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Over 100 million people currently require oversight due to different patterns of memory deterioration. Are you worried about your loved one wandering with dementia? If you’re looking for the best modern technology to keep your loved ones safe? Need an alternative monitoring solution? Imagine how about a GPS tracking devices inside your shoes! Here, in this review, I’m going to share an incredible tracking product for those living with Dementia. GPS Smart Sole is the new wandering and tracking device founded by GTX Corp, a publicly traded company. It is a great tool for us to leave our loved ones to live independently under caring, watching eyes. It is the best wearable GPS tracking solution for those who wander and those who need to be monitored. It comes in an easy, comfortable way to the inside of shoes. GPS Smart Sole is the first GPS wearable tech company in the world.

What is GPS Smart Sole?

GPS Smart Sole is the best hidden, wearable tracking and recovering solution. This patented GPS Smart Sole is wearable and not visible in which it is stigma-free monitoring. It is the best wandering recovery solution hidden inside your smartphone. It is smart which insoles fit comfortably into your shoes. No need to remember to carry an individual tracking device where it hidden on their shoes and go as they would normally. It is suitable for many people who are suffering from advanced memory disorders typically remember to wear shoes.

It feels like regular insoles where your loved ones will be tracked wherever they go. It helps them to remain free from the stigma of other wearable trackers that can be visible by others. No need for any struggle and anxiety where you can be free from the lock on bracelet trackers. With this new innovative technology, you can be free from your stress and be peace of mind.

Product Description:

  • Thicker than a typical insole.
  • Two trim to fit sizes.
  • Men’s 5 wide size and Women 7 wide size.
  • Water resistant.
  • Micro GPS chip built into the insole.
  • The chip contains a battery and a sim card.
  • Long battery life.

GPS Smart Sole Reviews

How Does GPS Smart Sole Works?

GPS Smart Sole is a waterproof insole that hides the wireless tracking technology in your shoes. It is embedded with a quadband cellular modem with a preloaded sim that works anywhere in the world. GPS Smart Sole is the fantastic and potential life-saving product with a miniature of GPS tracking device. It uses the Gps and cellular communication networks that help in transmitting the location of the insole. The central monitoring system is linked to the internet and accessible to the individuals with the secure and encrypted manner. The portal helps in checking the location of the Smart Sole. Once the Gps is activated, you can easily monitor the location of your loved ones directly from your smartphone or computer. This product includes a pair of insoles, wireless charger, Geozone for real-time alerts, free tracking app for smartphones.

  • Location Data Sent- GPS Smart Sole uses cellular networks in which every 5 minutes it sends you a location updates to the GTX corp monitoring system.
  • GTX Corp Monitoring- The caregivers can easily get accessed with the location data charted on the map where you can instantly go to your online account or with the SmartLocator app.
  • Alerts Sent To You- This monitoring system sends you geozone alerts via email or text message with a link to the last updated location.

What Are The Benefits Of Using GPS Smart Sole?

  • GPS Smart Sole is a discreet, non-invasive where your loved ones no need of carrying it for the entire day.
  • Using the simple tracking portal from your computer, or smartphone you can find your loved ones instantly.
  • This product is completely sealed with a polyurethane material that makes them water resistant.
  • It will be very beneficial for anyone in any situation to track their location and know about their demand.
  • A simple device that slips into a shoe with new technology to bring to market with push notifications.

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  • It shares you the real-time location update on your own devices.
  • GPS Smart Sole offers you complete peace of mind.
  • It is the incredible solution for the people who were wandering with dementia.
  • The device works even at abroad with no extra cost.
  • This tracking device is invisible.
  • It is smooth and straightforward to set up.
  • The battery life will last up to three days.


  • All it needs to be charged once in the three days. It is the main issue many people facing with this product.
  • GPS Smart Sole is available online only. Without a stable internet connection, you cannot access this product.

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Finally, I feel very pleased to share my thoughts on this review. Hope it will be beneficial to make the right decision of buying this tracking device. The way it works will just amaze you. This simple tracking device empowers your loved ones with full care and support. It provides you the feel of staying nearby with them. I love GPS Smart Sole. Hope you too. It is truly a lifesaver for us. I’m so confident using this tracker for the few days; you will feel like there is no better product than this. It is highly affordable and accurate. GPS Smart Sole is about something innovative fashion and trend.

Trust me! It is the excellent tracking and wandering assistive technology you’d ever find. GPS tracking is virtually invisible. Get your GPS Smart Sole today! Be connected with your loved ones without worrying about them.

GPS Smart Sole Amazon

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