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There is no doubt about the power of ads- they are amongst the most influential (and even the most useful, in some context) tools on the internet. While the advertising revolution may have begun with the Google Adwords PPC network, a lot more has come up since then. There are newer and more sophisticated advertising models on the internet, each offering significant advantages.

Advertising has not only given brands and companies the opportunity to get more audience, but have also enabled individuals a chance to earn. One such ‘service’ that claims to let everyone reap the benefits of advertising are MyPayingAds- let us go ahead and see what they are and what they do.

What is MyPayingAds?

In their own words, MyPayingAd provides brands with an array of advertising mechanisms. In addition to that, its members also get a chance to earn by ‘revenue sharing’. The services that they offer under the cloud of advertising includes Text Ads, Banner Ads, Traffic Exchange, Login Adds and PPC or Pay Per Click ads among others.

Every advertising ‘product’ that they offer has certain requirements/points related to it. For instance, the Traffic Exchanger Views is a model wherein a member will get a specific amount of TE Credits, and the views that their programs get depends on the credit they earn. Login Ads are shown to all the members who sign in to their accounts on a daily basis for surfing through the ads. A PTC or Paid to Click Ad gets targeted visitors to a link. Banner Ads are available in rotating and fixed models, with three sizes. Text Ads are available on a similar rotating and static basis. PPC banners provide an option to get guaranteed visitors on any link/website.

Earning Opportunities on MyPayingAds:

Moving on to the second aspect, the ‘earning’ opportunities that MyPayingAds offer is also linked to these ads. The first among these is a referral based earning program- which simply means that you (the user) will get paid for promoting MyPayingAds and its services. A 10% commission is provided to you for every ad pack that your direct referral purchases.

The next earning model is based on profit sharing. This model gives a certain percentage of the profit made from each sale to the member who has purchased an advertising pack. This revenue share is capped to 120% of the total earning on an ad pack purchase. The ad packs start from $10 and go to $50 for the highest one. The 3rd earning opportunity offers a payment based on PTC or Paid to Click ads, listed by other members of the site.

First Impressions and Website:

The first thing that anyone planning to use MyPayingAds will see is their website. As you go to the MyPayingAds home page, what you will find is an image with extra large text on it. The homepage boasts about how the site has been going on since 2015, and with over 185,574 members, has made payouts of over $14 million. (This, however, contradicts to what the Stats page says, where it is listed that the launch date of the site was March 17, 2016). Thus, instead of actually telling the user what MyPayingAds does, how it can be useful to them or even presenting with a short intro of the same- they choose to tell people about their large user base and payouts from ‘something’ that they do.

Further, the page gives statistics about their last 24 hours and page views, as well as the number of members that have signed up in the last week and the total number of online members. However- it looks like these ‘stats’ are just there for the sake of it, since they do not refresh or provide you any information about how current they really are.


As you look at the MyPayingAds home page further, you will only get prompts to sign up for their Facebook group. It is only towards the end of the page will you learn about its features and the product that they have. Overall, the website is designed in a rather unprofessional manner, without any theme or general outline to it. You will randomly come across bits and pieces of ‘information’ here and there.

User Friendliness:

Finding any useful information on the MyPayingAds website can be quite hard. If you plan to signup, then you will not really have a lot to do. The signup page only has 6 fields that you have to fill to register on their website. You do not require any ‘sponsor’ to sign up on MyPayingAds, and can do so on your own.

if you are able to understand what their ad packages are and what earning opportunities are offered, then you may be able to begin using MyPayingAds. While the adpacks themselves are cheap, there are certain conditions to purchasing these. For instance, to purchase the $10 pack, you need an Explorer membership, which costs an additional $10. The Ad-Pack Plan 3 requires the Professional membership, which will cost you an additional $30. Thus, while there plans may be advertised as cheap, the total cost of buying these is not so.

Payments and Refund:

MyPayingAds claims to automatically process any payments and add those instantly to te account of the advertiser. However, they do ask for a time of 1 hour for the processing of payments and subsequent addition to the account. While they do state that certain types of ads are not allowed (including those against the law), there are no strict checks to keep the same in place. They accept payment via Bitcoin, Payza, 2Pay4You, SolidTrustPay and PerfectMoney.

MyPayingAds does not provide any refunds for the purchases made on their platform, as is clearly stated in their Policy. However, they also state that in case of any disputes or chargebacks made to any payment on your account, your account will be suspended instantly. They do claim to investigate a dispute and permanently suspend or reinstate your account on closure of this, but the hassle that a user may have to go through in case of any fraudulent transactions is significant.

Testimonials and User Reviews:

The Testimonials section of the MyPayingAds website is all praises for the same, which may make you think that this is the best advertising platform. However, the reviews state nothing more than ‘Long Live MPA’, ‘best company’ and so on- which clearly states that these are not genuine reviews. Without a single negative review on the website, there is little reason to trust what this page says.

Reviews of MyPayingAds on other independent websites have a different story to tell. While there are a few sites with paid reviews that are all praises for them, the reality is somewhat different. They do hold a global rank of 5,079- but all of that is primarily because their claims of how easy it is to make money from MyPayingAds. A bit of digging reveals that MyPayingAds was under review in January 20166, and had been unable to pay its members. Further, they have been review several times- which adds to the possibility that they may just be an ad-ponzi scheme.

MyPayingAds may just be yet another scam. At present they are using the money that they make from new advertisers to pay the newer ones- without any actual revenue. An analysis of the traffic reviews from several independent sites has revealed that MyPayingAds is just scamming its users, more like an old scam with a new name. To keep this scheme running, they have also made a lot of other changes. For instance, you can only use 70% of the total earning from an ad pack to purchase more ad packs or credits.


Final Thoughts:

There are obvious signs all over the MyPayingAds website, their model and the internet, that this is nothing more than a scam. In fact-there is nothing new about this scam either, and it is an old trick being run under a new name. With non-refundable purchases, limits on how you can use it, issues with PayPal just a few months earlier and no clear mode, MyPayingAds is a scam that users should stay away from.

MyPayingAds is just trying to con people in a field where there are some great companies doing actual work. Digital Altitude is one such name that has been making a great name for itself in the online marketing and advertising field. It is one of the best ways by which you can avoid wasting your time with products like MyPayingAds and channel your resources & efforts into a more meaningful advertising effort.

Digital Altitude is working towards helping entrepreneurs start and scale up their online business with maximum results and profits. They have a range of products that you can look at and choose. There is something for every skill/experience level and business type. In the competitive market of the internet, you have just two options- either waste your time and resources on scam, or take the path to success with a tried and tested product like Digital Altitude and skyrocket your business to success.



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