Mackeeper Review – Scam or Legit? Truth Revealed

Mackeeper Reviews

Product Name: Mackeeper

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Is your Mac running slow? Do you want to uninstall the application safely? Are you ready to start with the award-winning cleaning utility? If you want to protect your Mac against viruses, Spam, Spyware, and Hackers? No more searching needed! You are in the right place. Get rid of enjoying your entire digital life with unlimited protection for your Mac. Just a few clicks in the cloud and your shield is ready. You can browse, search, shop and socialize with confidence.

MacKeeper is a utility suite for Mac OS that has tools for cleaning, security, and optimization. This software is designed as a comprehensive service to help Mac users so that they make the most of their machines. It not only addresses all aspects of maintenance, whether cleaning, security, data control or optimization, but adds a human touch to the customer’s experience with the product.

Do you know that Macworld is your best source for all things Apple! This review gives you the scoop on what’s new, the best and how to get the most out of the products you love. MacKeeper is a fantastic product that allows you to keep your computer running at optimum performance at all times. MacKeeper, the antivirus software for Mac offers multiple security products for Apple Mac computers. The software, which is available as a download, comes with a free trial version. MacKeeper revealed and fixed a zero-day exploit that could allow remote code execution, with no security violation reported.

What is Mackeeper?

Mackeeper is an international IT investment and development company that creates highly qualified software solutions to simplify the digital life of consumers around the world. Its goal is to become the industry leader in optimization and security solutions for Mac, while continuously improving our existing portfolio and developing exciting new products. We invite partners, affiliates, and investors to jointly grow and develop local IT markets. This guide provides a simple method to clean Mac from junk, caches, cookies and temporary or malicious files on your MacBook / iMac / Mac mini. MacKeeper wants to be a one-stop shop, but its subscription prices include many unwanted utilities already included in OS X or easily found for free. It is a fantastic product that allows you to keep your computer running at optimum performance at all times. MacKeeper is a legitimate and trusted security software that is recognized by leading AV laboratories.

Mackeeper is always on the lookout for innovative technologies that allow users to have safer and reliable digital experiences with their Macs. It shows a lot of pop-ups and distracting notifications, and to do almost anything is required to pay for the registered version. MacKeeper is an award-winning global provider of software and services. This software had appeared in some of the largest and best-known media outlets. It is the all-in-one application that will monitor all these aspects through an elegant and very well organized interface.

Main Technology Focus of Mackeeper:

  • Mackeeper is always on the lookout for innovative technologies that allow users to have safer and more reliable digital experiences with their Macs.
  • It works in close collaboration with leading certification organizations to ensure our consumers benefit from independent reviews of our software from trusted sources.
  • MacKeeper is made for all Mac computers and laptops including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini, etc.
  • This software allows you to easily find and remove dangerous files on your Mac, regardless of malicious cookies, viruses, worms, adware or some other threats.

6 Perfect Reasons Why to Choose Mackeeper:

  • Personal Technical Assistant- MacKeeper ™ scans your Mac for trouble and creates a report based on scan results. Your Apple Certified Support Professional then analyzes the data together with you and provides automatic corrections based on this analysis.
  • An Effective Solution For Keeping Your Mac Clean- First, optimize the RAM of your Mac with the memory cleaning tool. Second, use Fast Cleanup to detect and delete junk files. Then, remove the applications that you no longer use with Smart Uninstaller. Finally, find and remove oversized and duplicate files using disk and duplicate finder. Your Mac is working again.
  • Life is Too Short to Wait- It controls the speed of startup of your Mac choosing which applications will be opened in its beginning and which will not be opened. Use the MacKeeper login items and the update tracking tools for the previously mentioned tasks.
  • It’s Tools-Your control- MacKeeper also comes to the rescue, since you can restore the file from the trash using the data recovery tool. Finally, use the MacKeeper Backup tool to avoid these problems in the future.
  • Support Your Right To Privacy- Encrypt files with two passwords using the Data Encryptor tool. As a result, only you will be able to access these files, of course, if you do not share your password with strangers.
  • Makes Stolen Macs Come Back Home- It does not matter if you have MacKeeper. Antivirus and Safe Browsing features will protect against identity theft, spyware, malware and other online threats, while the Anti-Theft service will prevent your Mac from stealing from real life. You will get a detailed location report and even a photo of the thief!


  • Mackeeper has been on the market since 2010
  • Products and services available worldwide, in up to 18 languages
  • A four-year participant in a row at Macworld Expo
  • A unique tool package along with a revolutionary Human Inside technology
  • With a unique feature of “human assistance” to help tech-savvy customers.
  • Clean your Mac in one click!
  • The choice of millions of Mac users
  • Certified support professionals at your service, 24/7
  • A Multitool with 16 applications packed in MacKeeper.
  • MacKeeper ™ does not post ads.
  • From online viruses to offline thieves, your Mac is securely protected.


  • If you delete MacKeeper without first decrypting your data, you will not be able to access it later. It only applies to data encrypted with MacKeeper, and not to encrypted data using the built-in encryption services of Mac OS or using any other program.
  • MacKeeper is not available in the Mac App Store but can be installed without a pop-up window because Apple has granted Zeobit a Developer ID.


Overall, MacKeeper is highly recommended! MacKeeper was spotted on Macworld by a Cult of Mac reporter, a daily news portal that is very popular among Apple lovers! The “Mach” in Mach Machines represents a recognition of the new paradigms in technology, a technology that continues to wreck people with their amazing capabilities, almost daily! MacKeeper gives you peace of mind. This guide helps you clean up all the extra junk on your Mac’s operating system, user, and development junk to upgrade your Mac. MacKeeper is freemium software to enjoy the full set of features that users need to purchase And activate the MacKeeper ™ license. MacKeeper does not post any ads.

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