Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review

Read this in-depth review of Anik Singal Inbox Blueprint 2.0 from a real member that actually bought and tried the product.

Product Name: Inbox Blueprint 2.0

Product Creator: Anik Singal

Price: $597 x 3 or $1,497

Official Website: Click Here


What is Inbox Blueprint?

Inbox Blueprint was launched in January 2014 and is a great tool for internet marketers. If you are looking to build a successful email marketing business, then Inbox Blueprint is the most appropriate tool that you can utilize. This tool would not benefit you much if you have zero knowledge about internet marketing. It is aimed towards people who already have an online business and a basic understanding of the industry fundamentals. It is an online membership site that offers its members an online training course that covers all the aspects of email marketing. It can also be considered to be a software package that permits the users to perform all the actions and automate the entire process with the creation of opt-in pages.

Why to opt for email marketing?

There lies an immense moneymaking opportunity in a creation of lists. Email marketing is one of the easiest and popular ways to make money online. It involves promotion of products of people through the use of affiliate marketing. You can create a website, add content as well as get search engine rankings while getting paid for commissions. Everything seems to be quite easy when it comes to attracting traffic towards your website. But what happens when a visitor lands on your site is dependent on how you promote your services. You need to learn how to convert a visitor into a customer and what can be done to make them make purchases in the future which would become your source of recurring commission. It is when smart marketing strategies come in handy. You need to learn how to bait visitors by giving them free items so that they subscribe to your email notifications. There lies a great potential in email marketing, and this has what has been highlighted in Inbox Blueprint 2.0.

How to make money with Inbox Blueprint 2.0?

It is crucial to understand how this tool can benefit you rather than focusing on how much you can make utilizing it. Once you have a hold on the subject, you can do a much better job. Inbox Blueprint 2.0 helps people generate two kinds of income.

  • Active income

It is the quick commission that you can make while building your list and while running campaigns. It holds true if you utilize the Launchpad and use module 3. It helps one derive results the same day. Once the drives are stopped, the income generation will also stop.

  • Passive income

The list built by you gets used and continues to make money for years even once the campaigns are stopped. Even after you stop working on campaigns, you would be making commissions each time you send a newsletter or an email broadcast. It will help you build a passive income over time.

Features of Inbox Blueprint 2.0

The Launch Pad is an impressive piece of software that is cloud-based. It is offered through the member’s area, and one can create email campaigns in no time. Here are the simple steps that you need to follow while using the launch pad.


The users are requested to pick modern niches, a name for their campaigns as well as the subdomain. It implies that you can opt-in page can be hosted on the domain and you do not have to purchase any domains.

Email campaign

The users are requested to pick modern niches, a name for their campaigns as well as the subdomain. It implies that you can opt-in page can be hosted on the domain and you do not have to purchase any domains.3

Affiliate offer

It is the time to choose a tender based on any niche.

Free Report

This step offers you a free report. You can choose to customize the report. All you need to do is pick the email order and choose when to send it.

Funnel design

You just need to create an opt-in page with the help of the creator.


This step helps you to look over all the steps. You need to make sure that the information furnished by you is appropriate. It is your last chance to make modifications if you wish to or rectify any errors. Once you are done, you can get subscribers and start earning commissions.


Course overview

The entire course has been segmented into Introduction, training modules, member forum, replays, bonuses, WordPress academy, traffics academy and Success stories. Each module comprises of multiple lessons that cover a part of the development of models.

Module 1:

This step requires one to pick a niche. The best thing about this tool is that it does niche research which is not the same as offered by most of the courses online. It provides a clear understanding of why few slots make money whereas others fail while email marketing. The module teaches you how to make use of popular websites such as YouTube, Amazon, and Google for researching and testing the niche selection. It will help you know whether your niche would be a winner or not.

Module 2:

This module helps in the creation of an opt-in page. There is a lot of detail included in the opt-in page, and it covers everything from copy-writing to page style. It can be a free eBook, audio or a report. The simple gift offered with this tool gives you the credibility as a niche expert. It as well delivers the promise.

Module 3:

This module helps you learn how to make commissions right away. Indeed the strategies highlighted will ensure that you never lose any fees.

Module 4:

This module is referred to as the email machine overview and teaches the users how to send emails. This module covers a lot on autoresponders and shows how to send as well as track the emails.

Module 5:

This module covers emails and list relationship. It includes 11 lessons and is one of the most important modules in the entire course. It is because it covers the most crucial step of writing great emails. It includes information on how to promote products and offers a detailed insight into relationship building. One can set specific autoresponder sequences for campaigns which can be learned from this module.

Module 6:

This module covers payday secrets. You get to learn how to make money. It offers an idea of how to monetize niche and increase moneymaking opportunities.

Module 7:

This module teaches you how to get visitors to your page. You obviously need visitors for converting them into subscribers or leads. Ten traffic methods have been highlighted in this module, and additional five are offered as a bonus.

Module 8:

This module covers additional touches. If you have reached this stage, then you have already learned how to create a list and start making commissions. Few tested tips are shared with the users in this module which takes the entire experience to an entirely new level.

Additional Offerings:

The course covers access to member’s forum, bonuses, replays, traffic academy, WordPress College and success stories which can enhance your learning experience. The gifts include five of the top traffic sources and ideas about attracting 100 to 300 visitors per day. You get to learn SEO tactics that would offer you amazing bonuses.

Is Inbox Blueprint 2.0 worth your money?

If you are wondering whether Inbox Blueprint 2.0 works or not and how you can make money with it, then you need to read further for understanding the rare opportunity that is presented with the solution. Inbox blueprint two along with the bonuses and the launch pad will give you a competitive advantage over other online learners. This program is not for beginners. Inbox blueprint offers ideas about making money by making an initial investment which would amount to few hundreds of dollars. It would not be suitable for those who possess zero knowledge about how the online business world functions.


Is Inbox Blueprint 2.0 a scam?

No. Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is not a scam. It is a legitimate product and is squeaky clean. The product lives up to what is being promised. A top-notch program is delivered without any fluff. This solution is ideal for you if you are aware of how online businesses function. You just have to follow the instructions in the modules carefully. It will help you get the most of what is being offered in this online tutorial. There lies immense potential in email marketing. It is what is being harnessed in the modules being offered with Inbox Blueprint 2.0. It is certainly not a scam and hence worth trying if you have little experience in online marketing. You can take your business to a new level with email marketing with Blueprint 2.0. You would not regret investing your time and money in this solution as it has some great tips and tactics to offer.


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