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Everyone is currently setting a password on their laptop or Windows desktop, and always log off or lock the screen when they leave it alone. If you are maintaining too many passwords for many websites? Are you often forgetting your password? No more worries! You will not have to remember those complicated passwords anymore. With Everykey there, you can now control any of your access controlled devices with ease. Everykey gives you the security of those passwords impossible to remember with the convenience of never having to remember them. It is instantly created with highly secure passwords without any need to remember them. Everykey is your digital master key that works for you and only you with total security for total peace of mind. This Everykey comes in two hand-able things which are a key ring accessory or a band accessory.

What is the Everykey?

Everykey is the Fort Knox password protection security device. It generates complex and highly secure passwords and will automatically lock and unlock devices for you and you alone. Keeping Everykey with you at all times is easy and effortless you can use one of the discrete accessories to make sure you are never without your Everykey. Everykey instantly generates complex and highly secure passwords for your website’s accounts and automatically connects with each visit. Never think about, believe, or remember difficult passwords again! It comes with the military grade security in which it adds top-level security to all your devices and website accounts. Automatic generation of passwords that creates random and highly secure passwords that you will never need to remember. It has automatic locking and unlocking in which it helps to unlock the devices and the website that when you are close, it auto-locks when you move away. It is also a theft protection where you can immediately freeze Everykey if it is lost or stolen anywhere and at any time.

What Are The Features Of Everykey?

  • Auto-lock & Unlock: It’s effortless proximity blocks and unlocks devices and websites.
  • Future Ready: Ready to work with Bluetooth-enabled devices: home, cars, locks, lights and more.
  • Auto Password Generation: Instantly create highly secure passwords without needing to remember them.
  • Mobile & Desktop App: Works with iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows and more Personalize and freeze your Everykey.
  • Sleek and Fashionable: Use the flat wristband or keychain to keep Everykey with you.
  • Wireless & Rechargeable: Works wireless with Bluetooth Low Energy | The rechargeable battery lasts up to 30 days.

How Does Everykey Works?

When Everykey is near one of your devices, it sends a low-power encrypted Bluetooth signal to your device. Your device will decrypt that signal and deactivate its security mechanism if the signal is verified correctly. Once your Everykey leaves the scope of the device, the device will re-enable its security mechanisms. With the Everykey application, you can pair your Everykey with your devices, manage the Everykey settings as the range and freeze your Everykey if it is lost or stolen. It will guide you through the setup process that takes less than a minute.

You will be guided through the pairing process that requires you to hold the button on top of your Everykey, allowing Everykey to exchange encrypted information with your device. Each key only has to be configured once per device. After you configure it, use your Everykey and communicate encrypted data with your device every time it is near. The Everykey application also pushes the latest software updates over the air for your Everykey so you can keep up to date on security features and standards. While waiting for us to spend the night a replacement Everykey, you can use your physical keys and passwords to access your devices and accounts.

  • Auto Password Creation: Everykey can generate a secure and random password for you the first time you sign up for a website account.
  • Auto Website Login: Everykey manages a password keychain, which can be used to transparently enter your website’s accounts when you are nearby.
  • Auto-lock & Unlock: When you are near one of your devices, you can access it without a password. When you move away, the device locks again.


  • Everykey is great security that comes with great comfort.
  • You can use your physical keys and passwords to access your devices and accounts.
  • Using Everykey in your everyday life is perfect and effortless!
  • Everykey conveniently works with websites and Bluetooth devices.
  • It allows you to jump from one site to another without worrying about logouts and logins.
  • Everykey does not require an internet connection to unlock your devices.
  • It is security fit for the highest levels of the military.
  • It is suitable for anyone with more than two passwords to remember. It’s Everykey for everything!


  • In some situations, your Everykey can be lost by mistake, if your Everykey is lost or stolen, you can freeze it immediately. Just call or use the Everykey application to freeze it, blocking it and making it totally useless for a thief.
  • Everykey requires an Internet connection to log into the accounts of your website, you could not access the accounts of your website without Internet.


In conclusion, Everykey is highly recommended! It is your safety as it is our own and does only the best will do! All aspects of this software and security service are carefully inspected by Secure-state of Cleveland. Everykey goes wherever he goes. Keeping Everykey with you at all times is easy and effortless. Use one of the discrete accessories to make sure you are never without your Everykey. You can keep it safe as a keychain or a band accessory. Hackers and identity thieves are getting smarter and smarter every day should not they be doing the same? So what the hell are you waiting for? Spend a few bucks to outwit criminals and protect you and your family from potential devastation! Get Every key – the only damn key you ever get. Order now !!

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