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There is not much of a product to sell here. In order to get back what you paid for when you joined, you need to sell the exact same thing to others. This is the only way through which you will receive 100% commissions. This website is owned by a person named Peter Wolfing. Peter Wolfing has been attributed to other online money making opportunities that closely resembles those of Ponzi’s and cyclers. Peter was also behind a website called Ultimate Cycler. This website reportedly failed and it left their members and users to search for another money making scheme. Moreover, he has created similar platforms and products that also run on the elements of these schemes.

What type of people is this for?

This type of platform targets the beginners in these internet schemes. It attracts online users who have little to no knowledge of such strategies. There are a lot of people who want to make money in online businesses, but not all of them are informed on the dangers of the internet. This also aims for those people who are desperate to make some quick cash on some magic scheme on the internet. Easy 1 Up presents a simple formula that seem to work. Because of this simplicity and the promise of great rewards for minimal effort, it is tempting to pay the required amount of $25 to join. There are various price points that also mislead you into paying for their products so that you can earn more. The only proposition of this website is the exciting commission rates. The focus is only on the potential to earn, not on the actual products that you need to sell or promote.

What does it sell?

For a business, whether traditional or online, it needs to sell an actual product or service to be legitimate. This product or service must be able to generate revenues for the company so that it can pay out the necessary commissions to the members. If there is no real product or service to be sold, it must be a scam. There are many businesses that work on empty promises of providing grand and amazing rewards. But in reality, they pay the commissions of their members through the payments of those they recruit. They have no real product to work on. The idea is to make something out of nothing. They make this work through the use of exaggerated and controlled marketing strategies and schemes so that people will join and become a part of the earning chain.

Easy 1 Up has a simple earning process. In the next paragraphs, we will break down each aspect so that you can have a closer look before you actually decide on joining this crazy commission business.

What are the Prices?

Easy 1 Up definitely offers some products so that you can consider them as legitimate. Sadly, these products are not in the spotlight of the website. This is because the focus of the website is to promote their commission program. This works because when people visit the webpage, they are welcomed by visual representations of their earning schemes. The introductory video of the website also presents their products briefly. We will now discuss different price points which are necessary to go through to get the products.

Price Points

The products come in levels of price points. These price points are Elevation, Elevation Elite, Vertex and Vertex Elite. They are priced at $25, $100, $250 and $500 respectively. There are several product inclusions in each price point. On top of these prices, the packages are exclusive of an admin or administration fee. The first three levels, which are Elevation, Elevation Elite and Vertex, have an admin fee rated at $5. On the other hand, the Vertex Elite package is subject to a higher admin fee, which is $50. There is also the $25 promotional deal, but this also goes higher at a $500 price. With all the required amounts of the purchases in order for you to start earning, a critical question arises. Is it possible to gain back your investment which can go up to $500? Can users really make a profit of $500 with Easy 1 Up?


Is a profit of $500 possible?

The answer is yes. You can earn the amount of your initial investment in this money making process with Easy 1 Up. The concept is simple. You will receive a commission as long as you have bought the specific product first and you have to convince someone else to buy that same product through your personal unique link. The amount of the package you have bought will also be the maximum profit you will receive. If you buy the $500 package, you can earn up to $500. If you buy anything else, you will only receive that package’s price value as profit. However, if you are ever successful in influencing and convincing someone else to buy that $500 package, the commissions will not get to you. Why? Because that particular commission will go to the one who have recruited you into the website. The details regarding this policy will be discussed later in the review. So basically, the package price goes up the earning chain, skipping you. The company then earns their profits from the admin fee during each package purchase.

How does this work?

In the past years of internet businesses, there was a popular way to make money. This method was called cash gifting. Everyone in the online business was crazy about doing this because at that time, that method was the only way to get some quick cash. Cash gifting is as the name suggests. You give money to other people and you will then make them give that money to others too. Some programs, such as Email Processing System have presented themselves using some modified methods, but they all ended up the same way. This is also how you will earn in Easy 1 Up. You have to convince other people to buy a specific product you have purchased. Then that person who bought from you will also convince someone else to buy that product. By doing this, you can make the amount you have invested in the first place. The earnings generated will then be directly made through a PayPal account you have registered in the website. But in reality, you are not actually buying a real product. Money is just transferred from one account to the other, while the website is earning through the admin fees they implement on each package transaction.

The Power of 1

Easy 1 Up works on the Power of 1. The website utilizes a reverse 1 up plan for its compensation and commissions plan. And incidentally, this compensation plan is one of the biggest and most prominent scams in the current world of online businesses. This enticing scheme makes members want to bring in more people to get the packages they have bought before. The person who recruited you in the business gives you $500. Then, after their first sale, they will also receive $500. The exciting part comes after this. During their 2nd successful sale, you will receive commissions. This particular part of the program makes users lose their minds because of the earning potential one can achieve with this.

Too good to be true?

Yes. Thinking of the possible rewards of doing this business will allow you to get high having the feeling of being rich. But in reality, the sale ends there. Once the purchase is done, members will have no choice but to keep on bringing more members in without ever enjoying a particular product for their money. Those who are below should work and promote the website so they too can enjoy the benefits enjoyed by those before them. This is also the same case in most multi-level marketing (MLM) companies wherein you get into a particular program with useless and ineffective products so you can earn money from other people.


Recommended Alternative

Countless hours of browsing the internet and studying of new and upcoming online businesses have led to my outstanding discovery. I have discovered a true legitimate business that offers the things I have been looking for. 3 Week Income is a significantly better and more possible alternative to scam websites. This system works on a definite system that guarantees profits without taking advantage of other people’s needs in the process. In this platform, all members help each other to achieve their common goals in a wholesome manner.


On paper, Easy 1 Up is a legitimate company. They have their so-called products that most common scams do not have. But in nature, this is not a good company to invest your time and money in. The mere fact that there is no real product to sell and the members only think about how to get back their money should scare intelligent people. Having the desperation of a get-rich-quick scheme, many get into this business. In the end, there is no real value in staying in this company where the only motive of the members is the return of their investments. There is definitely something else out there that promotes a healthy environment of honest money-making policy where the interests of all concerned are given importance and consideration.


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