FOCUS T25 Review

Author: Shaun T

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Most of the people are feeling difficult to lose their body weight and they are too lazy to follow the diet plan, exercises, supplements in their busy schedule. Because they are searching for an easy way to lose sluggish fat, body weight as well as eagerly waiting to turn fit like a teenager with perfect body shape and fitness. If you really want to get desired body shape with rock-solid lean muscle core than start using this Focus T25 program right now and just follow the included workouts for 25 minutes per day with given the schedule to have the best result in few days.

What is the Focus T25?

Focus T25 is the best workout program which focuses on stubborn fat from trouble parts of your body to lose fat effectively as well as guide you to get slim with desired body shape in just few day. This program is specially designed to deliver best results by following this efficient workout and have the clear focus on intensity to have desired body shape at expect time. Here Shaun uses this FIT to develop their body muscle from biceps to obliques, glutes to shoulder, abs to quads to attack the complete body without any rest because by using only 25 minutes workout you are going to sculpt your body to remove fat as well as building lean muscle mass for fitness. This program never compels you to sacrifice your happiness on eating your favorite foods or wearing your dreamed dresses without any worries. When you start using Focus Interval Training (FIT) for 25 minutes with only intensity and no rest, sure it will deliver the best result like the effects of 60 minutes workout.

How Does Focus T25 Can Work For You?

Shaun T has shown the truth about the included 25-minute workouts which can help everyone to lose some stubborn fat from all the parts of your body and even more effective when comparing it with 60-minute workouts. This program discussed two cycles of workouts like Alpha Cycle and Beta Cycle to start modifying your body with the desired shape.

1) Alpha Cycle – The Foundation: In Alpha training, you can build your powerful foundation, if you make your foundation fully strong. That can change your total body fitness. Also, there’s a modifier, so anyone can do this workout easily.

  • Cardio – This is a 25 minutes cardio workout, it helps to burn your calories rapidly.
  • Speed 1.0 – If you do your workout rapidly, you can get the result immediately.
  • Total Body Circuit – This workout focus your overall strength, you don’t need to lift a single weight equipment.
  • Ab Intervals – This Cardio and Ab intervals melt your fat from the midsections.
  • Lower Focus – This workout focuses your lower section for kicking up your metabolism.

2) Beta Cycle – Focus the core: BETA training is characterized by new dynamic movements that transfer your body and fitness to a new level. Plus, each and every workout will be focused on your core, so your abs will be shredded too!

  • Core Cardio – This progressive cardio training is about how you quickly you getting shredded.
  • Speed 2.0 – Flip it all up with Shawn’s calories, focused on the core.
  • Rip’t Circuit – This Rip’t Circuit takes just 25 minutes.
  • Dynamic Core – You will move from the vertical to the horizontal and back in this dynamic, crazy core routine.
  • Upper Focus – Shaun will help you develop the upper part of your dreams. All you have to do is concentrate.

What Will You Get From Focus T25?

Quick-Start Guide – Use this step-by-step guide for reach your best results.

Get It Done Nutrition Guide – This nutrition guide is simple, it includes a simple to make meals for five days. It just needs 5 ingredients to prepare.

Alpha-Beta Workout Calendars – Author gives you each day’s workout, so there’s no guesswork. All you have to do is focus on it!


  • Stretch Workout
  • 5-Day Fast Track
  • B-Lines Resistance Band
  • 24/7 Online Support

What Will You Learn From Focus T25?

  • In this program, you can learn how to melt fat by using sweat drenching cardio for 25 minutes to ignite your body quickly and speed the fat melting process for having good results.
  • The included workouts completely focus on strength as well as resistance without using any weight lifting equipment and no need to lift any weight.
  • When you follow the ab interval and cardio, sure you can remove fat from the midsection of your body and build the solid core of lean muscle with fitness effectively.
  • Here you can find the key to boosting your body metabolism and activates the proper function of all the inner organs to work properly.
  • You can easily speed the process with dynamic moves to have the craziest result and achieve the dreamed body by having complete focus.


  • Focus T25 offers the friendly manual to make you understand easily.
  • It will offer quick start guide with step by step instruction to achieve best results.
  • Here you can get it done nutrition guide to have the list of meals and daily diet with required nutritions to sky high desired fitness.
  • You can also get alpha-beta workout calendar to follow it by given schedule on each and every day.
  • It is highly effective and affordable by everyone.
  • This guide came along with money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied.


  • It doesn’t make any promise to make you slim at overnight, but once you start following the steps and instruction, sure you can get the best result very soon.
  • Without an internet connection, you are not able to access this program, because it is available in online only.


Overall – I strongly recommend this Focus T25 program. Many folks already get good results from this program. Focus T25 is a DVD training program designed to give you a beautiful body in just 25 minutes a day. It requires mental strength and willingness to break the sweat. In this program, you will get ten workouts from calendars, as well as the bonus from the beta phase. Also, you will be given a Focus T25 nutrition guide. Along with this, you will also find a resistance band that can beautifully replace dumbbells. If you are not satisfied with your result after 30 days, You just send a mail to the author he will refund your every single penny. Even you don’t need to return the workout DVDs.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download it now..

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