LiLumia Review

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LiLumia Review

Everyone has the dream and wish to get clear skin, but you don’t know what makes your skin dull when you apply the foundation or makeup on your face. Of course, your dirty makeup brushes will make some fault to spread the foundation on your face, so it may look like patches or blur or whatever it is…. If you want to get a beautiful skin glow, you must keep your makeup brushes clean.. Thankfully here we had a best-selling Lilumia makeup brush cleanser. This electronic cleaning machine is a new patented hi-tech device designed to save time and energy and keep the makeup brushes clean regularly. This machine works with most cosmetic makeup brushes including Sigma brushes, mac brushes, morph brushes, real tech brushes, etc. You don’t need to wash your brushes here after because LiLumia does the work for you. It works automatically and extends its life. Just clean your brushes with a simple push button.

What is LiLumia?

LiLumia is a new beauty device, with this you can clean up to 12 dirty makeup brushes in only 15 minutes. This device is compatible with most standard size brushes. And importantly you must clean the disk / clean the surface area should be neat after each use! Use a damp cloth to clean the Lymia device. The LiLumia cleanser comes in a 33oz bottle. That’s four times cleaner than the 80oz detergent brush found in your typical beauty shop. It recommends a minimum brush length of 5.5 inches from the tip of the hair brush to the bottom of the handle. Now you can join with thousands of women all over the world who no longer waste time and energy on washing their hands and their makeup brushes. The LiLumia cleanser completes the wash, three hands-free rinse sessions within 15 minutes remove the concealer, the liquid foundation, the metal, the contour, the preparation powders, the Ishadoz and more!

How Does LiLumia Works?

Step 1 – Pour Liquid: Add some warm water into the clean water area, and you’ll fill right below the max filling line. Next add 2 ounces of daily cleanser directly to the cleaning disc. The cleaning disc is removable has textured surface that will effectively remove the build-up while remaining gentle on your brush hair. It is also a nonstick and dishwasher safe.

Step 2- Prep: Be sure to start from the top of your brush hairs to the bottom and don’t forget the sides you want to always begin with this step.

Step 3- Load Brushes: The brush holder spins the hair brush back and forth clockwise, and the clockwise motion on the disc is tightly cleaned.The Lilumia device completes a wash cycle with Lilumia cleanser and three hands-free rinsing cycles similar to a washing machine. Dirty water is drained before each cycle begins as the clean water flows up to the surface. This blend gently and effectively removes building and bacteria when contacting with your brushes.

Once you have finished the cleaning process, remove the lid, put the brushes in a dry hang position, remove the excess water from the brush hair and let your brushes dry. Air drying is the preferred method to prevent brush damage. The LiLumia device is a cleaning tool, and it is not recommended to be placed in your bathroom. Place the device in a ventilated area when in use!

LiLumia Reviews

Benefits of LiLumia Cleanser:

No more nasty breakouts – LiLumia removes dirt, bacteria and stubborn debris from your makeup brushes known to cause nasty breakouts.

Convenient – LiLumia brings comfort to every kind of makeup enthusiast, whether you are a student, mom, working professional or just awe thinking of washing your brushes, LiLumia will give professional cleaning with just one push of a button.

Saves You Money – Clean brushes to stop purchasing the useless product. The LiLumia also protects your investment by restoring your brushes to such a new condition and extending its lifespan.

Enhanced LiLumia Cleanser – It contains degradable proteins and amino acid silk that provides shine and softness with a strained end protection.


Enhanced Wash Cycle – The amount of time makeup brushes are made in touch with old makeup and bacteria is reduced by 50%.

Regular Wash Cycle – The brush holder rotates your brush hairs back and forth with LiLumia cleanser onto the textured cleaning surface area removing bacteria and old makeup.

3 Rinse Cycles – The additional power rinse cycle thoroughly removes any leftover remnants of cleanser or makeup.

2 Rinse Cycles – This device automatically drains the soiled water, and clean water flows up to the surface after each cycle.

Improved Base Design – The new base design acts as a vacuum removing dirt and debris from the cleaning surface. This new cut base has been designed to remove the layers of stubborn accumulation of each cleansing cycle to prevent your brushes from sitting in the old makeup.

Deep Clean Optimal Rinse – Activate deep cleaning cycle with a double rinse.

Bonus Removable Disc – Unique designed texture disc that provides deep cleansing power for brushes layered with foundation and waxy products.


  • LiLumia cleanser device is available in online only.

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Overall – I highly recommend this LiLumia Cleanser. The LiLumia features a Hi-Tech, futuristic design with a transparent dome and a dark-colored base. When using Lilumia cleanser, your brushes stay clean and healthy for the last you are ever taller. Enjoy a clean brush every time you apply makeup … and save long term money on new brushes! Upgrade LiLumia cleanser comes with a new bonus removable disk cleanup even deeper clean! The box is well packaged. No gap was filled with cardboard to make sure that everything was packed tightly and the machine did not move during transit. The package came with two cleaning tablets, a 24-ounce oz bottle of liquid soap, a measuring cup, an AC adapter, a small booklet manual and finally the same device. Already it has been used by more than thousands of users like you and me to get the real benefits. So don’t miss this chance… Buy it now.

lilumia Review

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