FanPage Domination Review

The product we are reviewing today is called Fan Page Domination. It is created by Anthony Morrison and is available in the market for an amount of $1497. It basically is a high end internet marketing course that is design to help a user out in different marketing related tasks. These include creating Facebook page to bring in a lot of traffic, creating massive email lists and other techniques to get a hold of lots of users to generate a good income stream. A few details on different aspects of this product are given below for your convenience and understanding.

What is FanPage Domination?

This high end training course is designed to offer you an insight regarding different features of Facebook and how it may be used to generate a huge amount of traffic through page views, shares and likes. Fan page domination makes use of a four stage model that might be used for attracting thousands of users regardless of the kind of page you are willing to promote.

The program also guides you by using different live examples in collaboration with an actual Facebook page so that you might be able to understand the exact ways to implement this information within your niche.

About the creator, Anthony Morrison

Before getting into the actual functionality of the program, it is important to get a hold of the profile of the creator of fan page domination. His name is Anthony Morrison and he owns a number of different kinds of businesses. In order to help the common people out, Morrison decided to compile all of his marketing skills and entrepreneurial knowledge in the form of a course that turned out to be highly effective as endorsed by many users.

How does it work?

Fan page domination course is sub divided into 4 different phases. A few details on each of them are given below.

1st Phase: Creating a fan page

The 1st phase of the program deals with creating a facebook fan page. Morison explains how a user might be able to creative an attractive and indulging Facebook page to attract the attentions of the maximum number of users. This phase also explains different tools like surveys and auto responders that you may use in order to make your fan page even better.

2nd phase: Build & Grow

The second phase explains what kind of content you need to post on your fan page in order to get the maximum amount of views, likes and shares. This phase is of vital importance as you need a lot of users to share your content in order to multiply your page views and generate additional revenues by monetizing the content. It also explains why it is important for you to put in all your resources, time and efforts into developing and growing your page rather than going for the short term cash out. Morison tries to explain the importance of developing a long term relationship with your fans so that they start trusting you before you even start trying to sell them anything.

3rd phase: Scale & Launch

The third phase discusses all you need to know about Facebook live, one of the most powerful features of Facebook. Morison reveals different secrets about things you need to do in order to grab the attentions of thousands of viewers at the same time by making use of the right kind of content in your live feed.

4th phase: Monetize & Profit

The best part of the course is the 4th phase that explains all you need to know about monetizing your fan page and making profits out of it. Several different techniques that might be used to achieve this task are discussed in this regard. Morison explains how offering people a prize comes in very handy at making them loyal and more interested in your page. The prize may be offered by conducting a competition or lucky draw of some kind so that the users feel a sense of competition and their ability to compete get triggered. This is a highly powerful technique that comes in very handy when it comes to social media marketing and you can learn all about it after getting the fan page domination course.


There are limitless learning prospects when it comes to the fan page domination program. But if you are interested in the most prominent and notable advantages that the program has to offer, you can go through the list given below.

  • It explains how to get thousands or even millions of followers and subscribers
  • It explains how a profitable Facebook page might be created
  • It explains different techniques that might help you generate the highest quality of content that might attract the attentions of the maximum number of users
  • It explains how you may generate a steady stream of income though your page
  • It explains how you may overcome all your fears and use the Facebook Live feature in order to attract the attentions of several thousand viewers at once


There is only one major con of the program and that is, it is a bit expensive. But if you analyze what you are giving up and what you are gaining in return, you will come to learn that it is a pretty fair trade.

The verdict

This review of Fan Page Domination discusses every aspect of the different features offered by the program. So in the light of all those arguments, it may be concluded that Fan Page Domination is a high end social media marketing training course that has the ability to turn your life around by explaining to you all the different details involved in making the right use of social media fan pages to generate a steady income stream. The strategies and techniques discussed in the program are equally good for any niche that you are working on. In other words, buying Fan Page Domination is totally worth spending your money as you are going to get it back before you know it.

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