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Do you have a passion for financial, technical and small business growth support? Are you trying to get loan from bank for low interest rate? Do you know how to find the right bank which is suitable for you to make repayment with least interest rate? Don’t worry, here Lending Loop system ready to help people like you and me to get a loan for a simple and fair rate at which your business deserves. It will support you to grow small Canadian Businesses to generate attractive fixed income returns by your own. Of course, It will show a better way to borrow, a smarter way to lend money from the registered financiers to develop your business quickly without losing your hope and confident.

What is the Lending Loop?

Lending Loop is an Canada’s first and only peer-to-peer loan market focused on small businesses. This key focus is to provide accessible capital through a simple online process at a fair interest rate. This eliminates expensive intermediary institutions such as banks and allows small businesses to receive affordable financial support. Through the Lending Loop, all Canadians can grow their local Canadian businesses and achieve simple and attractive revenues. It uses Canadian Chartered Bank to process all the money stored on the platform. As a result, users can always be assured of their finances. In addition, all data is stored in leading software providers, so you can be confident that, like any financial institution, all personal information is handled correctly. Lending Loop has two categories Businesses and Lenders. With the Lending Loop, businesses can receive financing from lenders across Canada. Businesses can borrow at a fair interest rate for businesses and lenders ….

How Lending Loop Can Work For Us?

  • Business Applies for Loan: Business loan application in online is simply to provide details on their creditworthiness and it takes only 5 minutes to complete.
  • Evaluate the Loan: Lending Loop’s credit team assessed loan request to determine whether it has the right to be listed in the marketplace.
  • Lenders Fund the Loan: Lenders View registration on the market and committed funding to businesses that they want to lend to.
  • Business Receives Funds: If enough lenders have funded the listing, they will work together to support the companies or business loans.

Everything is automated and handled online, so you can spend more time focusing on business and less time worrying about your financing.

What will you Get from Lending Loop?

Businesses: It offers very simple and affordable business loans, so you cab borrow $5,000 to $500,000 for any purpose and also start rating at 5.9%. It offers suitable fair rates without any penalty or hidden fees. Here you can apply for the loan in online with flexible terms and get an ability to repay earlier. It completely focuses on your business to experience and helps you to reach your goals.

4 simple steps:

  1. Apply online
  2. Accept Terms
  3. Accept Funds
  4. Make Repayments

Lenders: It will show how to lend your business across Canada and help users to grow the Canadian economy. It can provide more benefits on your small business lending and giving chance to earn more and avoid the risk with positive returns.

3 simple steps:

  1. Create an account
  2. Lend to businesses
  3. Receive Interest


Lender Servicing Fee: The lender charges a 1.5% annual service fee collected at the time of repayment. The lender charges this fee only when it is repaid. The service fee of 1.5% is calculated on a monthly basis for the amount of the annual payment (1.5% / 12 months) – the principal balance at the time of payment.


  • There are no hidden fees and free to apply or join this system.
  • It will exposure to lenders across Canada and earn attractive returns.
  • Here you will get fast approval and funding amount, so you can get simple monthly repayments.
  • Companies across Canada in various industries are looking for funding to grow every day.
  • Modern technology has re-created the loan model to make every step of the process more efficiently.


  • Without an internet connection, you are not able to access this system.


From growth and expansion to refinancing and inventory purchasing, Lending Loop offers the right financial services for you to grow your businesses by today. It’s screen assigns risk grades from A + to E to a credit borrower applying for a loan before listing on the market. The lender reviews the loan list and selects the loan to invest. The Borrower pays monthly installments and the investor gets interest on the investment as the principal is repaid soon. Finally you can realize the trustworthy benefits from this Lending Loop to develop your business, as well as bringing Canadians to join in this business right now. So don’t miss this opportunity… Grab it earlier.

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