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CPV Lab is a self-hosted tracking system designed to help in tracking and optimizing PPV (Pay Per View) campaigns. One important function of marketing tracking is testing. CPV Lab is used for developing these PPV campaigns which are consistent and profitable. Landing pages, through targeting, and testing are mandatory for obtaining a good return on investment with PPV campaigns. CPV Lab provides the advantage of eliminating campaigns that do not work for the marketers. CPV Lab also removes unresponsive links and clicks while showing workable solutions. There are much more things that CPV Lab can do, so read on to know more.

Why do you need CPV Lab?

  • Split testing is vital to make any kind of campaign work successful. CPV Lab is very flexible, so you can compare a direct link campaign’s performance with three separate landing pages. If you decide to proceed, you can go ahead to test three different offers with each landing page’s variation. 
  • CPV Lab is developed to offer tracking and optimization of PPV campaigns. It is a veritable tool developed for affiliates to make the most of their online experience, making it quite exceptional. In summary, it is efficient for monitoring CPV campaigns and it saves valuable money while campaign is optimized. It comes with some inbuilt features so that the users can experience limitless creativity while using different types of campaign tools
  • With CPV Lab, it is easier to understand the functionality of your CPV campaigns. You can easily identify your strong areas and save your time and resources since all the activities are more coordinated. It makes reporting very flexible to make the work easier. You can view each landing page with a clear breakdown of how your targets are performing.
  • With CPV Labs, it is easier to understand the functionality of your CPV campaigns better, you can easily identify your strong areas and save yourself time and resources since activities are more coordinated. It makes reporting very flexible to make work easier. You can view each landing page with a clear breakdown of how your targets are performing
  • It is designed to help optimize and track PPV campaigns. It is known as an advanced platform for analytics playing down the Prosper 202 platform. Prosper 202, which is also a good tracking platform, has many limitations. But CPV Lab is a more advanced and improved version of it. Being a self-hosted and web-based platform, this program offers optimization and flexibility for all kinds of marketing campaigns while allowing you to optimize services that are yours.
  • CPV Lab can track even the last URL/Keyword target in your marketing campaign. It does this as per the variation of each landing page. This helps you notice that there are some keywords that convert better on the red landing page while the other targets work well on just a direct link. This shows how it makes optimization so much easy. It also can track future conversions of an opt-in email campaign. It has an additional optimization screen with all your targets displayed and a marker next to them.
  • It is also possible to view when you made the profit against when you incurred losses with this tool. This feature is surely one of a kind. If daily parting is not good for you, you can try weekly parting since it is possible to view your campaign’s performance daily and weekly.

Features of CPV Lab

  • Using CPV Lab for setting up PPV or marketing campaigns is very easy. All you have to do is create a single page fast campaign or even design a marketing campaign elsewhere and import to use the privileges of the tracking and analytical tools of CPV Lab.
  • It gives your PPV campaign alerts for notifying you directly on your desktop before you reach your marketing budget limits. This is a better alternative to determine whether to continue marketing or change the tactics.
  • CPV Lab makes optimization of a marketing campaign very easy. There are many filters you can use for your campaign and track ROI, conversations, and impressions directed at targets. There are some tags that help in making decisions which include “winner,” “in progress” and “to remove.”
  • Your marketing campaign highly depends on reports and comprehensive statistics. These reports and stats need to be generated for making decisions to optimize the marketing campaign. With the correct stats listed on a spot, you are equipped with data you can use for making the right decisions; thus increasing your return from the investment. CPV Lab will prevent the requirement of going through the unusable pages of data which wastes time.
  • You can rotate landing pages and directed link together. CPV Lab can handle testing of campaign or some portions of it in different sections.
  • It helps you in complimenting landing pages, review style pages, direct linking and email campaigns. CPV Lab’s unlimited flexibility helps remove the restrictions most tracking platforms have to deal with. It is possible to run about six different campaigns at once using CPV Lab and the tools downloaded with it.


  • It is easy to use: Processes like Landing pages’ split campaigns, setting up and manual optimization have all been simplified; thus making it an upgraded version.
  • It is self-hosted: It can be installed on the server so as to have a safe feeling that your data is not being spied by the hackers.
  • Colors and Rules: There is a rule system that you can use to change your data to different colors. This is a very good way to check on how things are going on.
  • Campaign types: All types of campaigns can be tracked without extra coding. Campaign types include email follow-ups, page sequences, multiple paths, lead capture, direct linking and landing pages.
  • Good Support: CPV Lab customer support is very helpful and supportive.
  • 3rd Party Add-on: A Multivariate Testing (MVT) add-on was developed for this tool which is useful for optimizing the PPV Landing pages and multiple pages at once.


  • Not much good looking: CPV Lab is actually flat and gray with a boring outlook when compared to Tracking 202.
  • Auto Posing Conversions: CPV Lab needs a secure server to auto fire the conversion pixels so that whenever sales are made, it is displayed in the CPV Lab stats. You also may have to manually upload SubIDs into CPV Lab from its network affiliate if you do not want to purchase the secure certificate or even cannot set it up.

CPV Lab Customer Service

The customer support offered by CPV Lab is highly responsible and professional. It is recommended to have dedicated servers, Linux or VPS to use this tool.

You will be given a thirty-day refund guarantee and you will be asked no question regarding why you want it. So, if you notice that it has no benefits for your campaigns, all you need to do is give them a call and they will put you through whatever issues that might have occurred; or else you will get a refund of your money. Their customer service guarantees this and once you make use of the features, you will surely never want to stop.

You will receive a license with a full version of CPV Lab when you download and purchase CPV Lab. Even though a license is given, offers and landing pages do not have to be on the same service or domain, thus producing more coverage and flexibility.

Final verdict

CPV Lab is a self-hosted web-based platform for you to manage your own servers and computers, thus allowing your company to make all your data and reports private.

You do not need a PHP developer or coder, making CPV Lab easy to use and very straightforward. Landing pages and offers can be changed and edited and they can also be rotated on an easy interface. As a result, you do not need a professional webmaster or even need coding to manage your site.

There are tools for you to make good decisions, like markers and customized filters to identify targets that are underperforming along with landing pages and marketing offers.

All the reports and stats are listed in the same place with metrics and stats that are well placed with accurate reports. The unlimited flexibility CPV Lab offers helps run a lot of marketing campaign simultaneously and get reports for each campaign.

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