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Are you looking for a way to make some extra cash? Well, then you are just like me. In my quest to take advantage of the digital age, I have come across many sites that promise to help you make that extra cash. Some of them had legitimate offers which generated some cash, but the cash was just enough to pay for the gas bill or something inferior. I needed much more than that. This is how I came across Exitus Elite, which promised a minimum amount that was very attractive to me.

What is Exitus Elite?

What caught my eye when I visited the website was the offer to earn $1,300 per month for every product sale you would make. That is a great amount, isn’t it? I had to read deeper to understand how this works. Well, it turned out that Exite Elite is nothing else but one of those online businesses that require you to be referred by someone else to join. However, let me break down the whole scenario for you.

Exitus Elite is an online business that is designed to help you gain success with your online business. So, you must first have proper knowledge on online business to even think of joining Exitus Elite. How does the company will help you succeed? You will have to first join through a referral. Once you join, you will have access to some resources, such as lead captures, use of replicated websites, auto-responders as well as some training. These will help you boost your online business. Therefore, the aim of Exitus Elite is to give you some stuff that will help you make money from your online business. The most glaring words on the site are “No cold calling, No explaining, No selling, No recruiting.” Well, let’s keep digging.

Exitus Elite Products

I’m a bit familiar with multi-level marketing sites. I think this is one of them. The fact that the site says there is “no recruiting” is simply not true. You will get the necessary resources for your online business, but you will also have to refer other people to join Exitus Elite. Is this important? Just take a look at the product.

  • The Genesis Library

This is the only product that is available for Exitus Elite members. This is where the tons of resources needed to help you with your online business are stored. The resources are divided into three categories:

1) Marketing

Training here focuses on the different forms of marketing for online businesses. These are email marketing, advertisements, voice broadcasts, videos as well as social media. This program touts to help you learn different marketing strategies in order to boost the sales in your online business.

My Opinion: I must say that this one is a very crucial training program for anyone thinking of starting an online business. Making your brand known in the market is important and you will definitely need some help for marketing online.

2) Development

This program focuses on both your personal and professional development. I had to click on “View The Genesis Library” to get more info on what is offered here. There are 24 audios from about 20 different speakers. The speakers are experts in the field of digital or internet marketing, and they are there to help you. Some of the speakers include people like Evan Klassen, Darren Little, Greg Gomez, Jack Zufelt, Steph Perez among others.

My Opinion: I had to individually Google some of the people listed as speakers in the audios. They come from different fields, but now involved in the personal development and marketing fields. I think it is a good idea to have these speakers, as they may have valuable lessons to teach from their experiences in their respective fields.

3) Health

For you to succeed as an entrepreneur, you have to make sure that your business as well as your body is healthy. The health program focuses on giving you audio tutorials from Dr. Wayne Pickering. He teaches six key points on health which include exercise, clean water, starting a healthy lifestyle, an introduction to health,  Altitude and optimal nutrition. 

My Opinion: These are great lessons to learn and I agree that an entrepreneur should stay healthy in order for them to enjoy the fruits of their hard work. 


Verdict on the Product

Well, I have not discussed the pricing of this program up until this point. The whole package can be accessed for $1,300. This is quite a lot of money if you ask me. Though the topics covered are very important, the price tag of them is way too high. Plus, just think of the capital you will need to start your online business. Set this aside and add the 1,300 dollars, you have to be really rich for utilizing this product. Also, you could possibly get what you are paying for without spending any money, especially the health programs, email marketing as well as replicate websites. 

Exitus Elite Pay Plan

Just to sweeten the pot of joining Exitus Elite, you are given a 100% commission for every product you will be manage to sell. Well, the term every product is not applicable here since you will be selling just one product; the Genesis library. So for every Genesis Library you might sell, you will get back the $1,300. However, the pay plan is based on the one up model.

With the one up model, just like most of the pyramid schemes, you will not get paid anything for the first person you would recruit to join. You will only start earning your commission once you get a second person to join Exitus Elite.

Verdict on Exitus Elite

Well, I had to go back to the homepage again to check on what the company had touted to offer, “No cold calls, No recruiting, No selling, No explanations.” I think this suits the Exitus Elite model a little and is meant to work only for Exitus Elite. However, if you really go ahead, join and start your online business, there is no way you would be able to explain some of your products to your clients. Furthermore, to recruit someone to join Exitus Elite, you would have to explain to them what the program is all about. However, this is just the marketing part of the site.

The reason the site help you know some secret tips to succeed with your online business is that they want to make some sales through this process. I bet the marketing part of the audios will cover this, but considering the quality and content of the training, I’m not so sure about it. Plus, I’m thinking of the 90% automated sales process included in the package. Just how can they have a one-size-fits-all sales process? Aren’t the needs of every business different?


Should You Join Exitus Elite?

I personally would advise you to use the $1300 for something else. Exitus Elite is way too expensive to join. Plus, there is no guarantee that what you get will be quality material. You have spend a lot of cash for things that you can easily find for free on the internet. Plus, there is no way you can ask for  a refund, as the refund policy for the company states that all the videos and audios provided for training are downloadable. Therefore, you cannot ask for a refund. This means that with the $1,300, you will be buying this stuff for your own use. The only way to get your money back will be to ask two other people to join the company.

These factors lead us to our final conclusion that despite the good intentions of Exitus Elite to educate you on starting your online business, the company is basically much like any pyramid scheme. You have to work really hard to make some real money from Exitus Elite. If you have your own online company, you will have double work to do- spread the word of Exitus Elite and spread the word of your own business. There definitely must be another better way to make money online.

Perhaps you haven’t heard of 4 Percent Group. It is a site that helps many online entrepreneurs start and run their online businesses. With 4 Percent Group, you do not have to pay some humongous amounts of money to join. For just $1, you will get a trial program that runs for a period of 14 days. If you are pleased with what you have got from the trial program, you have the option to start the level one training (Aspire) for a fee of $37 per month. This is much cheaper than the $,1300 you have to pay for joining Exitus Elite. This is just one way of helping you get your online business off the ground.

So, if you still wish to make some extra cash aside of your main job or business, Exite Elite is not good enough for you. The $1,300 is enough for you to start a new business.



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