Le-Vel Thrive Review

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I first learned about Le-Vel Thrive from a friend of mine who loves marketing. She brought me one of their products and told me to try it for a week. Being a good friend, I decided to take the plunge and try out the product for weight loss. After using it for one week, I was still as heavy as I was before and then decided to do a little more digging on Le-Vel Thrive.

About Le-Vel Thrive

Well for starters, I must say that their website is quite appealing. You will see women looking pretty nice and men with huge biceps. At first I thought it was a tech company, but after reading some texts and looking at their product range, I learned that they are a healthcare company. So basically, they sell healthcare products for both men and women as well as kids.

I took a closer look at the company. I clicked on the “Thrive Experience” and got two tabs there. One is for starting the experience (which runs for 8 weeks) and the other is for promoting the experience. I guess my good friend joined promote the experience. I clicked on the promote the experience tab and got two more tabs there. For you to promote the experience, you must be referred by someone who is a member there. As a result, this helped me decide that the company is another one of those MLM companies (multi-level marketing). By the way, Thrive is the product name and Le-Vel is the company name. Let’s go deeper into what the product is all about.

Product Line

The company has four product lines:

  • Thrive | M (for men)

  • Thrive | W (for women)

  • Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix

  • Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT

The Thrive M is a multivitamin capsule for men, as is the Thrive W for women. Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix is a blend of protein powder which can be added to smoothies. The Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT is a skin patch. Its name has been derived from Derma Fusion Technology which promises you mental clarity, weight management and better control of your appetite.

Protein powders are not new to health supplement users. However, it is the DFT patch that is new here and Le-Vel is the only company that provides it.

Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT

If I were asked to buy a patch, put it on my skin and then sit and watch my weight goes down, I would definitely be very happy. It all sounds too good to be true, which is why I’m reviewing this patch first. DFT makes a lot of promises which all seem too good to be true. It boasts your with mental acuity, assists you with weight and appetite management as well as ensures Bio-availability in your system. I don’t know what Bio-availability is, but I can tell what the others are.

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What Makes up The Patch?

Its ingredients include extracts from green coffee bean and green tea, coq10, garcinia cambogia, tetrahydropiperine, crocus extracts and white willow bark. When you wear the patch on your shoulder, the ingredients will seep into your system through the process of “derma fusion technology.” This way, the ingredients will work and give you all the health benefits mentioned above. However, I have not heard of the derma fusion technology before. I’m hearing it for the first time from Le-Vel.

The Results: I was not expecting to get the news that the patch works at all. How does ingredients in a patch seep through your skin and help you manage your weight? I strongly believe that this is nothing but a mind game. I checked some reviews online to see what other customers were saying and they all said it did not work at all. There were some positive reviews I found as well but as I said before, I believe it is all in the mind.

Thrive for Men and Women

Though these products are advertised separately, they contain ingredients that are very similar as well as promise the same results. The ingredients include Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, D3, selenium, folic acid, chromium and vanadium. The ingredients also contain a blend of other extracts from green coffee beans, grape seed and white tea extracts. A daily dose of the multivitamin capsule promises you:

  • Better weight management

  • Improved cognitive powers

  • Support for inflammation

  • Support for your joints

  • Anti-oxidant and Anti-aging powers

  • Support for lean muscles

The Results: I don’t think that the results would be different from using any other multivitamin. Since the dosage amounts are not included in the package, you won’t be able to tell whether you are meeting your daily dose requirements. Again, not all multivitamins work in the same way for all of us.

Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix

This capsule is a mix of probiotics, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, plant extracts, minerals and vitamins. The mixture is blended using micro potions of each of the stated ingredients.

The Results: This product promises great results only when you use it with either one of the other three products. This means that you will not benefit much when you take the product alone.


For you to gain the full experience of Le-Vel Thrive, you are advised to take advantage of almost all of their products. For instance, if you purchase Thrive W, you are encouraged to take the patch and the mix products. You will also be recommended to use even more of their other products, which I’ve not reviewed in this article. Well, see if can you afford these.

  • The Premium Lifestyle DFT patches cost $62 for a single purchase.

  • The premium Lifestyle Mix costs $52 for a single purchase

  • The Thrive M and W each costs $74 for a single purchase.

There are also bundles that ship two or more of these products together, but for a higher price. There is a program called the auto-ship program which I guess automatically ships your orders at any given time.

What about the Business Opportunity?

Well, for you to join the promote the experience plan, you must be referred by someone who already is promoting the experience. So what’s in store for you? If you wish to make money out of this, you should be ready to either buy and sell the products or invite people to join the Thrive Experience.

The first option is pretty expensive in my opinion. You must meet a certain QV (qualified volume) for you to be enrolled to the Le-Vel Thrive compensation plan. For example, if you wish to qualify to get $1000 in the first two weeks of joining, you are required to recruit at least four people in the auto-ship program and four brand promoters (like you) whose total QV is 1600.

The second option has already been discussed above. In my opinion, there’s just no way to recruit people if you do not sell the product to them. This again brings to light the whole thing of Multi-Level Marketing. To make a lot of money with Le-Vel, you need to be many levels up the pyramid scheme before you can buy yourself that luxurious car.

Should You Join Le-Vel Thrive?

Well, if you are a big fan of healthcare supplements, you might consider buying and using the products. The question of whether or not the products work is something that only you will live to tell us.

However, considering the business side of Le-Vel, I highly recommend that you thoroughly go through the terms and conditions as well as the pricing of the company. Let’s be honest, the price of the multivitamins is very high as compared to others available in the market. You should prepare some sort of capital to start the business of selling the brand name “Le-Vel Thrive.” Who would buy these highly priced products from you? Again, take a look at the referral program. Who would want to have products shipped to them throughout the year? I highly suggest that you look for another alternative of making money.

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After coming to this conclusion on Le-Vel Thrive, I decided to talk to my friend about looking for other alternatives of making money. Multi-Level Marketing is taking up much of her time and money, I guess.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, there is a website, namely Digital Altitude. It is an online coaching site that helps entrepreneurs start and grow their own profitable digital businesses. I believe that this alternative is far much better because you might gain skills that you can use over many years while making money online. They offer coaching and training through a course having six programs; Aspire, Base, Rise, Ascend, Peak and Apex. The first program, Aspire, comes at a trial price of just $1. For 14 days, you will be taken through the steps of getting your business from the conception phase to its running phase. After this program, you have the option of continuing with the program for $37 per month.

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Le-Vel Thrive Review

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