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What do you use to promote your business online? Probably different online social network. Each of these online marketing sources has different features to market your business. The problem is they do not provide you with the detailed reports that you need to maximize your marketing efforts. A detailed report should include monitoring, comparing and understanding of the market. However, using the ClickMeter, you will get a report that contains these three aspects.

What is ClickMeter?

ClickMeter is a software that was started in 2012. It is a byproduct of a web-marketing agency. At first, the software was created to tackle the needs of the ClickMeter agency. It was created to collect and track the online actions that the company performed for their customers. After a successful use of the system for some time, they decided to offer it to everyone. It is a result of continuous research that has made ClickMeter the best in the market. They have datacenters to help in generating reports. The system is also hosted by Amazon web services.

Today, the system can be used by affiliates, agencies, advertisers, publishers, etc. Well, basically everyone can use it who has an online business.

Features of ClickMeter

There are different features that you will get to enjoy when you install this system. They include:

  • Redirect feature: with this feature, you will be able to get information based on country, language, user type, device, countdown redirect, bulk link creation, etc.
  • Tracking feature: you will be able to figure out visitor, browser type, country and region of your customers.
  • Analyze features: this feature will provide different information through which you will be able to analyze the trend reports, compare the reports, etc.
  • Monitoring: You can monitor everything with this feature.
  • Integration: you can integrate different sources. The system works well with different blog sites, like WordPress.
  • Collaboration
  • Development

ClickMeter also has a feature that allows you to track fraud activities. There are also some tools in it that you can use to monitor the Click-fraud actions. With the information, you can change your security settings.

How does it work?

If you are looking to invest your energy on sources that will give you better marketing results, you need to use ClickMeter. To successfully use the software, you need to create a tracking link. Afterwards, you have to post the link to various sources. When the users start clicking on these links, the software will begin to collect the relevant data. You can then generate a report of all the sites. As indicated above, the software will give you a well detailed report that includes information regarding the number of users that have visited different sites, their geographical location, the device they have used, etc.

With the information you get, you will be able to identify the sites that provide a lot of traffic. By focusing on that information, you will be able to develop marketing strategies that will help you make the best out of these sites.

So how can you create a ClickMeter link?

  • You will have to log in to your ClickMeter account.
  • Click on Create New Option.
  • Scroll down and choose the Tracking Link
  • Fill the form that will appear on the page. You have to provide the;
  1. Destination URL: this is the link where you want to redirect your traffic data
  2. The campaign where you want to increase the tracking link
  3. Tracking link
  4. Friendly name: to be used to identify your link
  • Click on the Create button

If you want to check on your link, you can copy and paste it on the search engines. When you want to view the reports, you can go to the menu and click on Tracking Links and then Reports.

You can also create conversation tracking link. In order to do this, you need to use the conversion code. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Log in to your account and choose Create New Option
  • Scroll down and choose Conversion Code
  • Give your conversion code a name for the future reference
  • Click on the Create the Code option
  • A conversion code snippet will be generated
  • Copy the snippet and then paste it on the body

Once you are done with this, you need to create a tracking link to associate with the code you have generated.


Different packages come with ClickMeter which are mentioned below:

1) Small package: it is free and it comes with the basic features, including;

  • 1000 maximum members per month
  • 100 data points which are the maximum number of tracking lists you can use
  • 30 days of storage
  • Affiliate marketing tools
  • Full report

2) Medium package: you have to pay $29 per month for this package and it comes with:

  • 25,000 maximum members per month
  • maximum 2,500 tracking lists 
  • One year of data storage
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Full report
  • Track conversions to track different events that produce reports

3) Large plans: you will be charged $99 per month for this one. This is the best among all and here is why:

  • 200,000 members per month
  • 2 years of data storage
  • 100+ features
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Click fraud protection tools
  • 20,000 data points
  • Sub-accounts
  • Full reports with your company logo
  • Track conversations and revenues
  • 10 branded domains

4) Extra Large package: you will have to pay $349 per month. This package is recommended for you if you have a large business. You will get access to the following features:

  • 2 million maximum members per month
  • 3 years of data storage
  • 200,000 data points
  • Track revenues and conversation
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Dedicated support

With the medium, large and extra-large packages, you can change the number of events if you want. For instance, with the medium plan you can increase the number of events from 20,000 to 50,000. Keep in mind that you will have to pay extra fees for these additional features. For the medium package, the cost will increase from $29 to $49 per month. 

If you want, you can request for a custom plan. However, you will have to contact the company for assistance.

You will also get a 30-day money back guarantee when you choose either of the packages. If you are not happy with the features, you can contact the management for a refund. You are also at liberty of changing the package any time.


Using the system comes with different pros, including:

  • There is a robust approach
  • You will get prompt response
  • Great service
  • Great user-interface
  • You will be able to get access to detailed report. You will get detailed information of the users and their geographic locations.
  • It does not require any download or installation. All you have to do is have an account.


  • The packages are somewhat pricy. But considering the features they offer, I’d say they are worth the money spent on them.


If you have a business, you need to use online social media platforms to promote your services. The problem is that the reports generated by different sites do not provide as much information as you need. That is the reason why using the ClickMeter will help you in tracking all your links. No matter whether you are an advertiser, affiliate, agency or publisher, you can benefit from this tool.

When you create a link, the software will track all the clicks from the users. You will be able to evaluate the report based on the type of site that was used, the geographical location, the used device and many more.

It will also be easier for you to focus your attention on the sites that are providing you with a lot of traffic. ClickMeter’s every package comes with different features to fulfil the needs of every type of business. There is also an affiliate program that you can use to make some extra money. 

So if you want to take your business one step ahead of your competitors through better marketing, ClickMeter is all you need.

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