Dream Sculpting Review

Created By: Andrew Holecek

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Dream Sculpting Review

Do you know we spend about one-third of our lives sleeping by engaging ourselves in dreams? By waking up in your dreams, you will find yourself waking up to your life. It’s truly a journey into the center of yourself. Have you ever heard about lucid dreaming? If not, I’m here to guide you and hold your hand into this magical journey into the core of your being. I’m sure that it will transform the way you look at yourself. Lucid dreaming is about discovering who you are.

The practices you do in a dreamy state are nine times more effective than what you do in the waking state. Thousands of practitioners are struggling to identify the absolute path to its mastery. That’s why I’m here to share about a gold standard course called Dream Sculpting. Andrew Holecek created this gold standard course about lucid dreaming. He is the best lucid dreaming teacher in the West. Stay connected with this review till the end and find out more value-added info about Lucid dreaming.

What is Dream Sculpting?

Dream Sculpting is the art of lucid dreaming course with Andrew Holecek. This course associates you by increasing your personal and spiritual evolution. It is the six-week transformational journey that connects you deeper into the depths of your mind. This program helps you to wake up in your dreams and explore the deepest depths of your consciousness. This six-week program is based on the modern science and eastern Buddhist traditions. It shows the basics of lucid dreaming and more advanced techniques. Andrew Holecek will guide you through every step of the way. This course will not only transform your night. Dream Sculpting program is a one-stop course for mastering numerous facets of Lucid Dreaming. Below I’ve provided you with four unique things that make you choose this path to sculpt your dream:

  • Rooted in eastern spirituality and western science.
  • Both daytime and nighttime practices.
  • Designed for results in six weeks.
  • Community support from a passionate group of students.

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How Does Dream Sculpting Work?

Dream Sculpting is a new course in Mindvalley Academy. It is a complete course for both amateur and experienced lucid dreamers. This course is designed to unlock your dream consciousness methodically. It takes a double-barreled approach to Lucid Dreaming by assimilating the knowledge of both the ancient eastern principles of dream yoga and a large body of modern scientific studies on Lucid Dreaming. In this course, you will learn about all kind of practices for developing mindfulness, increasing awareness, maintaining sleep hygiene. Here are the six weeks of Dream Sculpting program:

  • Week 1: Lucid Dreaming Foundations- In the first week, you will understand about the key levels of Lucid dreaming, the history, and varying degrees. This week will be concluded by an extensive daytime practice to start your six-week practice.
  • Week 2: Lucid dreams- Daytime techniques- The techniques shown here involves various practices for motivation, idea, recalls and dream journaling. In this week, you will also learn how to work with dream signs and how to develop your prospective memory. Here, you will find a few exercises and techniques on a weekly basis.
  • Week 3: Lucid dreams- Nighttime techniques- It shows you clearly about the sleep cycles and how to use them. With the proven nighttime techniques, such as Mnemonic Induction method and the Wake Back to Bed way.
  • Week 4: Shortcuts to Lucid Dreaming- At the 4th week you will find out some special hacks for Lucid Dreaming. Here, you will learn how to practice transparent napping and how to play with hypnagogic and hypnopompic states. In this week, you will have the exercise in lucid napping.
  • Week 5: Overcoming common hurdles- By the end of the 4th week you will overcome every obstacle in your dream consciousness. It teaches you how to sustain a lucid dream and an excellent Buddhist practice.
  • Week 6: The Fruition of Lucid Dreaming- It is the final week, where you learn how to translate your accomplishments in the dream.

What Will You Learn From Dream Sculpting?

  • You will learn that lucid dreaming is the unique tool to eliminate your nightmares, depression, and trauma.
  • With a lucid dream, you can boost up your confidence, skills and happiness levels.
  • You will find out the most effortless way of cultivating new habits and eliminating the evil beliefs.
  • With a challenge in a lucid dream, you can solve all your problems, find answers and get more innovative ideas all the time.
  • Lucid dreaming will also be helpful in enhancing your physical strength and improving your performance in achieving your dream body.
  • By understanding the techniques about lucid dreaming, you can become a powerhouse of creativity and intuition.

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  • This course will provide you with the freedom and confidence you had never seen before.
  • It leads you to the path of adventure in an alternate reality.
  • Dream Sculpting comes with six recorded lectures and homework exercises in Lucid Dreaming.
  • This course leads you to the limitations of your mind.
  • It offers you with the best possible structure to succeed in Lucid Dreaming.
  • The author will guide you throughout the journey in a simple, step-by-step instructions.


  • Individual results may vary. All of it depends on the intention you set.
  • Dream Sculpting is accessible only online. Without a stable internet connection, you cannot access this course.

Dream Sculpting Does it Work?


Finally, I am highly satisfied and want to share Andrew Holocek’s lucid dream sculpting class with you. With Andrew’s complete six weeks program you can experience a life-changing shift. This course also provides you with the customized solutions that fit your needs. I’m so confident that this course offers you a complete peace of mind. I feel pleased to share my thoughts in this review. Every night is cutting through a journey that unlocks a new level of insight. Get started with this course from this moment and find yourself growing lucid in your dreams. You have absolutely nothing to risk here. If you’re not happy with the results, you get with this course, you can ask for a refund.

This program offers a full 30 days of money back guarantee. Try Dream Sculpting today! Gain more confidence and happiness in the real world.

Dream Sculpting

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