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Are you capable of major gainful activity? Does your disability interfere with typical daily activities or your ability to take care of yourself? If you need help from SSDI & SSI, then DisabilityGuide.com is an exact service for that, it has already helped thousands of people just like you through the disability approval process. These programs help citizens with disabilities to pay for their basic needs. However, both the SSDI and SSI have different criteria for who to award money and what they may be eligible for. DisabilityGuide.com site is specially designed for people who can not do their work. This website offers its visitors all the information they need to start building their disabilities cases. Get help applying for disability benefits you need today.

What is DisabilityGuide.com?

DisabilityGuide.com designed to providing details about the rights and resources available to disabilities. This site discusses all aspects of the disability community from social security benefits for disability people to news and current events. This is the best site, provides accurate and reliable information. Overall, the goal of disabilitiesguide.com is helped individuals with disabling conditions navigate the SSD disability benefits while connecting them with professional defenders who are excited to help them earn the benefits they deserve. This disability guide.com helps you to clarify what is required to qualify for disability assistance. They even made a nice checklist for all the different pieces of information that you need to have to make your request.

SSDI or SSI: What Makes These Programs Different?

SSDI and SSI are both for people who are handicap or blind. If you are not eligible for Social Security Disability because you have not worked for five of the past ten years, you may be eligible for social security benefits. The Supplemental Security Income was created to assist persons with disabilities but did not have the possibility to work in the required quarters. These both programs for disabilities people to pay for their basic needs. This two program provides a different kind of opportunity. SSI is a basic program, provides a different kind of benefits. The amount provided by SSI is flexible, which means that you can get any amount up to the maximum that depends on your need. On the other hand, SSDI is a maturity program. The benefits vary according to the formulas used by the Social Security Administration to calculate your specific benefits.


  • Funded through payroll taxes.
  • This is available to qualified persons who have worked for a certain number of years and contributed to the Social
  • Security Trust Fund through social security taxes in FICA.
  • Qualified to Medicare only after two years of receiving SSDI.
  • There are no maximum asset amount requirements.
  • It must be disabled for a five-month waiting period before receiving allowances.


  • Awarded according to low income and low assets—do not deal with the working history.
  • Medicaid can be obtained if it qualifies for SSI.
  • Funded by general fund taxes.
  • Based on financial need.


  • DisabilityGuide.com is the best website for social security disability benefits.
  • It provides support to those wishing to apply for disability benefits and to associate them with professionals who can represent them.
  • In this website, you’ll learn the five steps to understand whether you qualify for a social security disability.
  • You may be eligible for up to $ 2,663 per month in Social Security benefits.
  • The main purpose of this website is to provide free SSDI and SSI information.


  • DisabilityGuide.com site is available in online only.


Overall – I strongly recommend this DisabilityGuide.com. It has a good source of information for those who want to get interested in disability benefits. And it does not pressure visitors to give their personal information through false advertising. Also, it approaches the subject with a positive attitude and provides good health advice. DisabilityGuide.com has already helped countless people to get the benefits they deserve. There are no frills, no obligations. With the help of this DisabilityGuide.com handicap people get more benefits, it’s a kind of life-saving website for disability peoples. So use this site and also recommend disability people you know who need money.

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