Game Loot Network Review

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Of late, a lot is being said and written about Game Loot Network. So it is very likely that you have heard of this mobile gaming MLM company too, as well as the money it claims you can earn by joining its affiliate network. So how true is all of this, and what can you expect from all the hype surrounding Game Loot Network? Come, let’s take a look!

Background and Introduction

Games Loot Network is one of the many companies trying to make a foray into the mobile gaming business, and it has a prelaunch in May 2015. Those who are affiliated to the Game Loot Network get access to a mobile gaming platform, which is known as The Fun Zone. It is a live mobile gaming community, and allows its affiliates the chance to win prizes and earn money, while providing an interactive set up for the gamers. This mobile gaming platform can be accessed for free or by purchasing tokens, which come in different bundles.

What to expect?

Everything about the Game Loot Network sounds quite lucrative, but how true would all the claims turn out to be is the legitimate question. Of course, who wouldn’t want to earn that extra buck, but many a time before signing up for something like this, it is always advisable to do some background checks. To be honest, such schemes often end up being a sham, so if you want to tread cautiously, you are not to blame. We will now take a look at the key features of this scheme and see for ourselves whether it will end up benefiting us, or go down as a Ponzi scheme in the long run.

It’s a New Company

Games Loot Network had a prelaunch in May 2015, so one fact to be kept in mind is that it is a new set up. Going by the number of gaming network marketing companies coming up in the not so distant past, we can’t be sure how successful will any new entrant be. Will you end up earning what this scheme promises you, or will you end up losing what you put in? This is a question you need to ponder over before getting affiliated to the Game Loot Network.

Conflicting Information

The first thing to catch one’s attention initially was the contradicting information provided by Game Loot Network’s LinkedIn profile and its website. Per the LinkedIn profile page, the company was based out of Arizona, but the contact page on its website highlights some other address in Missouri. This is bound to raise a red flag. Also, a new company cannot afford to be careless about providing such information at the very start of its innings. This would make many of its potential investors doubtful of its authenticity. On top of this, a more detailed investigation shows that there are a number of other businesses operating out of the same address in Missouri, further raising our hackles. Earlier, the terms and conditions of the website mentioned that it is governed by the laws of the state of Georgia, which added to the confusion. This information has now been rectified, but a key piece of information being ignored hints that these terms and conditions were copied from some other source without a proper check. Also, this huge error went undetected for quite some time, which is concerning.

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No Information on Key Contacts

Although the Game Loot Network’s website has a contact us page, it is surprising to see that there is no information on who owns this company, or who is it operated by. If you are to check the name of the domain owner, it is a certain Mr. Lance Baker. However, if you are to dig deeper to find Mr. Baker’s relation to Games Loot Network, the only connection we can see is that he had written an ebook titled “Game Loot: Grab Your Piece of the Mobile Gaming Revolution”. So if he has a stake in the company, it is surprising that his name doesn’t feature anywhere on the website. This is sure to shake the confidence of anyone trying to get affiliated with this scheme.

Products Offered

As noted earlier, access to the Fun Zone is either free or through paid tokens. The point to be noted is that only the initial access is free, post which tokens need to be purchased in order to unlock other features provided by the platform. The tokens can be bought for as less as $10 for 50, but the packages go up till $1000 for 5000 tokens. The latter is quite a hefty sum, and it is rare to see a legitimate gaming company asking users to pay up such a large sum in a single transaction. Also, you need to be part of the affiliate plan offered by Game Loot Network in order to purchase the tokens. The site doesn’t provide any retail offerings. So if you just want to test the waters first, it’s not really possible without getting affiliated, and spending more than what you plan.

Qualifying for Commissions

Game Loot Network affiliates can earn money by recruiting new members from their networks, or by buying tokens. However, there is a catch here. In order to be eligible for commissions as promised by this scheme, affiliates need to spend a good sum of money every month on tokens. This means you are spending money to get your commissions, which doesn’t really sound like a very good proposition. In fact, this makes the entire scheme sound fishy to start with. There are other conditions too. If a new affiliate buys Fun Zone tokens, the referrer gets a 10% commission. However, it is to be noted that this is active only for the first 30 days of the new affiliate’s membership.

Moving Up The Affiliate Ranks

Just like qualifying for commissions, the rules are similar when it comes to making your way up through the affiliate ranks. Even the lowest rank (Premium Gamer) would require the affiliate to recruit at least one new member, and also spend $10 every month on tokens for the Fun Zone. Similarly, to obtain the highest rank titled Ambassador, one would need to spend $100 every month, as well as recruit and sustain at least 15 affiliates. Moreover, the 15 affiliates in question should be active members of the Game Loot Network.

Is It a Scam?

Though the Game Loot Network cannot be called a total scam, it has other issues that might deter people from joining its affiliate network. The company doesn’t do any retail business as mentioned before. So this puts off many prospective members who would want to test it first before investing a heavier sum of money. Also, the monthly fee that needs to be doled out by the affiliates is high, especially for the higher ranked members. Add to it the pressure of recruiting new affiliates. If we are to look at this aspect, we can see that only those paying for higher priced memberships have a real shot at earning good money.

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Other Issues

One key factor that puts us off is the absence of information on the management or the owners. Additionally, the fact that this scheme is entirely dependent on recruiting new members makes us think that the Game Loot Network is treading on slippery ground. So this means that once new affiliates stop signing up for this scheme, there is a high possibility that this entire set up would collapse. The unknown or unverified owners will end up benefiting with the money put in by the affiliates. So it won’t be surprising if the people behind this scheme end up pocketing all of the money and leave the investors cum affiliates in the lurch.

As already highlighted abone, Game Loot Network isn’t a sham in totality, but it’s not a very safe option for those with limited knowhow of marketing, since this is a key factor in helping people maintain their affiliates. If we are to compare Game Loot Network to other options in the fray, we would recommend Digital Altitude. Firstly, this business opportunity comes with a proper set of products, which works greatly in its favor. To provide some context, the brain behind Digital Altitude is Michael Force, who is a seasoned internet marketing guru. This company sells services and products related to domains like social media marketing, generating traffic and running online businesses among others. So as an affiliate, you would be selling different training courses on internet marketing. There are multiple affiliate levels that can be signed up for, and has so far proven to be a good new business opportunity for many people looking for new earning avenues. So you might want to try out Digital Altitude too!

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Game Loot Network Review

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