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Nowadays, you can see that several people have started promoting this new income/ system opportunity named LSN which stands for Lead system network. You can try searching for the same on Google and other search engines for detailed information as well as reviews and also about the ownership of the program. You would barely come across something that can get you acquainted with reality. You can find certain information with respect to its compensation plan, products as well as services. But you would not be sure of whether these services would actually make you some money or not from the information furnished. This review brings out the truth of the functioning of Lead System Network. 

What is Lead System Network?

LSN or Lead System Network is a marketing income/system opportunity which has been designed to provide people with resources as well as tools in order to aid them to promote any kind of business. However, there are several programs as of today that provide similar kind of pitches such as My Lead System Pro or Empower Network. Such programs typically provide you training as well as tools for the purpose of online marketing. On the other hand, the Lead System Network claims that they are quite different and unique from the rest.

What does LSN offer?

If you go through their videos pertaining to prelaunch, you may feel that what they are offering is quite interesting due to the variety of resources and tools equipped in their very basic level. The basic starts at a fee of $30 for a month.  LSN, in addition offers the “do it yourself” capture pages, on demand webinar platform, landing pages, blogging system, webinars, campaign manager, customisable auto responder and text SMS system along with many other tools. When you compare the charge of $30 per month against the provided tools you may feel that you receiving higher value for its worth. Despite the fact that the services are being offered at a cheaper price, the major concern with respect to these tools is its quality. Quality is where the system disappoints the users. 

Lead System Network compensation plan:

Very less information is available with respect to the compensation plan as a company is still in its prelaunch phase. The following is the breakdown of the compensation plan obtained from a video provided by the developers.

In the LSN program, the following products are offered:

  • The basic program is available at a charge of $30 per month.
  • Professional program is available a charge of $100 per month
  • Master distributor which is available for one time at a charge of $1000
  • Business partner which is available for one time at a charge of $2,500

People are attracted to the compensation plan as they find that there is a lot of potential in the Lead System Network. The truth is that there is a need to analyze the product in order to figure out whether it is a pyramid scam or a useless product. The company claims that it offers tools to the marketers. If a deep look is taken into the products, then you will find out whether it is worth investing in the product or not. Anybody can start a blog for free of cost. There is no need to spend money for running a blog. There are several auto-responders available for free. Why would you want to spend your money of nothing additional or unique service is being offered? Why would you require a chat room when there are plenty of free chat options such as Google Hangouts available? The pro package comes with mobile app creating tool. Again, there are free tools available for mobile app creation.   


The truth about commission 

The company promises 100% commission to its users. If you get commission, then how does the company actually make money? Who is paying for the tool costs if the company is offering you a lot of freebies? People are so excited that they can get $1000 upon registration. But the truth is that people do not think that they have to spend certain amount in order to complete the registration process. You need to spend $100 for pro and $30 for the basic package. In addition, the user needs to have 39 people to have under matrix and each need to pay $150 per month. Do you think that one would give you $1000 for nothing?

How much is earned and how much is lost? 

The amount earned is dependent on the number of customers who employ these tools. Each customer can fetch you $30 based on the package that you have chosen. If you are paying $ 150 per month, your earning is dependent on the number of people you personally decided to talk to in order to opt for the pro package.    

Here’s how you can earn from LSN:

If you desire to make some money from Lead System Network, you have to first become an affiliate of the company by paying $19.95 every month as an additional fee. For each and every sale of basic level which is charged at $30 a month, you earn 100% commission or anything that is agreed upon earlier by the company. In case of the professional level, which is charged at $100 a month, you end up getting up to $ 50 for each referral, which is going down in a 3×9 forced matrix. This implies that you spillover the referrals after the first 3 referrals and 9 levels deep. You can gain access to several tools in case of the master distributor level and you can end up earning around 100% commission. In other words, for a single sale you end up earning $1000 for a commission of 100%.  A commission of 100% is also paid in case of the business partner program. In other words, you end up earning $2500 for a single sale.

Although the overall look of the program seems pretty good, you have to consider the fact that it is still in the phase of pre-launch. The basic charge of $30 per month and $100 per month for professional level seems pretty good too. However, when it comes to the master level and the business partner level, you have to consider if $1000 for a single time use is worth the value provided by the program and it can only be tested after a few months from the full time launch of the product. The reality of your earnings depend on how many people can you convince to be a part of program. You will earn as long as they are investing money in the packages.

Things that do not make Lead System Network a great deal:

Any assumptions during this phase with respect to the product might be too early. However, hardly any information can be obtained with respect to the owner of the company no matter how hard you search.  There are few things that I do not like about the Lead System Network based on the information obtained so far:

  • No company page or about us page is available about the company apart from a short video which is been provided by the owners. No actual information has been provided about the company on their website anywhere. In addition, no information with respect to the address as well as the owner of the company is available.
  •  The platform used by the company for marketing systems has already been used. A marketing system has been made by me for my very own programs by using the same software which has been used by the Lead System Network. The software itself offers most of the tools which the lead system networks are offering.
  •  No information can be obtained about the leaders who appear in the promotional videos and they claim to have years of experience in Internet marketing as well as home based business.
  • Nothing can be found if you try to look up for the domain information and also no register as well as people can be found who are behind this program.

It has to be kept in mind that the above points are my very own personal opinion and a bit of time must be given to see how it turns out. It is quite hard to get yourself involved in a program in case you have no information with respect to the company, the quality of the offered services as well as the people who are behind it.

Is Lead System Network Scam?

It is not actually a scam. But however the complaints about LSN can start accumulating as no relevant information can be obtained about LSN, even on their website. In addition, for all we know they may be making people join them up for free by showing the best scenarios which are possible and by hyping the potential.

What can hurt LSN?

The one thing which can significantly hurt LSN is the lack of training. Majority of people who are promoting Lead System Network are basically spamming the newsfeed of Facebook in addition to fan pages and groups. This is one of the best ways in which one can promote a “free” program and also build a business which can have high potential income. Do you wish to be a part of somebody else’s business tactic? It is up to you to decide whether you want to get yourself used during the process.

Lead System Network


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Lead System Network

Lead System Network

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