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The MyLeadSystemPro (MLSP) program is being advertised on several internet marketing forums these days. The company is marketed as a community and education platform for all business owners. It is claimed that the community is populated with people from a wide range of backgrounds. The platform is home to experienced marketers, part-time bloggers, entrepreneurs and beginners.

Established in 2008 by Brian Fanale, Todd Schlomer and Norbert Orlewicz, MyLeadSystemPRO claims to offer the best training tools to the marketers pertaining to Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). MLSP is based on attraction marketing which involves attracting prospective clients to your business.. In fact, attraction marketing is not something very hard to master. The pitfalls and concepts of attraction marketing are offered by this company in a step-by-step manner. Your success basically relies on your ability to employ knowledge that is being imparted. Different marketing strategies are taught by MLSP. Although internet marketing training offered by the company seems to be effective, the information contained in the video is not sufficient. The video length spans around 1 hour and 30 minutes, but the useful information is contained only for twenty minutes. Going through each session is quite cumbersome because you will surely get bored while covering the entire video offered in each session.

What Can be Expected From MyLeadSystemPRO?

A lot of features are offered by MLSP, including online business training course, community of like-minded individuals, links to LIVE webinars, social media page templates, custom marketing campaigns, $100 bonus for each member you recruit, squeeze page templates and lead generation bonuses. The community encourages their members to add new members and push them to sign-up for network marketing companies. The platform offers webinars on a regular basis in addition to mindset calls. The program is ideal for those people who wish to promote their brick and mortar businesses, generate online leads for current businesses and affiliate marketing system, build team for existing network marketing and promote MyLeadSystemPRO.

Uninspiring Training Tools:

MLSP offers training tools that claim to keep the members up-to-date regarding the latest marketing strategies and latest techniques. They offer access to a community of marketers that shares bounce ideas and information. They claim to offer a proven blueprint for building online businesses and also for generating leads. The truth is that attraction marketing helps achieve the goals only if one has proper training in the field of marketing. Attraction marketing involves generation of leads by finding people and encouraging them to sign up. A powerful online presence is required in order to sell products to more and more people. As a result, attraction marketing is not an easy task and it requires investing considerable effort, skill and time.

Opportunities Being Offered by MyLeadSystemPRO:

The company claims to offer the following income streams upon joining:

Product Revenue

Upon becoming a top member, which is referred to as MLSP mastery, the members can sell their products and retain a small transaction fee. The products offered are a lineup of marketing training products available on media formats, e-books and DVD.

Continuity Revenue

Monthly revenue can be earned at the mastery level of membership by those who signed up for the mastery level. $100 is offered per month to each person.

High-ticket revenue

Some products fetch a commission of $1000 at the mastery level.

Cons of opting for services

The cost is on the higher end, which is $149.97 for a month and $1497 for a year. Paying a charge of $49.97 a month, one can obtain a membership at a lower level. However, one should have their very own product to sell on their website because MLSP will not associate one with MLM program. It is also not easy to follow the methods of attract marketing.

Making Commission is Not That Easy as is Marketed:

Extremely valuable training can be obtained through MLSP to run a business online. MLSP program can help you out a lot, even if you are not aware of internet marketing. Attraction marketing is quite complex and therefore a MLSP program can break it down for you and prove its worth. With the help of webinars, social media and other additional platforms, one can get motivated. In fact, most of the online businesses fail due to lack of proper direction. But MLSP provides it, making the program worthy. You can upgrade yourself to the Mastery level in the MLSP program, provided you are extremely good at this kind of thing.

Why Should You Not Start an MLM Business if You Are Not Into it?

If you desire to be successful in MLM, you must have a strong mindset and a strong will. You have to be working very hard just to see a bit of success, and the company that you would join with need to have attractive products and offer good training. Most of the MLM companies lack behind in either one of them. Either they have good products but lack in training or they offer good training but have no good products. In addition, it is essential that with most of the MLM companies, you must be an active member for promoting their products. You will also have to pay a monthly subscription fee which is a bit hefty for you to be an active member. 

Actually, it is this hefty subscription fee which prevents people from trying it out. Most of the people who put themselves in for selling as well as promoting different MLM company’s products do not see results of any kind for around 6 months and lose 100-1000 dollars after discovering that it is not working at all.


Hefty Subscription Fee:

Even though MLSP does improve one’s knowledge with respect to MLM Marketing, one has to pay an additional monthly subscription fee which seems hefty just to get the education you require. In addition, after joining a MLM company, you will most likely be promoting the membership of the company instead of selling the products. This will trigger issues with regulatory authorities, as they might view it as a Ponzi Scheme. Even the renowned MLM companies, such as Herbalife, also face problems with the governing authorities. 9 out of 10 MLM companies have been closed down within a duration of just 5 years in the United states. Hence, you need to be careful before choosing any scheme that the company is offering. Weigh the pros and cons carefully before making any move.

Be cautious while considering to be a member of their program. Payment of $149.97 per month for the MLSP Mastery does not provide you with access to the complete training program provided by MLSP. You have to pay more to upgrade your membership in order to enjoy the program’s benefits. After paying for the MLSP Mastery, you will be urged to make payment on an annual basis even if you have already signed up for Attraction Marketing Intensive & Sound Traffic Mojo, the MLSP Training Library.

Support Services:

A strong support system hints the quality of services offered by any company. What is very disappointing is that MyLeadSystemPRO does not offer any kind of one-on-one phone support. The company offers training videos in order to guide through the site or to set up an account. If the users need any kind of help, they need to get in touch with the team by the referred affiliate. These offer primary source of assistance to the users. Assistance is even offered through the Online Community. There is an official Facebook group of the company. Guidance and suggestions are often offered by the marketing leaders. Support team can be accessed via email in case the users get struck anytime. This implies that you will have to wait until help comes in any manner. Help is not offered to the users during the setup process. It is offered only when the users encounter an error message or if the site faces any problem. You need to inform the customer service team the issues that you are facing so that it can come up with a solution. Support ticket can be issued but you need to consider some basic things to ensure that the query gets resolved quickly; or else, you will have to wait till the help comes.

Final Thought:

If you are looking for reliable options to make money online, you can rely on Digital Altitude which is the brainchild of Michael Force. He has attained success with high-end affiliate programs. He mentors students himself and makes a seven-figure-earning. You probably are wondering how Digital Altitude can be compared with other opportunities available online? The service offered by Digital Altitude actually works. The site offers personal development program to individuals programmed by millionaires who are aware of the practices of the industry. If you take a look at the website, you would realize that they actually mean business and are not fooling people. You would barely find any negative reviews over the web. The company offers effective and unique services to everyone interested in earning money online.



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