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Do your kids have a talent that is not being seen? As parents are you interested in enhancing your child career? Then is an exact place for your kids…. KidsCasting is a unique, 24/7 platform that focuses on providing all the casting for children as young as one week of age and children as old as 17. It’s a perfect place for parents who want to introduce their children to modeling and acting as a hobby or even as a future career. The team of experts is dedicated to making your experience with KidsCasting as informative and satisfying as possible. Whether you and your child already have some experience in the entertainment industry, or you are completely new to it, we are here to help you every step of the way. KidsCasting can be best compared to a job-hunting website.

What is

KidsCasting is a site that makes the difference. The purpose of KidsCasting is to help children realize their dreams enthusiasts. By working with the best entertainment and professional photographers from all over the country, KidsCasting offers a variety of launching calls specifically for children. No matter where you live, there is always a casting near you.

Tons of Opportunities:

  • Casting for kids
  • Acting for kids
  • Extra work for kids
  • Casting for Drama Narrative Short Film
  • Shades Connected Interactive Casting for all Student age actors
  • And much more opportunities available

KidsCasting allows you to create a portfolio for your child, which is similar to a CV. A portfolio should include the interests and abilities of your children, and a brief description of their appearance (hair color, eye color, etc.) The portfolio should also include a couple of photos of your child. Once done, the portfolio of your child is added to a KidsCasting database, and you’re set to apply to casting!

What Will You Get From

KidsCasting is the only casting platform that is strictly for children. With the help KidsCasting, you and your child can receive the incredible benefits, such as:

Development benefits – Creative activities play an extremely important role in child development. Introducing your child to acting and modeling can not only become their new favorite hobby, but it can give them important and useful skills that will have for the rest of their lives. For example, elevate their levels of trust, be a great tool for self-expression and to introduce them to many new friendships.

Financial Benefits – Modeling and acting jobs for kids can also be financially rewarding. KidsCasting offers many paid opportunities for children of all ages from child modeling of acting and performing. If you want some extra money for the toys of your children or are looking for something that can help children once they are in college, modeling and acting it is helpful in every way. Especially with college fees increasing every year.

Bonding Experience – If you have a small child or a teenager, there is nothing more important than spending time with them. Given that all children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the hearings, photo shoot, and services, modeling and acting can become a way to spend time together. Just imagine how it would be fun to go on a set of a movie or TV set or look at the process behind the scenes of a photo shoot! You and your child will bond more to have this new extraordinary experience, as well as gain access to the world you would ever have the chance to see otherwise!

Work Permits and Child Entertainer Labor Laws: provides information regarding the work permits of animation and child labor laws. Most states require minors to obtain a permit of entertainment work or certificate of employment. Contact your State Film Commission or state employment service office for information about the merger children in the entertainment industry. Please review the state laws regarding child employment in the sector of the show and, if necessary, follow the instructions on obtaining a work permit or a certificate of occupancy.


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  • The team of experts is dedicated to making your experience with KidsCasting as informative and satisfying as possible.
  • KidsCasting offers many paid opportunities for children of all ages


  • KidsCasting does not promise or facilitate employment.
  • There are no guarantees concerning the level of income the user may experience.


Overall I strongly recommend this… is ideal for parents who are trying to get their children into acting or modeling. They probably provide what a complete list of casting calls is! KidsCasting offers the most comprehensive list of casting in acting, modeling, singing and more. The service is very popular with parents who want their children to succeed. Appearing in television commercials and print ads is a great way to start a college fund for your child, buying your first car, to gain experience in front of the camera and get noticed by other roles. Children earn millions each year appearing in television commercials and print ads. Start the baby, child or teen today.

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