what people want which leads them to fall victim to wise people who know how to make money from other people’s desperation. The old saying that patience pays is indeed true when it comes to making money. You will have to put some work and be patient to start making some serious money.

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