MaxLend Loan Review

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MaxLend is owned by Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation, which are sovereign American Indian Tribes recognized by the US Federal. So the products offered by MaxLend are from a sovereign government and their business is conducted for the service of the tribes. As MaxLend is wholly-owned and regulated by a tribal community, a customer looking to resolve any kind of dispute against MaxLend will be required to do so as per the loan agreement and Tribal Law available. In short, this means that MaxLend cannot be sued in a US court. 

But if the customer reviews of MaxLend are to be believed, you’d never really be required to search for dispute resolution against the company, as it has a reputation of being transparent, secure and highly convenient. Let us know more in this MaxLend review.

What is MaxLend? Is it legit?

You might have already heard about companies that offer payday loans. These are small loans that allow you to keep up with your day-to-day expenses at the end of the day or in case there is an emergency. Once you have taken a payday loan, you are then required to repay the entire loan amount at once. MaxLend is an excellent alternative to such loans. 

The company allows you to take loans of up to $1,250 which you can repay in installments. This makes it easier for you to repay the loan as compared to the payday loans which need to be paid at once. However, there is a catch. Not everyone in need of money will be eligible for the loan. Moreover, there can also be borrowers who might not be able to borrow the maximum limit of $1,250 and will only be able to borrow a smaller amount. MaxLend is not a scam in anyway, and if you find reviews saying that the website is a scam, there is a great possibility that those reviews are from the rival companies or from people whose loan applications were not approved by the company.

But who decides the maximum loan limit of the borrowers? Continue reading to find out.

How MaxLend Accepts or Declines Loan Applications?

MaxLend has clearly written on its homepage that the company looks into some factors before accepting or declining a loan application. Some of the factors include your income, the state where you live and your credit score. So, if you have a good job and a great credit score, there is a major possibility that your loan application will be accepted. And if everything is in line with the guidelines of the company, the loan amount can be credited to your bank account the next day. However, after going through some reviews, we noticed that it takes around a couple of days for the money to get credited in your bank account.

But if you are in dire need of money, two days is still not bad. Rather than going to banks or other financial institutions that would require days to approve a loan to you or asking a friend or relative to help you out, MaxLend is a much better, safer and quicker alternative. After receiving the money, you can then easily repay the same within the pre-decided duration.

What about the Interest Rate, Repayment, and Duration of the Loan?

APRs (Annual Percentage Rate) can range between 471.7846% and 841.4532%. The interest charged on your loan will depend on the origination fees of the loan as well as the duration for which the loan is taken.

The loan taken from MaxLend is an installment loan which you can pay in installments as well as at once. The installments will be divided into equal amounts; however, the initial and last payment can be an exception. The loan duration is decided on the basis of the loan amount, total number of installments and interest rate. One of the best things about MaxLend is that they offer many different types of payment options based on how you earn. For instance, a borrower who is paid semi-monthly can go for 12 installments. Weekly payment receivers can have 24 installments and borrowers who are paid once in a month can go for 6 installments.

Unlike standard loans which require you to pay additional fees if you want to repay the loan before the decided duration, MaxLend allows you to repay the loan at any time within the loan duration without any additional penalty or fees apart from the interest amount. Moreover, if a borrower wants to pay a higher amount in each of their installments, they can do that as well. Needless to say, when the installment amount is increased, the total number of installments can be reduced, and this will also help in reducing the overall charges that one pays. In short, it is the borrower who can select the duration for which they want the loan.

What are the Basic Requirements of a MaxLend Loan?

As compared to the basic requirements of banks and other financial institutions, the requirements of MaxLend are minimal. For successful approval of loan, you should be able to-

  • Provide documents of your verifiable income source and funds being credited to your bank account from their source. The company has a minimum income requirement.
  • Your checking account in the bank should comply with the company for a minimum duration after having an active checking account.
  • You should be a citizen of the US and above 18 years.
  • You cannot be a debtor who is a part of any kind of bankruptcy case or looking to voluntarily file bankruptcy.

If you satisfy the above-mentioned requirements, you can definitely get a loan from MaxLend.

How to Apply for a MaxLend loan?

The application process is pretty simple. If you satisfy the minimum loan requirements, fill out the application available on the website. If the application is approved, you will be required to eSign the loan documents. Once the documents are submitted, a representative from MaxLend will contact you to verify the information that you have provided. As soon as the details are confirmed, you will receive a loan agreement in your mailbox. And after receiving the mail, it should take a day or two for the loan amount to get deposited in your bank account.

What if One Fails to Repay the Loan on Time?

Every loan has a pre-decided due date which is clearly mentioned in the loan agreement. If the payment is not received by the company on the due date, the penalty can be applied as per the details mentioned in the loan agreement. The company has mentioned that their collection efforts are lawful and in line with the applicable laws. If any borrower is facing any kind of difficulty in repaying the loan, the company also offers repayment plans.


  • Website is simple and informative
  • Applying for a loan is quick and easy
  • Loan gets deposited in bank account of borrower as quickly as in a single working day
  • Minimum eligibility requirements
  • Easy repayment in installments
  • Customer support is pretty good


  • There are some negative reviews on the internet. But as mentioned above, these reviews are from the rival companies or from people whose loan applications were rejected by MaxLend.
  • Some also say that the maximum loan amount of $1,250 is not much. However, one needs to understand that the company is taking a major risk by providing you the loan by some basic eligibility criteria. Think from the company’s point of view, and you will understand that the loan amount is a pretty large sum.

Final Verdict

We often feel the need of borrowing money even when we have a good job. Emergencies crop up now and then, and MaxLend can be our companion in such situations. The company offers quick loan of up to $1,250 within a day if the borrower satisfies the basic requirements of the company. It is very easy to see that the company has focused on every single aspect, like their website, customer support, simple application process, etc. to ensure that the borrowers can have easy access to money in case of an emergency.

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