Fap Turbo 3.0 Review – Scam or Real? Read Before Join

Fap Turbo 3.0

Software Name: Fap Turbo 3.0

Creators Name: Steve Carletti, Mike & Uli.

Official Website: CLICK HERE

fap turbo 3.0 review

The Fapturbo 3 software is a multi-intelligence, high expert forex robot trading system. This software is a new advanced design by Steve Carletti, an expert IT programmer. Fapturbo is currently the most effective and successful Forex trading robot in the market. The software is an automated robot that performs live forex trading on your accounts using a highly structured intelligence system. Ffapturbo has been in the forex trading scene for a while with the Fapturbo 1 and 2 versions. The newest version, Fapturbo 3 is an incredibly smart robot that trades successfully on mini and large accounts. The entire trading process is automated and performed by the Fapturbo software. A distinct feature of Fapturbo 3 compared to the previous versions is that it does not only deal with currencies but also with Bitcoin and assets such as gold.

Insights on Forex trading?

If you are new to the forex trading business, here is a brief summary of what it is about. “Forex” or “FX” is an acronym for Foreign exchange. This trading system involves the selling, buying or exchange of a currency for another between traders on the Forex platform. The Forex market involves about eight major currencies in the world creating room for multiple opportunities. A trader concurrently buys and sells currencies based on predictions on the value trends of the currencies. The trading system works with prediction of the appreciation or depreciation of the currency. Forex traders make profits through the right predictions on the value of currencies. Forex trade involves calling the right shots between two options: “Go short” and “Go long”. To begin a Forex transaction, you are to first initiate (choose) a base currency- dollars or pounds. Then, the trader is to speculate if the base currency is going to fall against another currency or rise against it. If you predict that your base currency will fall, then you “Go short”- sell it; if you however speculate that your base currency will rise against the competing currency (counter currency), you “Go long-”- buy it. The price at which you buy a currency is known as the “Ask price” while the price at which you are willing to sell your currency is known as the “Bid price”The right predictions on the trend of a market will result in profit or loss. Your profit comes when you buy lesser and sell higher. Forex trading business runs all day long for the whole week even through holidays. Every Forex trading or transaction is performed online on a global network with no physical venue or location for exchange. The fluctuation of currencies also provides more trading chances. Forex trading is a leveraged system. A little percentage of your whole deposit is required to place a forex trade which places the probability of gaining or losing on a significantly inclined level than the conventional trading system. Forex trading seems a little complicated and requires rigorous thinking for prediction, hence the need for an auto trader like Fapturbo 3.

How does Fapturbo 3.0 work?

Fapturbo 3 is neuro-patented software with high intelligence for forex trading. The software is completely automated and runs trading on an autopilot system. This automated forex trading application uses a combination of sequences and algorithms to make right predictions on the appreciation and depreciation of the value of currencies. The Fapturbo robot also trades based on the information garnered by its intelligence. The software also has the intelligence to trade multiple currencies at once. The Fapturbo 3 software also trades effectivey with Bitcoin- a cryptocurrency generated from a combination of sequences and comolicated mathematical puzzles. It is also used to trade commodities such as gold and silver.

Features of Fapturbo 3.0:

Fapturbo 3 has some unique features which makes it the software of choice in Forex trading.

  • It is 100% automated- you do not need t sit with your forex account to monitor the trade all day. Just sent in the parameters for trading and the robot does it all.

  • You are not restricted to trading just currencies. The Fapturbo 3 software trades Bitcoin as well as commodities.

  • The rate of profit is high- the intelligenc of the system makes it qu1ite easy to gather accurate information on the market trends of a currency and make profitable decisions.

  • You do not need a huge deposit to start using the software for trading. You can start with an amount as little as $50.

  • The software has access to a large market. Approximately $3 trillion is traded globally per day.

  • The software is operational all through the Forex trade hours. It is non-stop and allows a wider chance to scoop profit.

  • Regardless the number of people using the Fapturbo 3 software, its efficiency and profit rate does not decline.

  • Excellent technical support is provided to assist you while using the Fapturbo software

  • The software is secured and verified by Forex expert advisors (EA).

  • The Fapturbo 3 is independent on single currency pairs

fap turbo 3.0

How to start using Fapturbo 3.0

Using the Fapturbo 3 software starts with no payment. The programmer of the Fapturbo 3 made the software available on a 7-day free trial after which a monthly payment of just $39.95 follows. Then you make a minimum deposit of $50 and you are on for live trading with the robot. The software automatically updates and synchronizes, so you don’t need to keep downloading repeatedly.

Who can use Fapturbo 3.0?

Fapturbo 3 is very flexible software and it can be used by:

  • Forex trading beginners- the intelligence of the Fapturbo software fills up the laxity of an amateur forex trader by doing all the required thinking and prediction. There are proven results of this.

  • Intermediate forex traders with appreciable level of Forex trading experience

  • Veteran forex traders

  • Busy forex traders- some traders may have other commitment which reduces their chances and amount of time to actively participate in the market. The Fapturbo 3 is the best alternative to participate in forex trade and do your daily routine

Profitable tags of Fapturbo 3.0

  • The backtests of this software has shown lot of profits

  • It is 100% handsfree

  • The risk scaling is automatic

  • The trading activity is quite high. The software can perform about 10-20 trades weekly

  • The software offers high protection system for spread

  • The installation process is pretty simple- it is just a click

  • The Fapturbo 3 software allows multiple currencies trading

  • The software has a loss prevention built-in feature

  • There is an extremely low drawdown

fap turbo 3.0


  • It is very easy and simple to use. It is very helpful for forex trading beginners

  • It requires little start-up money

  • It can be used by both amateur and veteran forex traders

  • It has a global huge market

  • It can trade in multiple major currencies (six precisely)

  • It supports Bitcoin and commodities trade

  • The winning rate is quite high- about 99% on a weekly basis

  • The software is highly transparent

  • There are lots of trading opportunities daily

  • The software generates profit anytime in the day without a single touch by the user

  • The results of trading are transmitted live within minutes

  • The software gets updated information on the market trends

  • It does not require prior knowledge on forex trading before use

  • It offers 24/7 technical support

  • The interface is user-friendly and simple to navigate

  • The system acquaints you with accredited brokers

  • There is 60-days money refund guarantee on the software


  • It is only accessible online- a fast and secured internet connection is required for its operation

  • It also requires stable electricity supply or strong battery power to run at length

Is Fapturbo a scam?

It is quite easy for people to discourage potential users of the efficiency of a product. The Fapturbo 3 software is a totally REAL system with success results. Here are some basic points to clear your doubts

  • The developer of the software is a trusted expert with many years of experience in IT

  • The backtest and live test results show accurate and real winnings (profit)

  • The software is verified by accredited EA labs

  • There is a 24/7 administrative support provision

  • There is a money refund guarantee if a customer is unsatisfied with the outcome of the Fapturbo 3 software

Then the question arises- why will a scam system offer to refund your money? The answer is simply because the Fapturbo 3 is REAL. It is thus highly recommended.


A lot of times we wish we joined some trading systems based on the profits others realize. However, the constraint comes from lack of knowledge on the subject matter. The Fapturbo 3 software is built around this cause- acquainting people to trading system they know nothing about with the main goal of making them rich. The Fapturbo robot has the intelligence of a veteran forex trader and has relatively high chances of making profits for you – whether you are a newbie or a stack professional. So, if you wish to make awesome profits on Forex trading, the Fapturbo 3 is your best call.

fap turbo 3.0 free download

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