Improvely Review

Improvely is a useful software for agencies and marketers who wish to maximize their revenue and conversions while streamlining their online campaigns. It can also help get rid of click fraud. It is known to be the best way to track clicks and conversions to make sure such campaigns are productive and efficient.

Improvely will give you a total solution to conversion, tracking visits, and the revenue generated from all the marketing campaigns performed online on a convenient spot for you. With this tool, online marketers are able to measure all their advertising and sales from ads and clicks, and they can also search for traffic. Its advanced source attribution tool helps marketers know the source of all their leads from referral links, web search, social media or paid search. Improvely also helps detect click fraud from scammers so that the marketers do not need to waste money on their competitors and the scammers.

This software does not need any installation, allowing marketers to see how their various campaigns react. It also allows them to test brand-new landing pages and reduces the costs of customer acquisition.

For marketers to be ahead in the online advertising industry, they have to be involved in so many platforms so as to reach their audience. However, it can get difficult to manage a lot of campaigns in various levels. Improvely solves such issues and helps campaign management a lot more cost-efficient than before. It is known to be a fantastic solution for any dilemma that most marketers are likely to face.

What is Improvely all about?

Improvely helps you identify the source of sale or signup on your website whether it comes from organic traffic or marketing campaign. It provides you with the key metrics for managing any campaigns at a single spot, such as conversions, visits, revenue, costs, profit, and CPA.

You can track all yours ads and also monitor systems inspecting every click in case of fraudulent activities. You will be alerted on any fraudulent click instantly, using tools needed for recovering your money and for avoiding losses.

Why do you need Improvely?

1. Click fraud wastes your money

Studies show that 17%-29% clicks on the web for paid ads are mainly fraudulent. These clicks mainly come from competitors and scammers, and they will definitely cost you unnecessary money while not making any sales and revenue.

2. Detect any fraud when it happens

You will get a state-of-the-art monitoring system for inspecting the source of every ad click throughout the day while tracking your ad campaign with Improvely. It does not matter whether the excessive clicks are coming from a certain country or competitors, Improvely will detect and let you know of such activity.

3. You can recover any money lost from PPC ads

Whenever a click fraud is detected, Improvely prepares a report showing all the details that are needed for you to report the issue to the search engine or site you used to advertise. These include the location, IP addresses, referring URLs and the time and date of all the suspicious clicks observed.

4. Deter and block fraudulent clicks

Affiliates and competitors that click on your ads to make money from you will get their fingers burnt eventually when they are caught and reported. Improvely will let them know you are aware of their nefarious activities, sending them a warning page whenever they click on your website. You will also get their IP addresses and the instruction to block your Bing or Google Ads from displaying on their computers.

Features and Functions of Improvely:

1. User Interface and setup

You do not need to download any software to benefit from its special features because Improvely is web-based. With improvely, it is easy to access your reports using your tablet, smartphone or computer that is connected with the internet. You just have to copy and paste its code to the website you run for your business and fill a form to create tracking links for all the ads you display. After logging into your account on Improvely, you will see a well-organized and neat dashboard showing a chart for each individual site. Its top panel has various menus used to switch to reports, tools, projects and affiliate links.

2.  Conversions, Revenue, Traffic and Tracking Ads

You can view the performance metrics for each site or project on the dashboard for all the campaigns you create which include revenue, cost, profit, visit, and conversions. This tool can also track links from any ads irrespective of where they may be advertised from, including PPC, text links, banners, and e-mails.

The section for reports allows you to go deep into the reports that concern organic traffic, ad traffic, tracking links and searching traffic. It easy to filter the site traffic just by applying one or more dimensions, like keywords, landing pages, search engine, ads, campaign and location, URL, time, keyword and referring URL.

Also, this tool enables A/B split tests to run on landing pages which make it very easy for even a beginner to try, since it requires no knowledge of coding. It also shows the profile of each visitor which helps improve key metrics that are used for tracking customers that come from different ad services.

3. Real-time Updates

All the metrics and reports that it provides are updated in real-time while interaction goes on with your website. This enables you to react promptly to the new links coming in and also search queries and all marketing campaign changes. You will have instant access to upgrades and instant updates with Improvely as far as you are a member and you pay no additional cost.

4. Prevention of Click Fraud

Improvely’s real-time tracking helps you protect your ads with their click fraud detector. This detector keeps an eye on all campaigns and makes sure that any fishy click activity gets identified and stopped. This helps you not to pay for fraudulent clicks by scammers. You get a full and detailed report immediately with details like referring URLs and IP addresses report to the site or search engine you used for advertising. Improvely can even show these scammers a warning page instead of your site when they carry out these nefarious activities. Also, you fetch the IP addresses they use to avoid displaying your Google or Bing ads to them.

5. Protection and Security

It is possible to hide your URLs destination from visitors by using cloaking ability of the link. Improvely acts like a link cloaker, it controls what you want to be displayed in the Title and Address bars of any browser. Your keyword lists and ads can also be protected from affiliate managers who might have intentions of stealing them.

6. One-Stop Tracking

Clicks and sales can be tracked from all the places where you run your ads which include Google Adwords, Bing ads, Microsofr AdCenter, Facebook ads, Twitter ads and many others. All the key metrics of yours will be reported, like organic and search, cost and revenue, ad campaigns performance and all other marketing efforts that you have made. The information of all of them would be displayed for you on the dashboard, showing reports with graphs, reports, and red charts.

7. Affiliate Marketers Tools

Services rendered by Improvely are compatible with all the leading affiliate and advertising networks. All the tools needed for tracking the source of every affiliate commission are also provided. This allows the link cloaking of the link that hides your links’ destination from visitors who come to your site. You will have full control over all the text your site displays for its URL and in the title bar, and also advances redirected depending on geo-location or IP location of the user.

8. Agency Features

Improvely has a lot of agency features. Apart from being compatible with Google Analytics, you will also get the option to allow the clients to access the reports of your company. Moreover, you can send out customized branded emails which provide any data and reports you want them to see. You are also allowed to create multiple logins as well as sub-accounts, allowing different members in your organization to have access to your account. The reports generated can be exported to Excel files which can also be viewed offline.


  • It is a hosted service
  • Can combat click fraud
  • Has insight for marketing campaign
  • Real-time Updates
  • Third-party Integration
  • Supports different online ads


  • It might be a little expensive for small agencies

Bottom Line:

Improvely is a very reliable tool which is commonly used for ad tracking, web analytics, conversion rate optimization and web conversion tracking.

It is recommended to use Improvely if you use digital banners, social media or even SEO advertising to increase your sales. You should really expect accurate ROI measurement as well as excellent insight on how effective each of your digital campaign is.

You will get a 2-week trial facility with this software which is a good opportunity for all internet marketers to try it. This software gives you a first-hand experience on streamlining your budget and management so as to get the best results.

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